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  1. Hi Jason. Happy birthday! If a rich eccentric millionaire approached you and said that he'd pay all the development funds on a new WW2 aircraft for IL-2 GB, under one condition - that it had to be really obscure, have no chance of ever making a profit through sales, and added just for the sheer fun of it - what would you pick?
  2. I have it on good authority (i.e. some random website) that TR3Bs (the Area 51 kind, not the bright red middle-age-compensators) have propulsion systems which emit mercury vapours. And we all know what they can do to you:
  3. TR3Bs shouldn't 'hover'. They are sportscars, and need firm suspension.
  4. Jeez, I think I'm in there too. With more hair...
  5. It may help to note that the British referred to there as 'parachute mines'. If you Google 'SB 1000 parachute mine images' you'll find quite a few photos, though some are probably misidentified.
  6. Engine management? Unnecessary distraction. 😛 This view may seem familiar to DCS players. At a pinch I might have been able to fly to Iran. I got up to 11,500 ft. Safer to just head back, and do some aerobatics to use up all that height. Not the best terrain for soaring. Rather bumpy up there. This was live weather, but time shifted because it was getting dark. There's a hefty blow coming down the strait from the west, and no cloud. May stay that way for another day or two, if anyone else wants to give it a try.
  7. The guy who did the Bleriot XI for MSFS is apparently working in a Boeing 247, which should have an autopilot.
  8. Aren't April Fools jokes supposed to be made on April 1st? This was apparently stated in a podcast the previous day. And it seems unlikely the ED would make a joke that could harm their reputation.
  9. Yup. A work in progress, I'd say, but good enough to scratch the ridge-soaring itch until something better comes along.
  10. The delay to the Mosquito is genuine: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/266910-mosquito-external-model-redo/ Presumably they mean it will be released 'sometime in Q2'.
  11. Excellent write-up on you final leg, ZachariasX. 👍 Any sort of ball-park figure for how far your tour was in total? My world tour is on hold for now, as I'm in Japan and can't really go much farther north until it warms up a bit. I want to get across the dreaded Aleutians as soon as I can, but in an XCub with no anti-ice, I've got to be sensible. Did a bit of mountain flying myself today, gliding in the Caucasus. Started off in live weather, but MSFS disagreed with windy.com, leaving me two knots to play with, which clearly wasn't going to work. A bit of fiddling with c
  12. 🛩️↗️⛅➡️☁️➡️🌩️➡️⛈️🙈❗⛰️🚑
  13. 😃 By the time I'd figured out what had happened, and avoided face-planting the runway, it was probably too late to land ahead. This thing is slippery, and takes some stopping, even with spoilers out. I'd got a lot of energy, and if the lift wasn't there, there was a bit of flat ground below the corner of the rock. And if that didn't work, I had the option of deleting the video and pretending it didn't happen. 🤐
  14. Thought I'd try ridge soaring on the Rock of Gibralter today, as the weather looked good. The launch didn't go exactly as planned...
  15. The thing is, if people want 'balance' they can have it. For multiplayer, you can set the mission up any way you like. Plucky Allies beat the nasty Germans every time. Or German efficiency and superior design always wins. Or anything in between. Doing so may of course involve a concession or to to historical reality - like the Luftwaffe not actually having enough Me 262s (or fuel for them, or trained pilots) to zoom-and-boom P-51s indefinitely - or perhaps involve a revisionist history where half the airforce hasn't been destroyed on the ground because your 'great leader' is incapable of recog
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