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  1. okay, thank you. I've been having trouble getting any of my PWCG missions to show up in my Great Battles sceberios. Can't seem to get them to be able to fly under the missions in the game even though they show up in the IL2 game folder under missions. So I'm going to wait until the game generates a career mode in FC before I purchase it. I like the variety of planes I have in ROF to fly and fight against.
  2. I am contemplating purchasing Flying Circus. Is there a career mode?
  3. I copied the files for the mission: NEWUSAF2020 1944-10-01.zip
  4. I probably could but I don't know how. If I can do it, probably I'll ask someone how, what should I do after zipped?
  5. Okay, thank you Yogiflight. And thank you WM_KMS. I think I'm doing everything correctly as the created mission shows up under "missions" in my IL2 Sturmovik file when I use file explorer. The mission just doesn't show up in the game.
  6. I'm having the same issues that WM_KAS is having. It looks like the entire mission creation process needs to be addressed, even if I like the waypoints. When I click on the pilot names assigned I see a dark spot, say, on my pilot. If I click on a different pilot, the dark spot appears there and then comes off of my pilot. I take it that is different from "assigning" pilots?! Still no success even though the created mission appears under "missions" in game file. WM_KAS, have you had any success?
  7. I understand what you are saying. Using Windows file explorer I do click on the IL-2 Sturmovik file, then: "data" then "missions"... I click on "missions" and the ones I have created are in there, named as they are when creating them, but they do not appear in the game under "Missions", the ones that ARE there in the game are the ones created by the game makers.
  8. I think the problem might have to do with the skins of the plane. Do I need to download the separate skins for the aircraft I fly in the generator? When I get to the screen where I can change the pilot portrait I click on the P-51 photo in the lower left in order to assign it a skin but I get no screen. Additionally, the missions I have generated are all in the game file under data/missions. By the way, the missions I generated are all in the IL2 file under data/missions.
  9. Okay, sorry. I watched the tutorial again and know that I need to minimize the PWCG screen and then get into the actual game. I did this and under "Missions" my generated mission was not listed. My campaign uses the P-51 which I know I own because I fly it in the game. So I must have done something wrong.
  10. When you say "Go To My Game", I'm already in the game, or so I thought. I can find no screen that says "Missions", only the Pilot Roster screen with the choices in white lettering off to the left side..."Mission", "Lone Wolf Mission", "Combat Report", etc. After the mission generating window goes out I do not know how to navigate to the screen where the "missions" are logged.
  11. I am at the screen that has the pilot roster on it. I click on the "Mission" notation in upper left corner of the screen. I get the mission details on the "blackboard." I click on the map to check waypoints (I don't make changs). I click on thw mission waypoint notation and it takes me back to the mission details screen. I click on waypoint editor. I get the screen that asks to "Accept Mission" and I click on that. I get a little window that says "generating mission" and a blue rectangle moves across below where it says "Generating binary mission file..." This goes on for a couple of minutes and then the screen containing the pilot roster shows up again. The campaign I created was for Bodenplatte using the P-51D which I "own." Thanks for your time.
  12. Not sure, but I downloaded the PWCG and I get to the mission screen and try to start the mission. The little generating mission screen comes up but after a couple of minutes it goes off and I can't fly the mission. Is it that I've edited the planes I own screen improperly? I've tried the Bodenplatte map and all planes that go with it in the purchase. Otherwise, everything "comes up."
  13. The campaign is available. Can you tell me how to download these skins to the game?
  14. I hear ya Pike...the game runs fine when there isn't a whole lot going on. The first mission in the Kuban career has quite a bit of ground forces and then some Russian planes come in to intercept us. Thanks for the input. I'm not very techie but I did make sure my computer was free of dust. I just will probably take my box in to the local computer heads and ask them to get me more power and perhaps a more powerful cooler. The new Kuban game, by the way, looks pretty good!
  15. I've never had a complete computer shut off with any of the IL2 products. I did have an issue loading the newest version (3.001) as it took me three times to finally get it done. Then when I have tried to connect (online of course) I have had to do that at least twice before I can get on. Perhaps the newer version is taxing my computer when it never has in the past?
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