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  1. replace file objects.csv and run update.cmd objects.zip @JG1_Snaggle I wrote about it in the list of changes and above already answered the same question. Now, the statistics do not support the new coalitions - the First World War.
  2. Yeah, statistics don't support new coalitions right now. I wrote about it on the change list. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/19083-il2-stats-statistics-system-for-a-dedicated-server-il2-battle-of-stalingrad/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-825147 And now I can't say when the support will be realized.
  3. This version does not support new coalitions and countries. And also it does not support repair and rearm functionality. [1.2.35] - 2019-10-01 - updated list of objects - new aircraft images - the fixture of the undying paratroopers Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  4. [1.2.34] - 2019-07-27 - updated list of objects - new aircraft images (fix names) Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  5. Just remove the tour parameter from the link. Then the link will lead to the last tour. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/pilots/258/E69_/
  6. Not necessarily, but if the statistics will be installed on another server - you will have to somehow transfer the game logs to the server with statistics.
  7. [1.2.32] - 2019-06-11 - updated list of objects - new aircraft images - fix damage after finish of sortie - fix to count hits with Mk Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  8. To clarify the situation. Now this draft statistics has a low priority for me. I support compatibility with new versions of the game and sometimes when I have free time I change something in the functionality. There are no built-in penalties for this. We prefer to use the bonuses of those who play correctly. At the end of the file stats_whore.py you can find the bonus feature. As an option, you can change the multiplication of points there for returning to the airfield from 25% to 50% or 100%.
  9. I got the logs. Error in them. I will think how to handle such an error in the future.
  10. I can not say anything without the logfiles of the mission.
  11. change static files need in the directory il2_stats\src\stats\static then run update.cmd on the second question, you can specify the address with in template main_with_squad.html
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