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  1. I've got to wonder what the point of threads like this is. Jason will tell us about future FC plans as and when (a) he is in a position to (it isn't just his decision, I suspect), and when he considers it appropriate. I can't imagine he all ready knows, but has forgotten that we'd like to know too...
  2. Flap position indicator.
  3. Grasshoppers are confusing - three different (but similar-looking) aircraft, all with the same name. The L-2 was a Taylorcraft design, the L-3 was based on the Aeronca Chief, while the L-4 was based on the Piper Cub. At a guess, I'd think that the L-4 would be easiest to model, since there are still lots of Cubs around. This video was recorded at Oshkosh in 2012. Apparently over 170 turned up. 😎
  4. I don't think a droop-snoot P-38 counts as non-combat, given that its purpose was to assist the accurate dropping of nasty stuff on the enemy. As for the rest, yeah, why not? Probably not guaranteed best sellers, like some of the regular suggestions for collector planes, but variety is good, and we can dream about them anyway.
  5. I wonder how accurate tachometers were during WWI?
  6. Yeah. Which is why I don't. If I place bets (I rarely do) it is because I am reasonably certain of the outcome, or at least I consider the odds to be in my favour. Given that my prediction regarding ZachariasX's calculation is that It may or may not give a result somewhere roundabout where Chilli31 measures it, I can't see anyone offering me odds against me being right. Only if your 'theory' makes assumptions known to be demonstrably false. I'm not going to go through all this again though, so if you want to convince yourself that you've come up with a formula which makes the pitot tube entirely redundant, feel free to do so. Just don't expect others to be as convinced.
  7. I suspect that if Chilli31 can reliably measure the airspeed of his Dr1 to within 5% he will be more than happy. As for placing bets, I seem to recall suggesting that your pitch x RPM = TAS calculation was ok as a first order approximation, or at least a sanity check. Not an accurate predictor. Which is to say that given all the factors you actually have to take into account if you are trying to calculate airspeed, it may or may not give the same result. Betting on something where you expect the result to be both uncertain and difficult to ascertain with the necessary degree of accuracy is rather silly.
  8. Unfortunately, most smaller developers have to go along with the Steam way of doing things, or lose significant numbers of potential customers. I'm sure that if this wasn't the case, IL-2 GB titles wouldn't be on Steam at all, given all the hassle and confusion it creates.
  9. As far as I'm aware, the developers haven't said anything about doing either. They weren't the sort of options normally available to WW2 pilots anyway.
  10. It will. But one thing I can say for sure. If clickpits hadn't been invented, and MIcrosoft were introducing them for the first time in their new sim, the forums would be full of people dismissing them as a gimmick. Ergonomically they are a very poor concept, and nobody in their right mind would design a control interface like that for anything but a game. Sadly though, bad design decisions made early in the lifetime of things can often outlast the things themselves - see the history of the keyboard layout for another example of poor ergonomics in an interface long outliving the rationale that justified its initial introduction.
  11. The BBC previously reported that the Scharnhorst had been found back in 2000: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/scharnhorst_01.shtml#four Did they find it, and then lose it again? Edit: Oops. Different Scharnhorst. Should have read more carefully...
  12. So expressing an opinion on a preference regarding what the developers do with their limited resources is selfish and ignorant is it? Fascinating...
  13. No, the post you refer to was a discussion of proposed content, that pre-dates Jason's later comments. There is no API.
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