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  1. Ok so i unzip and copy and paste or drag into that location and yet nothing happens. I go to custom skins in game and find nothing. I uses 7 zip. Shud I use another?
  2. Hi guys, excuse me for being a little thick but I'm having trouble getting the skins into the game. I did well with the old RoF game getting skins into it but am not sure what the sequence is for Flying Circus. Any help would be appreciated. I unzip ok but am not sure where to place the download.
  3. Hi guys. The other day while on one of the multi player servers, i was pursuing a couple of Pe 2s when suddenly they disappeared and out of no where another plane appeared and shot my ass up pretty good. I had good rear visibility and could not explain where the plane from behind came from. I'm suspecting that someone is using a lag switch? I hope not because they could ruin really good game play.
  4. Hi guys. are there any tools on the maps to help with nav? If I'm not on Wings of Liberty server, i have a tough time with land marks.
  5. Hi guys. So I was able to create a profile for AXIS side but am wondering why I am not able to fly the BF 109 F-2 or be a gunner in an HE-111? I've looked at the manual but it doesn't explain it. As far as the number map being played, i cud find no number in game when playing so I couldn't find out if the F-2 was excluded. The BF 109 E-7 was accepted in game at least. And i had to go to a field out quite a ways. Is this typical?
  6. Hi guys. I would like to try the TAW server but am having a bitch of a time creating a profile for the German side. I already have one for the Allies. Maybe that's why it seems so out of balance lately. The Germans are greatly outnumbered. I tried to create a German one but the site wouldn't recognize it. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi guys. i get the limiter and what it does but can't find the button to set it at what % i want. Is there a command for that in settings? Or shud I just leave it at 100% and use full or no flaps at all like on other Russian aircraft?
  8. Hi Gordon and thanks for your reply. When flying in game, is there a button to free up the cursor or does one just use the map button? My trouble is I want to see where I'm going in some detail while I'm actually flying. There seems to be only two map choices: one that's really small and one that's slightly larger. Sorry if I'm confused...cuz i am. In RoF one can use the cursor and zoom into the map and get a fix as to your actual position etc.
  9. Hi guys. How does one get to use your cursor on this map? I fly RoF alot and the map can be manipulated holding the windows button and moving the cursor around. Is this possible here?
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