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  1. Despite soviets,let's not forget Clive "killer" Caldwell
  2. seriously ,I think it's an good idea for a casual game. But,nahh,this is a abnormal game whose tageted customer is only "hardcores".(who named themselves) ) Thinking about a new warthunder player open up the free version.the first thing he would see is not the attractive story mode(single campaign) nor the detailed flight lessons to welcome them. Even warthunder has got a build-in turorial.They will start to doubt whether this game is a professional one or a semi-product. But only "buzzing everywhere without companies" with F4 and Lagg3? IMHO most of them will feel lone and boring.coz warthunder is focusing online. After all ,lots of negative comments will be left on steam . That's Jason and 777 would not like to see.
  3. Must have taken a lot of work. The game obviously need a hand of 3rd party's work.They are short of manpower.
  4. I found it tricky to look at the map in flight In CLod,we have a one click map. In Warthunder,I can see it thru my ipad. In this game ,i have to open it repeatly and confirm it. How did you manage to settle the map issue?
  5. See ya on the court Jason-----------------Williams Hahahaha~
  6. Eachone have a "hamlet' (Shakespear's novel figure)in their mind. Thus Eachone need a new plane or retune a plane for this game? Back to topic. The La-5 series is never a comfortable plane to pilot.It's a untamed primitive beast for most ussr pilots. It used the radial engine but still using a steel wire control system.unlike the FW190 is Linkage Mechanical system. Thus the control is heavy especially on horizontal manuver and level up from diving manuver. Only strongest man have good control of it. About the famous Кожедуб, Иван Никитович,he mostly employ the tactic of BnZ,He is a great chance picker.not a dogfighter. Almost all the luftwaffe Aces showed their Awe to Yak Sieries. All the information was referenced by Dimitri Kazanov's book.
  7. Finally. If we don't have an highly programmed interactive training system. Then do it your way,777 Make us 4 planes USR: Po-2 Yak-7 trainer. Axis: Hs123 Bf108 Taifun sales em with a cheaper price.23.99 or so. People could buy them ,and sigh up as a trainer. These planes could only be used by verified training server or by training map .only the one who bought the package could have the trainer's control or assign control to others in the flight. People who got helped is able to send tickets to the official which will get trainers some bonus of buying new planes.
  8. hehe, "I think we talk past each other in this thread. I think of it all like this:" The "Others" you mentioned ,how many of them in this post are pure newbies(never played a flight sim)? Again you think in your box,that's most of the "old hands" did here. "Do many people care about tutorials? Maybe no." Depends on how you define the word "many",here there may not be "many" because many newcomers would not even post on this forum. "Do tutorials guarantee you success? no." I talked to many sim players,most of them played flight sim because of intrest.they love simulators,they love to fly like a professional,a expert. First they love to fly,then they would like to win.If they simply want to win .I think people would select some popular online game which will attract more eyeballs.Not like this one,when you talk to someone ,they never know it. Thus to Be an professional one,this game obviously lacks turorial,why? All former il2 did have it,flight simulators from microsft have it,CFS have it .Even warthunder have it. You denied it on be half of Beginners,that 's ridiculous. "Could tutorials keep people with some interest through the first hard hours and maybe wake more interest? probably." That 's not a probably ,that's a surely do. In my opion,most people don't randomly download games online,most of them have jobs,have to goto school , They spend limited time on their intrested stuff,They don't download games invain. Once they are lectured step by step on the intresting thing.They grew up to be more intrested in the stuff .and would love to pay more. That's how things goes. Can you train everything with tutorials? no. You can't train everything with turorials,true. the fundamentals are the basic stuff you've got to start from ,but may not end up with .That's from AndyBush. obviously,Some fight stuff need repeated practice,but that doesn't mean everybody have to crash the hell out of sky for a long term .Or pay a lot of patience and time for very basic stuff That wasted beginners. And how about youtube type of tutorial? I checked many vids online,some of them lacks profesionalty or offered too few infomation like "Requiem" i didn't remember something they said as Hartmann Until oneday,we will find this game's price get higher and highter. Up in the sky. Because there will be no freshmen to spare the cost.with some oldone leaving. And we have no choice since russian companies already monoplied the market. Just get ready. Let's go and see.
  9. sincerely ,your answer wwas exactly what i've expected. All the stuff depends on the budget . You all have high expectation on community, Surely,some members of community would help.they offer realtime help to newbies.Spend a lot of time teach and answer repeated questions. In contrast,some of them would use their time to practice.They would like to shoot newbies and old ones to be the best ,like the one who mentioned above. After that the ones who teached people ,will feel ,like me ,why should I spend precious my time teaching not practicing. After all people respect the strongest.Especially in this PvP game. Thank you ,no more questions.
  10. Hellon Jason question 1 Despite the very simple mode,,what is the plan for 777 to build up learning curve of begginers?
  11. I still remember an article of Andy Bush on SimHQ: He wrote what he teached us was the fundamentals ,everything can start from that,but may not end up with that Diversity and Complexity That's the charming point of Air Combat,is it? And we can't simply refuse the the importance fundamentals.. A good tutorial would not only teach.But also attract fresh blood: If devs could deveop Bi-plane,and open it up for newbies,give them 2-3 flight course.to experience the magic of flight. More benifit will come..(sounds like dcs) Win-win solution
  12. how about an old plane with new feature?. how about we add an auxilary tank for BF109 G2 and E7?With that we can have some ferry mission,and in multiplayer we could ferry new machines(with aux tanks) to frontline and keep the amounts of available planes.and this is historically true~ How's that?Would devs do that instead? 99% not I guess,especially under the current salement mode(planes=salesment) So ,some statement above surely used the thinking of devs. They thought in the Devs' shoes, that made their unpersuasive conclusion. We paid for the game.not getting paid by the game. somebody think they could"speak for us"? how dare them? My country have a block to youtube,The block is called green dam. Thus many newbies of my squadron have tons of questions for us every single day. It was me and another squadron fella answered their question everytime. Even that I can't say that i can speak for these newbies. and It will get them some help if the game have Buildin tutorial. That's why this post was born. Here somebody say :"Go to youtube and that will solve your problem" In some post ,they threw out the question ,and answer it themselves with confidence ,answers made by a few people. If this is "community" ,the community is just so so.
