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  1. Whenever I watch the automated startup process, I wonder if there is a way for me to do all of that manually. But I don't see a way to click on anything. Is clicking possible? Or if not, is everything necessary to start an aircraft manually in the control bindings?
  2. In Rise of Flight, there was a tutorial campaign. In DCS, I practice with startup checklists and learn systems, then try practical application with quick missions etc., then start a campaign. What is a good method in IL-2? Is there a particular set of missions I should be looking for, a guide with checklists and explanations of how to properly use systems such as prop, radiator, etc.? And learn step-by-step? I have LukeFF's excellent PDF guide. I also have the Pilot's Notes PDF. Are these the best resources at the moment? Is there a tutorial in the sim I'm missing?
  3. 👏 As it is now, I use the VR zoom function to help reading subtitles.
  4. I figured that was probably the issue, which makes sense. These cockpits are so stunning, systems modeling so detailed, and taxiing such a challenge that it's really satisfying to start them up manually. Especially with a campaign mentality, will be great if they can ever get this to work. Like Falcon has always had the three options vs. just two. I'm one of those weirdos who likes to cold start in DCS most of the time, too.
  5. Ah, yes, thank you! I assumed turning on the HUD would put the 2D instruments on the screen and didn't notice these can be deselected. Perfect.
  6. I just started a P-40E campaign (I'm brand new to the IL-2 BoX series). I saw an option to start in the air or on the runway with engines running. Is there an option ever to start from a parking spot, cold start? Or are these always the only two options?
  7. Is there a way to see radio subtitles in VR? I don't understand the Russian voices.
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