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  1. Just upgraded new install today & got identical error message. Doesn't load offline either. Is there a fix?
  2. In IL2 1946, I could taxi anything just using rudder, power & occasional brake. In this game, the brakes are mapped to 'b'' & 'n' but it's still not simple. I prefer the 190 series but it just doesn't react to even minimal braking or rudder under 80kmh. Mapping brakes to rudder controls does not help either unless perhaps I adjust dead zone somewhat but still it is too fierce control. What do you use to map to brakes? I am really frustrated now after 3 years of this game not to be able to control aircraft on the ground!
  3. Have been away from platform for about a year. Went back to BOS chapter 3 last week & been seduced! BOK now paid for & been trying out Spit & A5... Thank you & when can we expect the P39?
  4. ~S~ Wuerger, The really simple answer is I'm not sure. All I know is that when I reset all settings, I can use the mouse to pan around & zoom in & out with wheel. One crucial point I will make is that screenshot every page in your current settings before you do this. I understand the user settings are stored in a file somewhere in the game directory, however because the descriptions are rather vague, then the best way is to refer to previous screens. This is incredibly old fashioned & even now, 2 weeks after making that momentous change, am still adjusting keys for effective control. The singlemost frustrating element of this exercise is the way that some view setttings are preselected for you & without systematically going through everything, then wee surprises such as snapping to gunsight on pressing cannon drive me bonkers. Do let us know if you have a breakthrough!
  5. ~S~s Luke, Many thanks for the link. Good to know that I can be wrong sometimes. Equally it would be good to amalgamate and/or lock similar threads to aid both information and support. Cheers for now & I'll watch the other thread instead!
  6. I wrote some of this in another thread which I started asking in vain for an explanation of external camera control but can wade in here too. I work as an engineer, consulting to a major utility. For every piece of work we do where the methodology is non standard, we have to write up an explanation of why, what & how to replicate it so that the client can once we have delivered our product. Therefore it seems somewhat absurd to be unable to discover a coherent, consistent explanation of all commands, settings & general options even within this forum. A wiki may be the answer, however the moderator element to put this together will be immense. I've seen some folk try to explain with screenshots of their settings; the issue is that I'm still none the wiser about the overall interaction of these commands within the game without basic descriptions of individual function. A simple understanding or acceptance that, for example, if Track IR is selected, all view commands be overwritten, leaving those combinations for another function would be a start. In closing, I think that for those waiting for a manual, it will never happen. To write-up an retrospective guide whilst simultaneously developing a new game with the same size of development team is a near impossible task. The best we can hope for is a robust collation exercise before the forum becomes unmanageable. We shall see...
  7. A month goes by, 158 page views & no answers. Well, let me ask the same question in a different way. Is there a guide somewhere which explains what the key commands actually mean? I reset default settings in the view menu & can use the mouse to pan in external views but not Track IR which, after using it for 8 years, is rather more natural. However, of course that action reset ALL setting so back to the beginning to attempt to remember what I had set to each option. For those that criticise others and myself for not trying through trial & error to work these things out for ourselves; in absence of anything resembling a help file, this forum is all we have. So to be unable to find answers reduces morale to explore the game when I now can only devote around 2 hours a week to flying. I began with CFS1 in 1998, joined Redwulf in 2000 & have been flying in the virtual world ever since. Therefore if 17 years of experience cannot guide me, the game developers cannot produce a manual, is there any hope for a "part-timer"? PLEASE can someone help?
  8. ~S~ Slaw, If this is same product, a friend sent me link to review here: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/01/want-high-end-flight-sim-pedals-put-500-in-a-polish-bank-account-and-contact-slaw/ Personally, although I can see need, the time for this level of product is not for me just yet- house purchase is this year's priority! However looks and sounds phenomenal!
  9. For reasons I cannot remember but it may have been frustrated rage due to incomprehensible camera settings definitions, I appear to have no control whatsoever in external view. So, 2 questions: How can you select TIR to be default view motion & then release all the assigned view commands for your own needs? How can you control external views? I've periodically looked through forums for about 4 months & there is still no clear set of definitions which explain the multitude of key commands which are preset. While I'm at it, ESC & F1 occasionally don't work leading in most cases to crash into ground or total machine lockup. Rather tedious! ~S~
  10. Track IR setup wiped/f**ked Brief description: Default view setting shows view looking at left wing Detailed description, conditions: I had Track IR centre + pilot snap view forward mapped to same button- has worked in IL2 original for 7 years. For past 3 days view is left wing. Nothing I change makes any difference. Only way to fly is to move head to top Right hand corner of screen & get a sore neck. Unbelievably frustrating! Why is it not possible to simply choose Track IR as tool/device, wipe all the nonsensical keyboard view mapping & explain all the settings simply? Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software) Win 7, i7 Quad Core Processor i7-3770 (3.4GHz) 8MB Cache, 8GB KINGSTON HYPER-X GENESIS DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz, 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 650Ti, 120GB KINGSTON V300 SSD. MS FFB2- works perfectly in IL2 etc.
  11. This happened to me last night on EU expert server; with not many in it, we have been using this to help each other with circuits & TnB. However on my last (good) landing, was right on the numbers ( albeit under the snow) & BAM right into a 109 which spawned on touch down. Can we get a poll or something to ask server admin to make spawning occur either on parking or taxi way? Cheers
  12. ~S~ All, Intial 335Mb download no real issues; however when I installed came, it began to run update & tells me that there's 1623Mb update file. Now I have a 2Mb download speed at best so this will take most of the day to do. Cancelling it offers chance of "Unexpected errors", so short of sitting out the wait, there is no alternative? It would be far better to have some kind of Torrent setup for this, if nothing else to spread the load & enable a degree of checksum at end of Download. Will this volume of data be a regular part of playing?
  13. I arrived via CFS1, some infrequent CFS2 & then IL2 since it took off. A few years off but a confirmed addict. There's some dalliance with War Thunder but I feel this may be the beginning of a new decade!
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