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  1. Will we be able to adjust the field of view in order to take advantage of multimonitor or curved screen setups? I think this may be possible with Rise of Flight but it involves manually changing the config file for each aircraft (from what I've been able to surmise from various internet forum postings). I'm curious if a rig from a company like this www.simpit.co.nz would be possible.
  2. I did a quick search but couldn't find an official reply from the developers. Will BoS support gauge data output that we could use to drive sim-pit gauges? I would also be interested in having the sim be able to export flight information such as airspeed, density altitude, and control surface deflection for use with a DIY force feedback joystick like this: http://bffsimulation.com/FFB-yoke-1.php (though obviously with the modification to make a stick as opposed to a yoke, at least until they release a P-38 down the road).
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