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  1. Help. I get a DirectX error (D3D Errror) trying to launch game after update to 1.105. Anyone have any ideas as to how to fix? Thanks.
  2. Running TIR 5 on Win 10 x64 with no problems.
  3. Yeah, I'm here, just waiting for something.
  4. Uninstall the Geforce Experience program. I have the 350 drivers and Geforce Experience uninstalled and have no issues.
  5. The Nvidia driver package has nothing to do with Steam (if that's your question).
  6. I updated my Nvidia drivers to 350.xx and got the same D3D error. Apparently there is a conflict with this game and Nvidia Geforce Experience. The Geforce Experience program loads with the Nvidia driver package. I deleted (uninstalled) Geforce Experience via the Control Panel and all is well.
  7. Jarhead1


    Well I've read all 6+ pages of this thread and I've got to say that's the last straw. Sick of the arrogance and disregard for the customer. I'm going to keep my game updated and check here for news and developments but otherwise I've had it with Loft and the crew.
  8. Confused. Per Zak: "BOM will be similar to Pacific fighters game released long time ago - BOS and BOM are going to be fully compatible, but you'll be able to buy BOM separately from BOS as well." That tells me that BOM will integrate with BOS. Maps, planes, missions, etc., will be selectable. Also, BOM will install as a stand-alone game. The former I'll consider buying, the latter I will not. Good luck with your budget.
  9. As an INTEGRATED add-on, BOM should be a fraction of the cost of the main game, i.e., BOS. As a stand-alone, BOM I expect would approximate the cost of BOS. Anything else, I'm not in with one toe let alone both feet.
  10. I've got no problem with CloD MP at full real. IMO it destroys BOS MP, no contest.
  11. Mixed emotions, frankly. I recall flying the "Battle of Moscow" for hours in the old IL2. Theater therefore does not impress me. For that matter, Stalingrad bores me to death. So, same missions, largely the same planes (on German side at least). So, the novelty of the theater and missions, for me at least, is lacking. Plus side: P-40, BF-110, Ju-88. All good but otherwise replicated in CloD and (soon P-40) DCS. Compatibility? Advertised as yes but how about integrated? Pacific Fighters as I recall added the theaters planes, map and some functionality (carrier landings for example) to the existing IL2. Pacific Fighters was not stand alone as I remember the installation. BoM? Anyhow, going to look at this one closely before I decide to jump in. One thing sure, I'll make sure the direction is clear before deciding to purchase.
  12. Yes, I tried with same result (Text only prints). The Google link/template will not update. I assume you have to use Paint or a picture editor to update. PITA.
  13. So what did you do, specifically? Edit: Got it to take (3rd attempt). Apparently my former name (Jarhead) was taken while I was fooling around trying to recover it.
  14. There is no such thing as a "Nickname" in Accounts. Only name = "Username". You can attempt to change it but the change will not take. I've submitted two tickets. Try it.
  15. If we were in the same room, I'd like to show you Wazzaaappp!
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