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  1. tkcamp56tkcamp

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    It is the Pacific I am most enthused about seeing. The plane set would not only be great but Carriers would be fantastic. None of the Japanese aircraft are represented in any way right now. This was a significant part of WW2 and can't be overlooked. I think it would be a great draw to a lot more people that are not represented thus far.
  2. I would like to download a copy of IL2 and give it to my brother. He doesn't have a good internet speed and would take him forever to download it himself. My question is. Can I download the sim to a thumb drive and buy a key for him to use and give it to him for Christmas. Can he then install it from there and register his copy? Another thing do I have to start with Battle of Stalingrad or can I jump right to Kuban for instance. He probably would use Steam.
  3. tkcamp56tkcamp

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    Go fly with them if you wish. You wouldn't be restricted
  4. tkcamp56tkcamp

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    Don't all servers seem to have some sort of restrictions? I think a VR group of pilots would be a great idea, I would like to think of myself as not being a "dick" because I would endorse such a server. It would be a place to encourage VR tips and share ideas while flying in the sim. We would all share the same restrictions and advantages.
  5. tkcamp56tkcamp

    Snap View for VR

    At least you had an idea where to go. Doing it along with a key press would be nice. The option might keep everyone from getting sick
  6. tkcamp56tkcamp

    Snap View for VR

    I am not a programmer but wonder if an adjustable head 1:1- 1:2 ratio such as TIR has could be implemented in VR
  7. tkcamp56tkcamp

    Oculus Rift - Vive - VR. -basic questions

    VR would be worth it at half the resolution it is now
  8. That is why I put it that way, although 2d players are allowed a snap view to the 6 …….hmm?
  9. Could we set a camera view outside the plane to switch to quickly to check 6? Probabley not allowed in most MP
  10. tkcamp56tkcamp

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    I believe you would only have to do this once for each plane as needed. I think it was F10 to save it as the default view thereafter. I adjusted the p-40 view once and saved it to my default. Then in VR it has been OK since
  11. tkcamp56tkcamp

    cliffs of dover blitz edition VR support?

    5.0 + VR = success I'm Waiting on VR But I am wishing the best for the team till then..........."seems like" 5.0 has been just around the corner for years
  12. tkcamp56tkcamp

    VR Development: any priority changes?

    Waiting on VR here too. Cant go back to 2d.
  13. tkcamp56tkcamp

    VR Rig Upgrade Questions

    I downloaded and installed Afterburner. Bought a liquid cooler and never went any farther with it. I'm a little intimidated by it all Also my MD won't let me into my BIOS. after two days of trying I gave up. I have a Asus z97-e
  14. tkcamp56tkcamp

    VR Rig Upgrade Questions

    I have never Over Clocked anything. Would I be ahead to try to OC my 4970K or better to upgrade my CPU + MB. Also My memory is only 1600mz