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  1. place LS=FI onto your joystick ! Press joystick button Only when you need to center sight ! Don't hold down continuously
  2. My Wingman and myself have had major problems trying to get the Flag from 1st tank spawn before moving up to take map (haha) We take out pac guns and tanks while one drives a tank up another flies cover taking out re-spawning tanks and guns ! But even doing this we can never get the flag without being killed by something we are unable to see ! Is there a pac gun or tank in a building or is there a bug we are not aware of ? frustrating to say the least , We like the way the spawns are under trees ect and take some searching to find even so We can't complete our task 🤔
  3. First Up Dump the boy Make a plan work hard save hard tour the world and enjoy ! 10 years might sound a long time but it flies by when you have a goal set
  4. If you do a lot of driving or working outdoors these free Audio books will help pass the time https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6VT00WQu6idYPvDtbA6uPn0bgFhHmhIr
  5. Some of the most hideous flak I have encountered at times on this server and extremely satisfying if you get past and punch a hole ,Annoying being taken out in a tank by fire miles away and wish there was elevation heights on maps for us tankers !
  6. On amazon prime now ! https://youtu.be/D1UDvi5xL9w
  7. Or if you have moved your seating position it may not be in your new view unless you move about ! But i think Luke has it covered
  8. Reset your gunsight to default The P-40 has one of the nicest by default gunsight out there You were flying fine up until you started to fire ! don't pull the trigger so hard or put it elsewhere so you don't flail around when firing ! Bit like race drivers using the left foot to brake for saving time and smoothness
  9. From memory you have to drive over the icon But you have to flip icons on ! I had to repeat it once the second time i just drove around further South i think to icon on map to get a complete ! But yes it's a long drive ! is that the one where you have to kill the Tigers !
  10. Yes +Yes + detachable Flyable Glider https://youtu.be/JenPV5HtFfU
  11. I had this persist a while back until i cleaned up the "Update folder "don't know if it's your problum but might be worth trying Hillbilly !
  12. Might be worth adding the type of joystick used by the people having issues !
  13. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-12/wwii-submarine-uss-grayback-found-off-okinawa-in-japanese-waters/11696650
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