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  1. [1.2.52] - 2021-05-06 - in the game has changed the name nieuport28 Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  2. [1.2.51] - 2021-04-25 - bug fix player controlled anti-aircraft guns Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  3. DeadMeat0383 Make sure we have the correct paths and startup.cfg file configured. The statistics look for the [KEY = system] section in this file - it should be there. LLv34_Temuri There is a section in the statistics config where you can enable e-mail for registraion and password resetting. To do this you need to specify the address (and other details) of your mail server.
  4. The administrator can change the password, tell the user the new password, and then the user changes it to the one he wants.
  5. [1.2.50] - 2021-04-21 - minor fixes - German localization update (thanks =FEW=Revolves) - localization to Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to JorgeHFJ, batmacumba, RenanSilvano, Pinguim and GhostDragon) - updated list of objects Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  6. J5_Eck I don't understand very well what you mean. In any case, I don't plan to make any changes to the stats in the coming months. There will be only game compatibility patches and localization updates. SvAF/F16_lassekongo If the administrator of statistics has not set up the email service to reset the password, only the administrator himself can change the password.
  7. There are some non-critical typos in version 1.2.49. They can be corrected by downloading the archive and replacing the following files: src/stats/templates/overall.html src/stats/templates/pilot_vlife.html
  8. Updating statistics consists of two steps. 1) You manually update any files that have changed. To do this, I publish a list of files that have changed from the previous version. If you skipped several versions, you need to look at the file lists from several updates. 2) You run update.cmd which updates the libraries, the schema and data in the database, the list of game objects.
  9. [1.2.49] - 2021-04-03 - updated description of aircraft payload (Fedor Glazov) - added the ability to customize points for ai planes - added page with general statistics between tours Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  10. That's not how accuracy counts. The player's profile has a total number of spent ammo and number of hits. After each flight these values are updated (if required). And on the basis of these values the accuracy is calculated each time. I have already encountered that on WoL they use some of their modifications of the statistics. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe they had some kind of stat counting failure and it created an error in the data. I checked 5 random pilots (with up to 10 sorties) on the server http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/ and all hit accuracy is correct.
  11. First you need to update all the statistics files correctly, and then run update.cmd.
  12. [1.2.48] - 2021-02-28 - basic support for mod ratings by aircraft type Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
  13. This object was added in the last version - you need to update the statistics correctly.
  14. [1.2.47] - 2021-02-17 - updated list of objects - correct saving of the mission file name with dots Changing / Adding files: Required run update.cmd
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