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  1. landing models followed by real landings well worth watching https://youtu.be/5rBuwhaZzjM
  2. landing models followed by real landings well worth watching https://youtu.be/5rBuwhaZzjM
  3. Only time we fly on a map was to take out that " kill you all the time " Artillery
  4. The Server needs restarting started having problems yesterday and unable to join today ! I've cleaned my files
  5. One would hope Tank Crew damage model is receiving just as much attention both in the environment and tanks !
  6. We conect to euro Tank servers fine from australia But you do need good router and unlimited service and definitely No wifi !
  7. Are you using the same email and password for game as you have for the forum ! change your password here ( https://il2sturmovik.com/ ) in your profile at top right of page ! if running steam you might have to link accounts !
  8. As nice as this video was it Would be nice to see a remake once TC is released 😺
  9. Not that i'm into waiting on Spawn points But if you've just battled your way through howitzers,zig,tanks,and human tanks ect to pull the flag down so as to move on to next capture point ! You can sort of understand spawn killing To a point ! if it was me i would jump in at the next base and pounce on the advancing team recapturing the flag ps: chaintong can't find your forum name in search so here's a link to the one i use ! https://www.netgear.com/gaming/
  10. Reminds me of an old girlfriend To many Zippers ☺
  11. Can't you hold it in a lower gear ? maybe that's your problum !
  12. What's your thoughts on a dedicated tank server Deadmeat which is very much lacking bar a couple ? It would be very popular given the right setup of part Ai witch you run well with the plane side of it , Just a thought !
  13. Would anyone know the pathway to adjusting the Ai ability in the mission editor ? I wish to change it from its default number to zero or even changing its file name if it doesn't interfere with other actions ! I want to stop or limit the Ai taking control of the turret or Ai TC actions if at all possible when moving to a different position
  14. Yes OP it's frustrating wanting to do a mission But overridden by the AI ! what's the difference where multiplayer auto control is off compared to missions where auto control is active ! There must be a way to turn it off if you can turn it off in Multiplayer ?
  15. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2020-02-13/quantum-entanglement-experiment-in-china-breaks-distance-record/11945178
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