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  1. Happened to me a few times last campaign, I'd assumed it was something to do with my 'marvellous' internet
  2. Would it be possible to have a summary listed somewhere on the website of each map after it ends? Because of my timezone I rarely see what happens when the map ends, it would be nice to see the win/loss conditions with how many planes/pilots each side had left
  3. You were ditched because (I assume) you struck your props when the gear collapsed It counted as shot down because he damaged you prior to that
  4. Sounds like a ping issue I have had my plane fall apart minutes after being 'hit' by a gunner
  5. Show your location to the enemy team eg- "Enemy sighted near grid 1256.6"
  6. Question- Do the random flak positions still 'mark' you after you remove all the trucks and aa guns?
  7. Yep, can confirm Engines are warm too. Did we get rid of coldstarts?
  8. Correct Nor will any kills in the sortie count this drove me mental back when I had shitty internet
  9. If you D/C 5 minutes after getting damage, it counts as if you died If you D/C more than 5 minutes after damage, you keep your streak but any kills in the sortie don't count
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