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  1. [1.2.47] - 2021-02-17 - updated list of objects - correct saving of the mission file name with dots Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  2. Pilots have virtual lives in the statistics. After each death, captivity or with a new tour a new virtual life begins. If you mean the top of these virtual lives between all tours, it is probably possible. About SECr - how is this better than the existing ranking in the statistics? And is there any logical explanation for such a formula? For example: why is flight time divided by gunnery? A pilot's accuracy does not usually change over time (if not newbie). Result of this division becomes greater with each flight (regardless of the results of the flight). And why is the
  3. The player's statistics accumulated before being added to the squad are not added to the squad statistics. Only the results of new sorties are added to the squad statistics.
  4. SvAF/F16_lassekongo-1 I asked you to answer three specific questions - you wrote me a whole paragraph of confusing text - that's no way to solve the problem.
  5. 1) the account you log in to (on the statistics site) via email and password is account renamed_user_1630? 2) flight statistics for this account is not updated? 3) and there is a player profile with the name SvAF/F16_lassekongo-1 on which the stats are now update
  6. You have not created a database for statistics. Or you specified the wrong database name in the config.
  7. Maybe. Without the original text logs it is hard to say for sure.
  8. The logs do not show hits because there can be a lot of them. In the logs of the flight are displayed only damage, but only those that are in the log files. And the log files do not record damage below some minimum threshold.
  9. The custom directory is used to customize templates and styles. It does not work for code. So if you want to change formulas or something, you have to change the original files
  10. For compatibility with the new units you need to update objects.csv file and run the update. objects.zip
  11. The mlg files can be deleted, the statistics do not use them. All I can advise is to double-check the paths. All such problems were usually due to wrong paths.
  12. First, check the game config startup.cfg The parameters mission_text_log = 1 text_log_folder = "logs\txt\" Your config file may have a different path. Statistics uses the path from this config file. Check that there are log files of new missions. And check that in the configuration of the statistics specified the correct path to the folder with the game.
  13. For compatibility with the new units you need to update objects.csv file and run the update. objects.zip
  14. The update has not been completed. At least, the models.py file and the database have not been updated.
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