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  1. Fancy reflective plumage helps. As does being able to sing (many hummingbird species don't). But the male Anna's hummingbird (Calypte anna) has another way to demonstrate its biological fitness: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/full/10.1098/rspb.2009.0508 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna's_hummingbird Have any forum members from western North America seen this display, I wonder? It seems to have quite a range, which apparently has expanded at least in part due to the introduction of non-native plants, and to people providing bird-feeders.
  2. DCS Huey time again. I'm rather rusty... My first attempt at landing on the oil rig took forever, and involved lurching all over the place, before finally planting it firmly in the circle. I was a bit more confident for my second attempt. Probably too confident, as a last-second hoick on the collective to reduce my rate of descent sent me sideways into something that turned out to be more solid than my tail rotor. I somehow got it down on the platform in one piece, but I'm going to have to swim ashore.
  3. Was Buster Keaton's emergence from the sea in The Railrodder (1965) a tribute to Ursula Andress doing the same thing in Dr No (1962)? 😉 Seriously though, I'm sure the Python team were influenced by silent film, along with many other things: if I had to pick a single influence of most importance, I'd go with The Goon Show (a BBC radio show which ran from 1951 to 1960), and with Spike Milligan's surreal humour and sense of the absurd in particular.
  4. I think something has changed very recently in Win10 lately. It ran fine on my old Win10 PC, but I'm having the same issue on my new PC - hanging at 50%. If I figure out a fix, I'll post it here, though it's not a priority for me right now, as I hardly play '46 any more. Would be nice to get it running though... Edit: seem to have got it running now, though I've not tested it properly - il2fb.exe needs to be set to run as administrator (which from memory was always advised anyway). Also, don't install in your Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders, as (with a lot of games) this can cause issues too. If you are still having problems, you may do better to ask for help on the 'old' IL-2 1C Games forum, rather than here: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/forumdisplay.php?s=84fd8740e721e6c5a359d09c6a225698&f=98
  5. Only skins you have downloaded will be visible.
  6. Unless you are using Steam, you can simply copy the entire game folder to the new HDD, and then create a new shortcut. If that isn't practical, you need to copy the game/input and game/luascripts folders, to keep your settings. If you have singleplayer careers you want to copy data/career. You will also want to save any skins or missions you have installed yourself.
  7. The 'truth' is that viruses don't care about conspiracy theories. They don't care about what the mainstream media says. They don't care about what people say on random internet forums. They don't care about scientific research into cures. They don't care about anything. They are incapable of caring. They exist because they can exploit their host to make copies of themselves. That is all they do. Sometimes, exploiting a host does it significant damage. Sometimes it doesn't. They don't care. They are incapable of caring. That is the only 'truth' you need to know about viruses. If you want to minimise the damage that viruses do, you don't want 'truth', you want knowledge. Sometimes, probably most of the time, imperfect knowledge is all you'll ever get. If it is enough to reduce the damage (by containment, by vaccination, by treatment, whatever...) imperfect knowledge is good enough. Leave the search for 'truth' to the philosophers. If they ever figure out what 'truth' actually means...
  8. I assume you mean 'vaccine' not 'vacuum'. 😉 As for what anything 'seems', I rarely take much notice of random YouTube videos, especially ones in a language I don't understand. I think I can safely say though, that if NATO wanted to invade Spain (why?) they wouldn't announce it months in advance.
  9. 'What happens' is a NATO exercise that was planned long before the COVID-19 outbreak. https://www.eur.army.mil/Newsroom/Releases-Advisories/Press-Releases-Article-View/Article/1981905/defender-europe-20-builds-useucom-strategic-readiness-in-support-of-the-nationa/ The US at least seems to be reconsidering things, given the circumstances. https://www.eur.army.mil/Newsroom/Releases-Advisories/Press-Releases-Article-View/Article/2110390/us-european-command-exercise-defender-europe-20-update/
  10. @Jaws2002 If there is a causal relationship between flu vaccination and subsequent infection with COVID-19, it will be demonstrated through proper research, rather than by reading conclusions into a study that cannot possibly have tested the hypothesis. I'd be very surprised if there was no correlation given that the flu vaccine is generally given to those most vulnerable to respiratory infections. The things that make you a candidate for flu vaccination are also ones that make you a target for colds etc. And make infection with COVID-19 more liable to have serious consequences.
  11. @Jaws2002: It is worth noting that the 'coronavirus' referred to in that research is highly unlikely be the one responsible for COVD-19, since it was first published in October 2019. There are many coronaviruses, including one frequently responsible for the common cold. As for the research, I've not read it, and quite likely wouldn't entirely understand it if I did, but I'd be very surprised if it actually stated anywhere that "You are three times more likely to get infected if you got the flu vaccine" for coronaviruses in general. It certainly doesn't say that in the conclusions. 'Association' does not prove causality.
  12. It refers to an actual rear-view mirror, on the aircraft. Not many have them, and they are really only of limited use. They increase the work the graphics card has to do a lot, especially at higher settings, so turn them down or off if you don't find them useful. In some aircraft at least, having a mirror is optional, and you need to enable it in 'modifications' before you fly if you want one.
  13. Spanish 'just a flu" killed around 50 million people. Possibly 100 million. While only infecting around 25% of the world population. COVID-19 will probably infect at least 70%, though many will be asymptomatic. Spanish flu had an unusual mortality peak in the 20-30 age group (see graph), whereas COVID-19 seems to be more typical for flu in that the elderly are most at risk, in a similar pattern to the 'normal' flu for 1911-1917 shown below.. The younger of you here will no doubt take comfort in this, but for those of us getting on a bit, there are very good reasons to be concerned. And 'getting on a bit' tends to be a trait of many of those in power around the world too. I don't think we need to look for sinister motives to understand their reactions. At this point, preventing the virus from spreading worldwide is essentially a lost cause, so all that can really be done is to slow transmission rates down, in the hope that healthcare facilities aren't totally overwhelmed. I'm resigned to catching it, probably sooner rather than later, and I'm just going to have to see how well my body copes. Looking at the mortality data we have so far though , I can say that the odds could be a lot worse for me, so my thoughts are with those most at risk. This is the grim reality. I see no need to assume anything particularly significant is being hidden. I'd be more concerned if governments weren't acting.
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