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  1. I think it is a pity the C47 won't be flyable. It would have been nice to have an allied version of the Ju 52 experience.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have plenty of room on the SSD. I have uninstalled the game and am doing a reinstall now. Looks like a long wait as it is averaging 30kb/s. This is not fun... Is it easier to install from Steam? I'm wondering if I should get a new steam version.
  3. Has anyone had trouble downloading the latest patch? I down loaded 3.001 no trouble the other day. I went to have a look at it yesterday only to find there was a 112mg update to download. This I though would be no problem. Wrong again. It downloaded 80% no trouble. Then it started to drop down to least than 1 kbs at times. After 2 hours of this and my third try it was 95%. It stayed that way overnight downloading at less than 1kbs until I killed it in the morning. Has anyone else had this problem? 3 hours later. Now the game is stuffed. I can't even get to the start screen and the desktop icons have lost their link. What on earth is happening........
  4. I really don't see the sense to another Bf109 when there are far more interesting planes that can be used to make truly diverse missions. Having had a lot of experience with planes like the Storch and Hs123 I can see their value when good missions are written for them. They make a good break from those fighter missions and their slower pace means you get to fly longer in these relatively small maps. The Po.2 is good for this as well. They also add more of a strategy element to the missions when it comes to surviving those annoying fighter attacks...
  5. I like flying at tree top level and lower. When you do that the AI fighters leave you alone. They just chase you for a while and then give up. Multiplay would be different I'm sure. Really like the Para part of this one. I fly low and then popup at the drop site and unload, then back down for a return to base.
  6. The real truth regarding the Berlin flight was that Von Greim flew the plane with Hanna in the back. Just before they were due to land Von Griem was hit and wounded. Hanna leaned over from the back and landed the plane. They went down to the bunker to met Hitler. After the meeting they left in another plane that had been hidden in the streets. This wasn't a Storch.
  7. I think the Storch is far more interesting to fly than the FW 189. It does things no other plane in the sim can, which would allow mission builders to make some interesting missions. I made one for CFS3 and made some very diverse missions for it from Dropping agents behind the lines to the final flight into Berlin bunker. It was very handy finding and striking partisan camps in the mountains. It really is a great plane to fly up mountain valleys. Not that I'm saying the FW 189 isn't a good plane, just not as versatile for making interesting missions. As a mate to the Storch I think the Po 2 is a must. For our Russian friends it is a good way to honour the girls that flew them on very dark nights. The were called the 'Night Witches' by the German troops because they were so effective.
  8. I'm for both of these because it is good to have a balanced theatre. I have always been a big fan of the Storch being the first plane I build for CFS2 and CFS3 There really is a lot you can do with it that you can't with normal planes. It had one of the highest survival rate of all the German planes because the slow flight confused the attacking planes and you can easily fly in forests etc. That is of course if they get the flight envelope right.
  9. Love this Ju52 as I thought I would. It is much more than I was expecting. How do you do new skins for it? I would like a plain green one like they used in Crete. The Spanish war skin is really nice.
  10. The achievements are fantastic. The only thing I think is missing is the Do17z cockpit. This plane is always left out of the BOB sims. Yet it was the most important bomber in the early part of the battle. It is good that we have an AI version, but it would be much better to have a flyable one at last.
  11. Now I have the new computer the sim is working well except for two things. The first is since the patch the sim looks a bit washed out. (Too bright) I have tried the gamma control and got no change. The other more important issue is the trees are showing model or texture changing as I get close to them. This seems a lot more noticeable since the patch. Is there something I'm not doing? I have a GTX1070 card DX11
  12. Yes, you have a point about there already being a AI version. I have noticed that most of the new flying planes have an AI first. Did the P40? Anyway the Ju52 isn't a disappointment. I like the skins they have made. It is a pity they don't have a stretcher loadout for the Ambulance version. They also should have a static one setup to look like it is unloading with boxes and a couple of guys. I think the only small disappointment I have with the sim is the lack of groundcrew on the airbases. Is there anymore other then the one by the tower?
  13. Well finally got the game going again by buying a new computer with a GTX1070 card. We came to the conclusion that there were too many issues with the old one to keep trying with it. I have to say I was disappointed to miss out on the lower price for the chapters having only bought them earlier this week. Just my luck. Still not to worry. After I by over the cost of the money I have just laid out to get it going it is going to be worth it.
  14. I'm still trying to track down my problem. Anyone know what they mean by this answer to the question. What is the :catalog: do they mean a folder? 13) Game crashes to desktop all the time, what's wrong? Find the catalog where the game is installed, enter the folder properties and remove the tick from Read Only field.
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