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  1. Slow day..... so the file was reworked; attempt at putting the lines out of alphabetical order and into usefull catagories. As per the comment above, «attack siren» was put into 'weapons', not 'communication' :-) But having it play with the Stuka airbrakes in just right! Just do not look for it in the Airframe section. Will attempt to edit the first post with the new version; put it here anyway. Now to getting a nice Script going with all this.... IL2BoS macros v1.zip
  2. As I like all of the game commands accesible for use in the Target GUI interface or the Script Editor for Target, including some 'hidden' commands ( 'attacksiren' anyone?) I cooked one up. Lots more fun programming the scripts for two and three layers of button responses when one can see all the possibilities listed! It contains the USB hid codes for the commands on any keyboard, the US keyboard key as assigned in game and the original command key assignment as per the 'actions' file. To bad that the Sim2Target software cannot parse the relevant file in BoS; it really saved hours of time for other flight sims. It is based on input/default-actions file from version 1.008, Il2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad. I have kept the original alphabetical listing which I admit is not elagantly usefull. I may rework the file later with proper sections for Airframe, Weapons, Engines etc. As there are 1375 cells some errors might have slipped in. Feel free to point them out. Some errors may have slipped in from misinterpreting what keystroke was intended; l-menu may not be l-alt ingame, it certainly is not the same USB hid code. IL2BoS macros.zip
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