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  1. [1.2.46] - 2020-11-16 - updated list of objects - Fixed counting online players for missions WWI Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  2. Fix for problem with hurricane image. Replace file in il2_stats\src\stats\static\img\aircraft\ Delete all files at il2_stats\static\ run collectstatic.cmd hurricane mk.ii.png.zip
  3. There is one suggestion that this is case-sensitive to the file name. Try to replace the file in \il2_stats\src\stats\static\img\aircraft Delete all files at \il2_stats\static. run collectstatic.cmd hurricane mk.ii.png.zip
  4. [1.2.45] - 2020-11-05 - updated list of objects - update libraries - Fix for a situation where there is a -1 country bug in logs - added an editable field by which awards are sorted Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  5. Python 3.6 works fine. For Python 3.8 need to update the library versions. I will update them in the next version. On 3.9 it seems that the necessary library packages are not yet available.
  6. In the old IL2 on the servers I used to play - they used statistics from the Gennadich Team. It did not have such a division. There was such a division on servers like ADW or cooperative projects like VEF, Bellum. But it worked this way because the player had to play only for one side. So honestly, we didn't even think about such functionality. And now we don't have free time to think over and implement big features. At this stage, we only support the compatibility of statistics with the game. So I will not promise anything.
  7. Only active players are displayed in the statistics. Have they already played in October?
  8. Web statistics has a django.log file. Send it to me via private messages.
  9. Put createsuperuser.cmd in the "run" folder and run it. This way, you can create a new administrator. createsuperuser.zip
  10. Does anyone use statistics with PostgreSQL version above 9.5 ? 9.6, 10, 11, 12 ?
  11. [1.2.44] - 2020-08-17 - updated list of objects - fixed base class for machine_gunner Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  12. Yes, the chunks are stored in the database, but the statistics do not have the functionality to display custom chunks. You can see in code and templates how default chunks are used and repeat it. You can simply create a chunk with the same name "server_name".
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