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  1. It is a pity we don't have radars in game.

    somebody said russians don't have radars.at least in battle of Moscow,Ussr set them up near Moscow to defend invasion.

    as to germany,radars became  their weapon.refering to steinhoff's "straits of Messina",they lost technical advantage after he got transfered to Mediterranean.


    read the reschke 's book above.it's deadly usefula


    Why reject  radars? I don't get it.


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  2. 18 minutes ago, 6./ZG26_Loke said:

    I have not yet received any calls from ground control with enemy sighted in sector XX, at altitude XX, heading XX, at speed XX, have you?

    Me either,still a bunch of props all over map while playing online.

    where's the Air Marshal mode?

  3. 9 hours ago, LukeFF said:


    Don't have access to my P-40 manuals right now, but I believe this is an accurate rendering of what sort of load was being put on the battery at any given time (it is animated for certain functions).



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  4. 11 hours ago, Finkeren said:


    Nope. Those were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. There have been many more improvements in the last couple of years.

    well said.

    but i still could not figure out how a man could instantly pick out so many merits for a game without making a live with it,


    For me ,whenever i am starring at the voltmeter of my P40 in game, I am always doubting if the battery was hit or not.


    That voltmeter was always showing "zero" ....


    How could the hamilton electric driven pitch controller do its work when there is no power???




  5. On 6/20/2018 at 10:18 PM, Finkeren said:

    - Comes back after two years: 


    BoK title released


    BoBP, FC and Tank Crew in the works


    16+ new flyable planes


    Beautiful new Kuban map


    Drivable tanks


    New career mode


    DX11 support


    Full VR support


    Improved FM across the board


    150km terrain draw distance


    Multi-layered clouds


    Rain effect on canopy


    Coop mode


    Improved terrain textures 


    84 player servers


    - WHAT!???? THE OIL TEMP GAUGE DOESN’T WORK ON THE 109? Very disappointed.

    For plane nerds they are somehow enough.but not for all.

    You must have collected these updates info for some reason.

  6. 14 hours ago, 56RAF_Roblex said:


    Exactly what I said.   You land it the same as any other plane and let it put the nose down. The manual quoted says nothing about maintaining a nose high attitude after landing.  It says the nose  starts going down as soon as the main wheels touch the ground and the pilot does nothing to stop it happening..  There is no difficult special process to follow.


    BTW, I have experience landing in a Piper Tri-Pacer. That is how old I am :-)

    As other planes?

    to my understanding , a plane with traditional undergear like bf109,people always touch down with front gear first or all the gears at the same time the best.

    With a tricycle gear like p39,maingears the first then nose gear will be preferable.

    how come they are the similar thing?

    i do believe ,as the manual said ,pilot don't have to "down" the nosegear intentionally--that doesn't mean put the stick in neutral position.but to hold the landing AoA pitch until the nose down it self,the counter sequence of taking off.

    at last planes differs from each other. Especially a plane with tricycle gear and body engine.

    Thx for viewing.


  7. @[CPT]HawkeyeP

    thx for sharing ,

    in the tutorial vid, taillow landing or taildragger is the main way to differ p39 veteran or newbie.so i feel its real important to learn if you love the plane.

      also it's a demostration of BoK aerodynamic.

    5 hours ago, 56RAF_Roblex said:

    I have always been of the belief that you land it exactly the same as a taildragger and don't make any attempt to hold the nose in the air once you are down, By the model 'L' there was no issue with the nosewheel and it brakes just fine.  Perhaps if you have landed way too fast you might try to keep the nose up a bit longer to scrub off speed faster but you would be better off just going around again.   Is there a particular reason why you are trying an unnatural landing?

      In the tutorial vid, taillow landing or taildragger is one way to distingwish veteran from  newbie ,also the landing part of  P39L MANUAL below did emphasize that you have to maintain the same AoA after touching down until the nose let down itself,it's like taking off.







    p39 landing 1.JPG




    this landing way was introduced by a usaaf movie" Introduction to the Bell P-39 Airacobra Fighter (1942)",you may search it through youtube.

    the way it introduced was called  "tail low landing" which in the last part.

    the ship will land without its nose gear touching on the ground,  but two points landing with its aft wheel,  by the moment the P39  will still moving foward for a while  and the ship will decelerate quickly .

    I couldn't finish this landing  in BoK

    thanks for viewing.



