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  1. Happy New Year Tzigy! P40, please.
  2. Hs 129 B-2, please (but Кукурузник will be also warmly welcomed). My hangar:
  3. MaP

    Ju-52/3m Giveaway fashion :)

    I want the Tante Ju.
  4. MaP

    P-40E-1 giveaway

    If is not too late, then sign me up.
  5. MaP

    BOBP+ Give Away Draw

    Oh! Thank you.
  6. MaP

    BOBP+ Give Away Draw

    I'll try to win BoK Thx
  7. Hi, La-5, P-40, MC.202 or Ju 52 will be a nice new year gift for me. So I hope to win. Thank you.
  8. MaP

    Collector planes giveaway

    Thank you. And I promise that I will not break up this bird during my first take off.
  9. MaP

    Collector planes giveaway

    And FW-190 for me?