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  1. I can confirm there is no TWC_Plimp in The Wrecking Crew Squadron.
  2. Back in the day, this is what we had and nary a complaint was heard...
  3. Why is it some people are never just happy with what they have. Are you not entertained?
  4. What is the Finnish Dynamic campaign SRS address? I cant find it anywhere. The home page for it isnt much help.
  5. Have you 1. Centered your G2 to seated position 2. Adjusted your seated position in game and saved with the F10 command? (a) to align, move your head with VR on until centered in gun sight and hit F10. My G2 works perfectly. I think this is a simple fix for you.
  6. Thank you. I have a HP G2, will give that method a go.
  7. How do you enable this back to VR...does it go in the Steam VR folder? Someone explain it to me as if they were attempting to teach a monkey.
  8. Not at all my friend and your stance is admirable. Noble, one might say and expected from a paragon of virtue such as yourself. But if I might be so indelicate as to bring up the subject of your likely and most assuredly pending death brought about by possessing principles more amicable to the year 1910 where going to war was a sport. The size of your boots would be advantageous to know. On the off chance I was in the area where you might have fallen to the ground. Good boots dont grow on trees you know.
  9. If I may ask a quick question here? ”What size flying boots do you wear?
  10. Got my 3080 today, lucky glance at the internet. Was watching it like a hawk for 2 months
  11. I would move the js to a usb2 port. Cold boot the machine. Remove And re plug back into same usb2 slot
  12. Is your JS in a USB 3.0 port? (Blue port?]. Did you move it from its original port?
  13. Dropped in to say I love the new patch simulating G force and tiredness In pilots. Excellent work gentlemen.
  14. This caused me some concern. I deferred to 3 of my doctors and only 1 agreed with you.
  15. Flat screeners are like Windows 7 users. Eventually they will be forced to move forward into the world and give up their archaic beliefs in Norse gods, witches and fairies. I equate them to an older generation, forced to learn the internets so they can use google or email. We must continue to encourage them and as difficult as it may be to show that patience, we must remember they are an example and reminder of an earlier age, like the Wright Brothers. VR users are pioneers for the future, breaking new ground, forcing new technologies, tsk tsk’ing our flat screening colleagues at t
  16. In Combat box, if you exit shortly after getting shot up, you are awarded a kill against you, so it seems to be a server thing and you my friend, for what you want, are in the wrong server.
  17. Agreed, great addition to the server complimenting its environment.
  18. Its not all bad news. It appears to be only your money thats dead. I am sure mine is healthy and working for me in the background.
  19. May be the interpupillar distance (IPD) what is causing your eye strain Mal. Can you adjust IPD with the Rift S? Measure the distance of your pupils with a ruler and adjust the IPD to that distance. Samsung Odyssey plus has a wheel under the headset. Rift S may be changed in the software? ...enter competent authority on the Rift S now.......
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