  9. As shown in the real world turorial movie,i tried this kinda landing at least 20 times,following up steps carefully.

    But in IL2:BOK  each time the nose wheel was forced to  touch the ground no matter hlow i pull up the stick?

    Any one have any idea how it will be performed?



    p39 landing.JPG

  10. I'm rather nervously wondering if it will be cold meat like the BoS P-40.

    P40 should not like that because players dunno how to play it.

    1.they tend to fly p40 at low altitude so it's diving performance was seriously limited.

    2. At high altitude ,the game's graphic engine will blend in faraway enemy,and have speed blur,means the faster you are the more little chance you will see enemy down below.

    3.in history kittyhwaks always attack in huge numbers.this can't be seen in most ol servers.

  11. As a flight sim newbie who is just starting to get comfortable enough with a plane to maybe hop into some multiplayer, my opinion on why the multiplayer numbers are on the low side and typically are filled by the more hardcore simmers is the same as what I suspect the reason is as to why flight sims in general aren't A LOT more popular - it's very daunting for a newcomer to learn how to go about any of it. There is very little built into the game to actually familiarize a would-be pilot with a plane or the act of flying, let alone getting more into any of the details. Getting into flight sims requires a major investment into learning how to go about it all, with almost zero help provided in-game. Even simple things like having a labeled diagram of the cockpit in your own localized language is missing, let alone familiarizing a new pilot with how to use any of what is present in the cockpit. A lot could be done to make the learning curve less steep and more guided, rather than leaving it up to someone to do a ton and a half of research in their free time. I personally have enjoyed the challenge, and thanks to the community have learned a ton. Others are likely not going to stick with it, and will opt for something they can just hop in and have some fun with whatever limited time they have to devote to game playing. Life just has too many obligations and distractions. Simple guided tour missions and video clips would go a long, long way. The community has put a ton of things out there that really should be somehow incorporated or linked to the game. That would help retain a lot more people that try it out.

    I suspect a lot of people give it a try and then quickly get overwhelmed and give it up. That is a real shame, because now that I am getting my head wrapped around it and have a HOTAS and TrackIR set up pretty nicely it is pretty amazing, and I have only scratched the surface.

    I'm looking forward to what is coming, see some of you guys in the lobbies-to-come and in the air (likely followed by spilling to the ground)

    This is slightly off the topic,I think it still worth discussing

    1.as discussed before in my post,devs thought an ingame ,fully interactive tutorial cost too many ,they would rather throw it to community.(check the video of YouTube) or crash100 times for taking off.

    2.the market stratgey is box is to absorb some online Mmo players (like war thunder) these players learned basics ,and wish to become hardcore .and they always pay .so there is no need to investe to game tutorials.

    3.two sweaters? an good idea for players training themselves,i suggest a two seat yak7,but then the post was thrown out an unknown sub forum.

  12. What are you kidding me we have the best cockpit textures around. Not much better then the old IL2 is a slap in the face.Really dude


    if you reintall the CloD original version.And check out the cockpit (iCloD can also be called Old il2 for sure)


    the cockpit's like a photo.needles trembling,engines roaring....


    Though they are different engine.and different color scheme,but the details are much better in CloD

  13. Real wwii air combater would not Miss G6,The harder they pilot the more succesful feelings they get.


    Warthunder Flies  who could only cheat on planes, abuse bugs of games,will change sides very often. and pick up easy planes.


    Wanna be hartmann in game? Here is your chance!





  14. Not the one u have to enter any server,but just login il2 game.

    When tired flying,go there do some pilot's talk.

    Since the game devs are busy now.I only hope they could build up a basic interface.hopeing the third party could get something more done like following.like add one.

    *changing in chat room wallpaper.

    •changing music.

    •playing and sharing acmi files online.

    •playing poker even gambing to have some special emblems.

    I dunno if there was any other irc online for il2.but an ingame one would make people more easier to find home and more convenience.and will bring more interaction than reading forums post by post.

  15. The sin of the game is


    this game emphasizes the power of in-game planes from day one.

    And salesment depend on PLANEs like hell.


    When customers complain about the cons of new planes,the devs are glad to determine which should be the next plane to sale.


    Human beings are always hunger for new. Always not enough.Soul of marketing was to develop it.


    That's the reason why devs always ignore the tutorial part and ai development.


    Keep geting back and try not be so serious.



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