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  1. X-Plane: Trying out a new Edge 540. 😎 An excellent example of community-generated freeware. Not difficult to chuck around, but precision manoeuvres are another matter. For the moment, I'm mostly just sticking the controls into the corners, and seeing what happens....
  2. I think we've all already seen that. We don't need to watch it again twice...
  3. The decision as to what to include in a simulation made for entertainment purposes lies with the developers, not the customers. If you want to be able to specify content, you need to negotiate an individual contract with a developer. And pay for the privilege. Otherwise, like the rest of us, you are merely in a position to make suggestions. And by and large, a single well-argued proposal made on the basis of how you think the game could be improved is likely to be a darned sight more effective than an endless succession of assertions that things are 'necessary' or 'essential' based merely on the fact that somebody else did them. It is, in my opinion, a reasonable suggestion that the developers not make bailing into water inevitably fatal. It is a suggestion that would however have been far better made in a thread discussing that specific proposal, rather than in a thread on another subject entirely. Your habit of endlessly spamming off-topic content into threads, and of necro-ing dead threads just to argue exactly the same point you have made a dozen times before does you no favours whatsoever. And neither does your endless misrepresentation of what other people have actually said. Or your refusal to respond appropriately to valid criticisms of your proposals. I have no idea whether you actually think you are going to achieve anything by this behaviour, or are merely doing it because you have some strange compulsion to have the last word, but it is both tiresome to forum members, and counter-productive if you want the developers to take you seriously.
  4. If you've mapped two different controls to the same axis, how is the game supposed to know which one you are using? I don't think you can achieve what you are trying to do without using external software.
  5. A technique I used for a similar problem some time back was to make multiple overlapping copies of the 'border' colour, at the same size as the desired 'inside' object (letter in this case), each offset by a constant distance in multiple directions. This will give you an enlarged background onto which you can then copy the inside to. Depending on how exactly you offset the 'border' images you can have square or rounded corners (assuming the corners of the original were square in the first place).
  6. It's like the dark web, only wetter. Appalled by the discovery of inappropriate graffiti on an RAF Spitfire, the Squadron Leader orders a complete strip-down search of all aircraft, in order to locate any illicit notes, reminders, or otherwise unauthorised documents:
  7. If it is possible to operate all the features of an aircraft simulation without using clickable cockpit functionality, then by definition said functionality is not necessary. As to whether it is a good idea to include such functionality, opinions are clearly divided. Some people like them. Others don't. They clearly take a great deal of effort to implement properly, and the decision as to whether such effort (which could instead be applied elsewhere) is worth applying lies, as always, with the developers in question. This remains true regardless of what developers of other simulations have chosen to do. IL-2 GB is an air combat simulator. It is not a DCS simulator. Or a Cliffs of Dover simulator. Or a simulation of any other software. Arguments as to whether clickable cockpit functionality should be included in IL-2 GB need to address the need (if any) for it in IL-2 GB, and to address the fact that the developers have limited resources. I would take arguments about such things being 'necessary' (rather than just wanted by some) more seriously if I saw some sort of explanation as to how the required resources were to be come by. Is there a proposal to make clickpits paid-for content? And if not, which other features/revisions to IL-2 GB should be put onto the back-burner while clickpits are added? If adding the feature is necessary, it is also necessary to explain how adding it is to be accomplished.
  8. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54640-where-is-the-flaps-indicator-in-the-p-38/?tab=comments#comment-830613
  9. There seem to have been changes in P-51D manuals regarding stall behaviour. This is from the USAAF manual dated August 1945: So the difference between power off and power on stalls is 'comparatively mild' versus 'much more violent', according to this later manual.
  10. No, it's a developer having priorities thing.
  11. It would be interesting to see how the data from Murleen's application compares to TacView data. I'd expect them to be much the same, but confirming this would give more confidence in the results for both.
  12. People are entirely free to do 'what if' scenarios. The developers only have limited resources though, and I suspect most players would rather they concentrated on more relevant stuff. There are plenty of other options if you want to use rockets.
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