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  1. Yeah, 'historical accuracy' requires an actual knowledge of history...
  2. @Bremspropeller is it fully functional with the A-4? Catapult and traps?
  3. I suppose you could try disconnecting the Joystick entirely, and see if that at least lets you set keys. Failing that, I'd have to suspect either a bad install, or faulty hardware. Or maybe even a problem with your Windows installation, if this is a new PC.
  4. Fair enough. I know that when they've previously been asked about an instrument API or similar, they've said that what they want is a firm proposal, so this may be the best way to get them interested.
  5. I'd advise against putting too much effort into developing software that works that way. 1C-777 may not consider its use legitimate.
  6. That's not how I land a Harrier. If I'm within 15 ft of the spot I'm aiming for, it's coincidence. ☹️
  7. Have you installed Il-2 GB in a subfolder of C:\Program Files? That can cause issues, since Windows can stop files there from being modified.
  8. Yeah, I thought the same thing, though even if you had your hands free, it isn't exactly a stable shooting platform. And recoil would be a bit of an issue.
  9. A 2016 quote from Google: And you can always use Google here, restricting it to the single website. Just start your search with "site:il2sturmovik.com", and that's all it will return.
  10. I think you'll find that EU directives concerning manuals only cover safety issues. Sell a power tool in the EU, you need to supply a manual. Entertainment software though? I very much doubt it. Fell free to prove me wring by citing the relevant directive...
  11. Yup. The stock aircraft are mostly pretty good visually, but often missing significant functionality, and with sometimes questionable FMs. The third-party market has seen some absolute crap sold, and Microsoft have made it clear that they aren't going to apply any sort of quality control to the in-game 'market place'. Caveat emptor.
  12. All this talk of icons (originally a religious concept, of course) inspired me to Google 'patron saint of helicopters'. Apparently' it's Joseph of Cupertino, who achieved sainthood by levitating at Mass, though only after having to face the Inquisition, who surmised that witchcraft might have been involved. As applied to helicopters, I find this suggestion somewhat more plausible than all the fancy 'aerodynamics' they try to fool you with these days...
  13. As someone with personal experience once pointed out, If you've been sitting in a liferaft in the English Channel for half an hour, the most beautiful aircraft in the world is the Supermarine Walrus. Otherwise, eye of the beholder applies. And as far as this particular beholder is concerned, the Mosquito is a little to generic, or maybe just too familiar, to qualify as most beautiful. Nothing wrong with it, just not distinctive enough. I'm tempted to make comparisons with generic blonde Hollywood actresses, but for all sorts of reasons I probably shouldn't...
  14. So, a SLAM-ER, is something you, er, slam into things? Finally a military acronym that makes sense... 😉 Seriously though, I watched the first video earlier, and thought 'that's nice'. Until I thought about it a bit more. What you are really doing, with something this complex and autonomous, is using the aircraft as a data-input device. Which you might as well do on the ground, in a less hostile environment. No doubt it is authentic, and the way warfare is going, but aren't we supposed to be simulating aviation, not simulating typing numbers into a very expensive Excel emulator? Thi
  15. Yeah, that's why I avoided the New Guinea highlands on my trip, ZachariasX. Almost permanent clouds. More on last night's flight into stupidity. First, what was I doing in Vladivostok? Having arrived in Japan a month or so back, my trip was rather on hold while I waited for the weather to warm up northwards: the XCub has no de-icing. With time to spare while I waited, it seemed worth taking a diversion west, to look at an isolated but geologically-interesting volcano: Paektu, on the China/North Korea border. Or at least, that was the idea. Vladivostok seemed a sensible place to hea
  16. I let my impatience to continue my world trip get the better of me. Clearly shouldn't have. 😟 That's Vladivostok below me. I'm stuck in low cloud and rain, and may end up flying back to Japan if I can't find clear skies any nearer. More details later, including an explanation of why I was over Vladivostok in the first place...
  17. Doesn't make a lot of practical difference, since regardless of where you get it from it ends up doing its own thing, installation-wise, rather than following the standard Steam install. Microsoft like to be in charge...
  18. My new toy. A payware Bell 47G for MSFS from FlyInside. 🚁 It costs £25, and is well worth it in my opinion. The flight model (in 'realistic setting') is fairly similar to the DCS Huey, and seems plausible enough, from a brief couple of flights. It looks a bit too clean, but apparently they are working on 'dirty' versions. The real thing has a piston engine, with no throttle governor, though they've made the latter an option to simplify things. I kept that on, and turned off damage, after my initial effort
  19. There are a few instructional videos linked in the DCS forum C-130 thread, though they may not be that up to date. As a first impression, once you get it in the air it seems to perform at least plausibly. I've had trouble taking off though, as it seems directionally unstable on the ground - possibly I've missed something obvious. It has basic autopilot and autothrottle functionality. I've not really figured out navigation - there seems to be some sort of error with magnetic declination, at least on the Syria map. I don't think the radios work at all. The sid
  20. My first attempt at taking off with the Herc didn't go too well. It won't rotate with the ramp down.
  21. It's possible to do that in a helicopter with forward-firing guns, apparently. Basically, you fly in a banked circle around the target, only with the helicopter facing inwards, moving sideways. Not that I've tried it, since the degree of coordination required is likely to be way out of my league.
  22. Me too. Downloading it now. 😀
  23. The keybind should be there somewhere (I don't have the Tomcat installed currently). The button on the real thing (on the joystick) doubles up as 'autopilot reference' with weight off wheels, and the DCS version does the same thing. See the online manual. http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html?highlight=nosewheel
  24. Scary. Apparently, research on high-altitude hypoxia goes back a long way: http://europeanpilotacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Hypoxia.pdf
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