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  1. Perhaps someone is using these airfield facilities in their missions, expecting to get points for them. This will break "backwards compatibility" for them
  2. For compatibility with the new units you need to update objects.csv file and run the update. objects.zip
  3. No. Awards are linked to the main profile. Functions in rewards.py do not actually add or remove anything. These are check functions for the log processor.
  4. What you want to do cannot be done just by editing html templates.
  5. Similar functionality is not supported by statistics. At the moment I only support compatibility with new versions of the game. There are no plans to develop new features.
  6. [1.2.38] - 2019-11-07 - updated list of objects - update libraries - update weapons and mods lists Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  7. 1) It is impossible to implement for our statistics - it can be done if the statistics is specially made for a particular server. 2) We don't paint a awards or anything. Server administrators can do this on their own.
  8. Yes, and yes. The Entente Coalition is equal to the Allies. Central Powers to the Axis.
  9. [1.2.36] - 2019-10-14 - updated list of objects - support for coalitions of World War I and the split into two skins (parameter in the config - skin_id , 1 = ww2, 2 = ww1) At the same time (in one mission) statistics can work with only one set of coalitions (World War I or World War II) Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  10. replace file objects.csv and run update.cmd objects.zip @JG1_Snaggle I wrote about it in the list of changes and above already answered the same question. Now, the statistics do not support the new coalitions - the First World War.
  11. Yeah, statistics don't support new coalitions right now. I wrote about it on the change list. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/19083-il2-stats-statistics-system-for-a-dedicated-server-il2-battle-of-stalingrad/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-825147 And now I can't say when the support will be realized.
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