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  1. I am also most looking forward to PTO . Carrier Ops would add so much to an already great game!
  2. I am using the Vive pro Audio strap with the printed adapter and loving it. I found that the headset needed to be further from my face and tipped up to be in perfect focus ( so it needed tilted a bit upwards ). I purchased a roll of Velcro and glued the backside of the hook and loop strips together and then sandwiched them between the cushion and the headset where needed to get my focus. It doesn't slip around and is secured by the factory Velcro type mount that holds the standard cushion on the Pimax Also the hinged mounts on the printed adapter allow you to put the headset on your face and then pull down the audio strap over your head, great for positioning over glasses or just not having to pull the headset over your head😀
  3. Yeah I finally got it set. Convergance was moving a lot slower than I thought , just wasn't patient enough......many key presses😀
  4. Ok went back to the original file and I now have the three different zooms back, but they are way out of convergence. When I Press one of the zooms and hold it then pressing a combination Lshift + page down or end. I get no noticeable change in convergence. I am probably misunderstanding something. This was my original problem and why I tried the other file.
  5. Yes, I copied the Forsettings file into my user_keymapping_zoom.ini file. Should I have left it alone?
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb Question but I have installed 12.5 and I no longer have any of the 3 zooms, I had before. Insert, home and Page up now do nothing. In the *.ini file they are named VK_insert, VK_Home and VK_prior. I don't remember the "VK_" part in there before. I copied the forsettings file into my default user_keymapping_zoom. I am using the Pimax 5k+ I know it is something I am overlooking Thanks in advance
  7. Should I be using any of theses copy and paste setting with a Pimax 5k. I have used them in the past with Odyssey and oculus
  8. Oh that only means I'm old😀. I found the problem about a 1/2 hour after I posted. It is a faulty USB expansion board. I traded my pedals and the throttle's position and the pedals stopped working. I don't understand why my VPC software saw the throttle but windows didn't'. I figured since VPC software saw it the USB was OK, but it works now. I moved everything to my USB hub and all is happy, including me!
  9. Hello, I am in need of help. My throttle (virpil ) is not seen in DCS or BOX. The VPC configure program sees it, all seems normal in that program. I have calibrated, changed profile, updated to latest firmware...nothing! In windows game controllers it is listed with all the other controls. The other controls respond to all axis and buttons. The throttle seems dead it there.🤔
  10. Chiliwili, I Only have the base station and nothing else. I hear a USB link spoken of, is this something I need? Also, did you download any kind of HTC drivers. I am asumming they are not needed and the Pimax only sees the base station, correct?
  11. I have a Pimax 5+ and one HTC light house. I have been able to get it to connect and work fine at times. Tracking seems to be fine and I get full 6dof. However, It is not able to pick it up sometimes. I have difficulty getting it to track. HTC has a link box that may be the answer, but I don't have one. I have had a ticket into support @ Pimax but haven't been able to link up with them due to my work schedule. The base stations at Pimax are their own and along with the controllers are on pre-order and not available yet.
  12. I bough a HTC light house and had it tracking a few times. Once it locked in it seemed to be fine but leaving the computer and coming back later, it doesn't recover well. And now I cant seem to get it to track at all. I put a support ticket into Pimax but I think we are on different time zones and cant get together. I don't care for the 3dof. I am used to the Odyssey where tracking was easy. I hope they come up with a fix.
  13. It wouldn't be easy...…..It'd be a $75-100 collector plane I'd buy it!
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