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  1. It was one wounded and scared aviator. To say it could not happen like this is nonsense. It could have happened from either side. I doubt it was to be representative of all aviators. It was a scene in a WAR movie. Everything nowadays must be politically correct. Take it for what it is entertainment!
  2. Pimax has 200 deg, I run mine at 170 for good performance
  3. Had Oculus CV1, Odyssey Had good experience with this one, didn't like the controllers after having the Oculus. Now I am using Pimax 5k+, amazing after latest updates in Pitool and Steam VR
  4. Interesting plane set. I like the mosquito...…….but no Corsair, Wildcat, Dauntless, Hellcat or Zero. Gotta say Disappointed, especially after I thought PTO was just to be delayed. I will still support IL2 but...….
  5. The link I gave you is the latest for version 3.201
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4e2w26vzrg7mpph/Il2_Box_Default_Key_Commands_v3.201.zip/file Here is a file with the current key mapping
  7. PTO when (if) released will be my go to theater. I can't wait! If all the information is not available to perfectly create these planes. I believe there is enough information to make a good educated guess and model accordingly. As facts emerge of faulty FM then they could be changed. This community probably has a lot of information to share, and it would be drawn out over time. If the historical facts and perceptions we know of the Zero are mimicked in the sim, who's to complain until it is proven wrong. Then if it's proven wrong it can grow from there...…….Can you tell I would like the PTO?
  8. Thanks Guys I have been wondering this for a time now. I'll stick to my current setting. Although I have never looked at the AVX and don't know what the default is, I may have to change this one.
  9. should we still turn hyper threading off for VR? I am running a 8086K with Pimax 5k+ VR Also wondering about the AVX offset, on or off?
  10. Hello I was trying to set my Steam VR. To the "Nerf setting" refered to and mine is no longer there. I had set it a couple weeks ago and went to check since the new update and it is no longer refured to in the file it looks like this : }, "steamvr" : { "allowSupersampleFiltering" : false, "background" : "#FF000000", "enableHomeApp" : false, "haveStartedTutorialForNativeChaperoneDriver" : true, "installID" : "15438061805594438081", "lastVersionNotice" : "1.8.9", "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1570244519", "mirrorViewGeometry" : "556 172 720 400", "startMonitorFromAppLaunch" : false, "supersampleManualOverride" : true, "supersampleScale" : 0.95999997854232788 ??????????????????
  11. I have the same hardware and mine did the same. I unplugged the USB and reinstalled, it was OK after that.
  12. Just flying around in my new plane enjoying the nice engine sound and the real feeling of flight. It loaded right up and is working great. Thank you so much for your generosity! It will be enjoyed.
  13. You may check to see If your graphic settings in the game have been set to low. I am not sure if the game renders the prop at the lowest setting.
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