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  1. I have slipped the surly bonds of earth... The new Spit is a masterpiece.
  2. AndyJWest

    Career mod?

    Yup. Career missions are generated server-side, and we can't mod 1C/777's servers. It might be possible to do something with PWCG though.
  3. AndyJWest

    Red fighters Reset trim exploit

    Indeed. And you don't even need a Warthog or CH stick. With the right software (and no, I'm not going to say more) you can do all sorts of fancy tricks with any joystick.
  4. They aren't. See my post in response. If you repeat the test over the sea on the Kuban map, where you have an accurate altitude measurement in the HUD to work from, you will find that that keeping altitude accurately is difficult, but that if you do, the difference between autolevel on and autolevel off speeds is negligible. The only way you can reproduce Kemp's result is by climbing. Try it for yourself.
  5. Unless you are approaching critical altitude (unlikely given the way multiplayer combat usually goes), in a 'long chase' of an aircraft with similar performance that stays level, you are probably better off climbing slightly initially, rather than staying at the same altitude as the plane you are chasing. You'll get a little behind to start with, obviously, but then benefit from increased TAS and start to catch up again. And then have the height advantage as you catch up.
  6. Since it is apparent at this point that Kemp is only interested in dragging out this discussion endlessly, and is incapable of actually producing any meaningful evidence to back up his claims (even his own screenshots seem to illustrate that the aircraft was climbing in his test), I have added him to my ignore list. I suggest that others do the same. I'm sure the developers will, since they don't modify code on the basis of 'exploits' that have been repeatedly shown to be insignificant.
  7. Unreasonable, I know exactly what Kemp was trying to demonstrate. I was comparing the IAS I got with autolevel on and off. I wasn't comparing my airspeed measurements directly with Kemps (though they weren't significantly different from his autolevel on results). And I did the test under 'normal' settings, since this seemed the best way to ensure consistent results.
  8. I'd like to see II./JG77_Kemp's test repeated by other people, in conditions where you can actually be sure the aircraft is flying level. I've tried it myself, on the Kuban map over the sea (so the HUD gives a meaningful altitude figure: it reads 'height over the ground' which isn't a lot of use over a non-flat surface). I found it difficult to maintain level accurately (in these conditions, the elevator and trim are very sensitive) but as far as I could tell, if you kept the height accurate, the speed matched the autolevel one. Any climb slowed it down, and any dive speeded it up. The only way I could slow by 10 km/h was by climbing.
  9. AndyJWest

    Red fighters Reset trim exploit

    Given the endless complaints about how unfair it is in multiplayer that aircraft X has a feature that aircraft Y doesn't, I can only conclude that the obvious solution is to make all aircraft identical. From now on, players will all be restricted to the three-engined MesserLaGG 3.09 fighter-bomber (created by combining the front of a Bf 109, the back of a LaGG 3 and the Wings of a Hs 129). Axis planes will be bright blue. Allied will be florescent orange. Enjoy your combat, free of worries about 'exploits'!!!!!
  10. AndyJWest

    Is this a fair dinkum Russian name?

    According to Wikipedia, 'Semen' is "a transliteration of the Russian given name Семён (Semyon, a variant of Си́мон—Simon) and the Ukrainian given name Семен (Semen)" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semen_(anthroponym) As for Fokin, it seems to be a fairly common Russian surname, so I'd put it down to an unfortunate name randomiser result, rather than the developers having a laugh. It might be worth reporting as a bug* I suppose: they could simply change it to Seymon without too much trouble I'd think. *the Bug is a river forming part of the border between Poland and Ukraine, and between Belarus and Poland. If they get around to modelling that part of the world they'd better get it right, because any reports of it being mislabelled or omitted are going to get confusing...
  11. AndyJWest

    Flak commander

    I think we can safely assume that the flak guns in Tank Crew will be mannable. As for controlling airfield flak, I suspect it would involve an awful lot of sitting around admiring the trees.
  12. AndyJWest

    Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    Developers need to be paid for their work. /thread
  13. @II./JG77_Kemp Ok, here's a 'throw out suggestion' for you then. Make a concrete proposal, indicating exactly what change you are advocating, presenting verifiable evidence for why the change is necessary, and a full description of what the side effects are going to be.
  14. As an illustration of just how badly thought through this '70% throttle' suggestion is, consider what would happen at high altitude, where close to full throttle is necessary to maintain height. Any use of autolevel would cause the aircraft to stall. Proposals to modify game functionality need to be carefully thought through, rather than looking for 'quick fixes' that will cause more problems than they solve.
  15. AndyJWest

    Which 262 Will We Get?

    I'm quite sure that if a private individual tried to fly one without permission, they'd be liable for prosecution under regulations concerning unmanned aircraft. Not that it matters really, since what people describe the V1 as now is of no real significance. It certainly wasn't called that at the time.