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  1. [1.2.32] - 2019-06-11 - updated list of objects - new aircraft images - fix damage after finish of sortie - fix to count hits with Mk Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  2. To clarify the situation. Now this draft statistics has a low priority for me. I support compatibility with new versions of the game and sometimes when I have free time I change something in the functionality. There are no built-in penalties for this. We prefer to use the bonuses of those who play correctly. At the end of the file stats_whore.py you can find the bonus feature. As an option, you can change the multiplication of points there for returning to the airfield from 25% to 50% or 100%.
  3. I got the logs. Error in them. I will think how to handle such an error in the future.
  4. I can not say anything without the logfiles of the mission.
  5. change static files need in the directory il2_stats\src\stats\static then run update.cmd on the second question, you can specify the address with in template main_with_squad.html
  6. Several years ago I saw a utility here on the forum that showed statistics on offline missions on the basis of logs.
  7. Yes. Sometimes the game mistakenly reports that all ammunition was used.
  8. Unfortunately, these "special" cases do not differ (in the logs) from the usual case when all the ammunition was used up.
  9. [1.2.31] - 2019-03-18 - updated list of objects - new aircraft images Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  10. I forgot about the pictures for these planes. When the pictures are ready I will update. There is nothing to worry about yet. If the number gets bigger and visitors complain that the site is slow, need to change the server settings.
  11. The medal_for_battle_merit function is a custom reward function. Each such function must take any parameter. This function does not accept any. Those. written with an error.
  12. I have no other ideas. In the latest version there were no changes that would lead to such a problem. You can post statistics logs and mission logs. And by the way your site does not open for me.
  13. Perhaps the wrong path to the game folder or logs are disabled.
  14. [1.2.30] - 2019-03-06 - updated list of objects - ignoring bad lines in logs Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd This is similar to the error I corrected in
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