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  1. Just been flying over Florida, checking out the thunderstorm. Very impressive.
  2. The developers know how to do it. See RoF, and in particular see the magnificent Felixstowe F.2A flying boat. All they need is an appropriate aircraft for a specific map/period, and the necessary documentation. And for people to pester them endlessly about adding one. πŸ˜‰ I want a Walrus. With an elephant. πŸ˜€
  3. Update is out. Patch notes here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/world-update-i-japan-patch-version-1-9-3-is-now-available/287453 The biggest problem right now on the MSFS forum is the signal-to-noise ratio. Too many people writing and not reading. Too many people unable to distinguish between 'I have a problem' and 'everyone has a problem'. Too many trolls. I suspect it will get better as things settle down, but it is never going to be the haven of peace and light we have here. πŸ˜‰
  4. What player numbers are you looking at? The majority of purchasers don't play online.
  5. Jeez, some people have all the self-awareness of a dead haddock. Get Help.
  6. It's getting a bit blowy up here... True airspeed 305 kt. Headwind 94 kt. Groundspeed 212 kt. I'm over central North Dakota, moseying around in the jetstream. From what I can find out via windy.com it ought to be windier still - 106 to 116 kt, depending on which weather model you look at. Since I took the screenshot, the wind has gone up to 99 kt. When it reaches 100 kt, I'm coming back down (probably in Nebraska, given the potential tailwind πŸ˜€) and will try south of the Aleutians later, where the stream is supposed to be blowing up to 170 kt at 30,000 ft. And bingo! Just hit 100 kt headwind. By my calculations, if I turn south, with a tailwind I'd be doing Mach 0.69. In a TBM. Except that it doesn't work like that, for obvious reasons... 102 kt, still rising. I wonder how slow I could get this thing to fly. Going backwards at 30,000 ft would be fun. πŸ˜€ Edit: Yikes! Since it reached midnight here (i.e. 23:00 Zulu) the TBM has been lurching around violently, with the wind going from about 250 degrees to 6, and then back again. I think the server may be getting confused about the time, or something. Seems to have settled now, so I'm going to take this thing up a couple more thousand feet and see if its any windier. The TBM is rated to 31,000 ft, and will go to about 34,000 before it starts griping about oxygen masks. Edit 2: Despite my best efforts (or rather, those of the autopilot, which I'm sure isn't supposed to be used that way πŸ˜‰) Throttling back until the plane stopped telling me to lower the landing gear - I had full flaps down - and started to give stall warnings, I didn't quite succeed in flying backwards out of Saskatchewan. Groundspeed 4 kts. Though thinking about it, I don't know if the Garmin knows about negative groundspeeds. I'll have to find out over the Pacific.
  7. I know what mental illness is, and how to recognise it. Get help. Or find some other victim for your obsessive-compulsive stalking behaviour. I have been ignoring your relentless tagging of my month or years old comments (including marking post made long before you joined the forum) with 'confused' tags. I have ignored the fact that you check on my posts every day. I had to resort to blocking you from sending insulting PMs to me entirely, after I told you that I wasn't interested in reading thousand-word rants about your personal life. If you can't get the message privately, and instead insist in making facile and obnoxious comments about me in threads you are playing no part in, I see no reason why I shouldn't respond in public. I have no duty of care over random mentally-ill adults. You are clearly suffering from OCD at minimum and in my opinion, quite possibly more. Get help.
  8. If it didn't produce different results, there wouldn't be much point in having it. As for matching the real world, I live about 8 miles from Heathrow airport. The METARs there frequently say 'no cloud' when I can look out the window to see what looks like 75% cloud cover. Sure, this is England, and the weather lives up to its reputation for variability, but kept seeing the same pattern. Until I looked into it. Apparently 'NCL' in raw METAR data doesn't necessarily mean 'no cloud at all'. What it seems to mean is 'no cloud which will affect VFR flying in the permitted airspace' or something like that. If REX doesn't understand the distinction, it is liable to get things wrong. MSFS weather has issues (beyond the not-working-at-all one which I've thankfully not had), and clearly needs further work. I don't however believe that third-party hack-jobs are a long-term fix. I've been investigating one particular example of weather weirdness myself, and depending on whether it gets fixed in the next patch (or via a server-side fix, which is probably more likely) may submit a proper bug report. With proper systematic data. Something that might get that specific issue dealt with. Issues aren't going to be dealt with via hack-jobs, or with the sort of random and thoroughly misleading 'its all broken for everyone' whining on the MSFS forum. I doubt the developers read much of that. In fact, I hope they don't...
  9. You cannot build a global three-dimensional weather model with METAR. Meteoblue may very well use METAR data as one as its inputs (I'd be surprised if it didn't), but it needs a whole lot of other data too. And no, when I refer to METAR, I'm not discussing how MSFS, or REX, or any other bit of software models weather. I'm discussing real-world weather records, from actual airports. Reports that don't have a 'resolution'. Discussions about what sims do regarding weather would be a darned sight less confusing if people didn't misuse one term to mean something else entirely.
  10. There isn't any in-game METAR, as far as I'm aware. You can get ATIS from some airports, but it doesn't seem to be reliable.
  11. I've been reading some very mixed reviews of REX over at the MSFS forum. From what I've read, it uses METARs (where available) around airports, and then transitions back to stock MSFS 'live' weather abruptly as it leaves the area the METAR covers. Meaning that you can't see the change from stock to METAR until you get to it. And when the change comes, it changes to local METAR over your entire field of view. Personally, I'd rather fly in weather I can see and avoid, than worry about matching real-world METAR reports. For route-planning over any significant distance, if the weather isn't changing rapidly, MSFS 'live' weather is usually fairly close, and if it is changing rapidly, METARs are going to be out of date by the time you get there anyway. And from what I've read about how REX works, it is liable to break with every MSFS patch, since it is injecting data directly, rather than through the API. Going to give this one a miss.
  12. Here's one in ground-attack mode.
  13. @ 216th_LuseKofte Do the premium aircraft show up in the content manager?
  14. The real question is how well Soviet-era mud* is modelled. Even a GAZ should get bogged down occasionally. *Russian mud was much worse under Stalin's rule. Except of course, that 'being worse' was actually advantageous to the glorious Motherland, since it stopped the advancing Fascist horde. They should probably have given the mud an Order of Lenin. And composed stirring songs praising it for its noble sacrifice as it threw itself bodily in front of the advancing panzers...
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