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  1. Oh that only means I'm old😀. I found the problem about a 1/2 hour after I posted. It is a faulty USB expansion board. I traded my pedals and the throttle's position and the pedals stopped working. I don't understand why my VPC software saw the throttle but windows didn't'. I figured since VPC software saw it the USB was OK, but it works now. I moved everything to my USB hub and all is happy, including me!
  2. Hello, I am in need of help. My throttle (virpil ) is not seen in DCS or BOX. The VPC configure program sees it, all seems normal in that program. I have calibrated, changed profile, updated to latest firmware...nothing! In windows game controllers it is listed with all the other controls. The other controls respond to all axis and buttons. The throttle seems dead it there.🤔
  3. Chiliwili, I Only have the base station and nothing else. I hear a USB link spoken of, is this something I need? Also, did you download any kind of HTC drivers. I am asumming they are not needed and the Pimax only sees the base station, correct?
  4. I have a Pimax 5+ and one HTC light house. I have been able to get it to connect and work fine at times. Tracking seems to be fine and I get full 6dof. However, It is not able to pick it up sometimes. I have difficulty getting it to track. HTC has a link box that may be the answer, but I don't have one. I have had a ticket into support @ Pimax but haven't been able to link up with them due to my work schedule. The base stations at Pimax are their own and along with the controllers are on pre-order and not available yet.
  5. I bough a HTC light house and had it tracking a few times. Once it locked in it seemed to be fine but leaving the computer and coming back later, it doesn't recover well. And now I cant seem to get it to track at all. I put a support ticket into Pimax but I think we are on different time zones and cant get together. I don't care for the 3dof. I am used to the Odyssey where tracking was easy. I hope they come up with a fix.
  6. It wouldn't be easy...…..It'd be a $75-100 collector plane I'd buy it!
  7. So, You say I don't need to buy lighthouses or anything extra to play this game with the Pimax 5+? And I will still have tracking? Are you happy with it this way? And if you were to get 6DOF what purchase would you recommend? Sorry for all the ??s, I just got a shipping notice and am scrambling for information😃
  8. I just received an Email that my Pimax 5+ is about 100 miles away and to be here Tuesday. I currently have a Odyssey with no lighthouses or anything for tracking. My Question is, What do you guys recommend I get to do the job?
  9. Wow, I check now and again to see if anything is changing here. TF5 started in 2013. First post about it Dec. 7. That's a long time coming. And I am waiting on VR support. I don't understand all the argumentative comments here. Everyone is entitled to their own preferences as to how they enjoy the game. I just can't go back myself, Royal_Flight didn't like it. To each his own. I will say that it's only going to get better.
  10. I would like to see this also. I like to play all real but Icons are almost a must for me to spot other aircraft. My older eyes along with the clarity of VR not as good. And now that Coconut Normal is going away in May, I don't know where to turn. (Sad)
  11. Ok, I figured it out. I am not sure why but I had an old Startup file in my data Dir. that was called "oldstartup.cfg" I saved the original file in case I had trouble after copy and pasting Fenis_wolf's settings for 3dmigoto. After deleting this file everything work OK. Flew first mission Thank you for this Pat, lots of fun!!!
  12. Tried a reinstall still no joy. I have tried all suggestions and it still says needs set to 1 .....it is!
  13. Yes, you were right about the desktop. I had a copy on there but it has been removed. The startup file is in my data dir. This all under Steam's file path though. it does drop the error log into the proper place now.
  14. It still is stating that mission logging is not enabled and asks me to "set mission_text_log=1" startup.cfg.txt here is my cfg file
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