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  1. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work
  2. Founder, I understand your trying to help (I really believe you are). But the level of frustration, with the lack of feedback to why we are experiencing these issue, just creates tension. PLEASE FIX IT, so I can get shot down again....
  3. The patch is broken and the subsequent patch put out today....Jesus TEST IT before posting.
  4. You wasted my time and ban-width with the new patch ...still the same issue with the graphics... The really sad thing, I ordered Kuban a week before this issue... Lost my money
  5. Having the same issue, we are going to need to wait and see what 777 says?
  6. Having issue with my AMD Radon 390 R video card. (last night great, no issue) (today with patch major issues) The lower half of the login screen pixelated and the subdequent plane setup loading screens. The in game looking forward is OK, but looking back (left or right) the screen is again pixelated with purple pixels in large area. Any idea? Windows 10 (pro) latest patches Radon card updated 8 Dec 2016 Thanks Richard
  7. Anyone from the former 310th VS. Sourkraut and CrazyIvan are flying on "Wings of Liberty" server. If interested in reforming or joining please rely to this post
  8. Willy, Rich here, just downloaded the game and I want to fly in my old Sqd... email is richardbartlett612@hotmail.com
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