  13. you r right ,that's the reason why i am hoping them in the future. The current thing is here some fellas always think : If we have XXXX planes ,the game would be more funny, Nope,i would let devs hear different voice,That a good game should be more than that. If they can do that ,I would pay full price for it,If not I would rather wait for a year and buy steam version. fair enough. The game is good,but it's far from great.
  14. Yes ,I totally agree with ya,that in Easten front they use man to spot planes,but i still don't believe there are so few spotters on the battlefield in most servers rightnow. by the war, sometime ussr and german surely have radar system,exp.in moscow map,USSR imported Radar system for the threatening bomberattack. More over there are tons of stuff we still can do: 1.the VOW of il2 era prooved to be charming for most veteran players,with the official online support and cloud calculation service,Shall we have the official VOW war mode whose battle can be scattered over player-build servers? On the one handside,we have to suffer the loggin system and suffer from lagged login and disconnect ,on the other handside,only dev team could benefit from it 2.With the online system support ,should we have any kind of tournament for those real dogfight lovers,and build up a ladder? 3.With the online system support ,should we have our ipads displaying the flight map.using them for air marshaling commanding? 4.for single mission ,is there any possiblitie for adding man made movies between missions.I mean to fullfill story line? There are so much we can do,but so few we got.
  15. Profit is the thing which will keep this game alive.True Before we talk about the profit ,lets talk about some user experience. Not every game will rely on Third party video to creat tutorial .This is maybe the only one I saw .Just watch video will lack interactivation and especially think in reallife flight lessons.nobody simplely watched a Video and climb into a plane then fly like a professtional. If we call this game a simulator ,and we should do it real. If we call it a software,a game.Its "its lacks intereaction part and not friendly" Talking about online play.I've been playing this game for 173 hours(steam record),almost half of it online. TAW,WOL I played in them everyweek.Almost every battle ends up with bolsevik low level dogfight.That's eastfront ,true,but not impressed me since I already seen them in Il2 era. I have some teammates and often played together.They all agree with me,that this game is like il2 1946 2.0 Not revolutionary changes,at least so far-------not.Some excellent MP feature of Il2 Clod were not mentioned like radar bearing of enemy.AI bombers ,Hope to see them in the future MP. All after all,this game doesnt lack planes,But good system to power up our play(single mission, MP mode, tutorial)
  16. 1.Turorial This is a huge stepback from old series of il2.1,In IL2 CLoD we could still see the Bi-plane training course.What now?Nothing. For soviet side?when could we experice the super short-team Training? For german side.is there any introduction course for planes?could not be so long,just one could get you in the game. Think about when we have the newgame.Battle of pacific. 9 out of 10 people crashed into the sea when they try to land without apropriat carrier land course at first time. Do we have super easy mode?Yes,but you can't call that tutorial system.it is just a bait for some MMO players. Somebody just believe the community is what it used to be.The game is not newbie friendly.Any old players kept thinking they are the chosen ones who could only undstand the aerial combat.after that the community got fewer and fewer people.and only idea of recruiting new players is making tanks to amuse players from MMO Online Player. Making quick quick money = Saling planes. Afer buying them? You wanna more?Did you really get them?Nahh,.and did you get any reallife tricks of the specific plane?The game won't teach you anything. 2.Disastrous Mission and Compaign System If we say in Battle of Kuban we will get real compaign system.then how come we didn't get the refund from further games?In these two Battle of X we didn't get anything for real?Ouch ,but we get a "ten days of autum" but that's not for free? Anyway,as you all recognize the mission system ,we are missing too much .I hople the team would not only giving us expressions like" super good mission editor"butalso show us something it really can do. 3.Multiplayer: The mulitplayer mode have nothing fresh .Before the online coop system online,Real radar system, available ,,I could only say it is a replica of il2 game with advanced graphics.
  17. I could barely see anybody talking about it in this forum ,It's obviously a future for this game. but since the oculus rift cv1 released i saw not much posts discussing it ,any reason ,was it becoz nobody grab it online in the first place?
  18. seriously,i was still hoping you could give me any leads for the fact.at least pilot.names and reliable squadron names. don't slip away and say may be or Easy.or something,coz most of the combat records of the VVS has already been prooved wrong. I am no such kind of luftwaffe fanatic or Usa AIR force lovers,but if you say that's true,just givme something that can be prooved. History is history,can't be misguided or bluffed. Ok,without reliable info,i could also say Due to the relation ship of russia and usa,the national media"star media" dare to publish a video like this,why didn't they publish more detailed info of the victim pilots? They simplely don't have proofs now .Just bluffing as usual vvs combat claims. History will proove the lies,people will see through it finally
  19. the p51 in the video was red tail,but losses for 332nd in their history on 17 April 1945
  20. Russian star media published the "korean war" sieries with Ivan Kozhedub shotting down 2 p51 mustangs at the very beginning. No evidence was showing these losses on the USAAF side. This is bluffing as usual or the truth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kth5Dgqx7g&list=PLwGzY25TNHPB8rHBGwRAiL5FOazqTTq55
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