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  1. Interesting and no doubt appreciated by some.
  2. Ninja, look in the VR pinned posts on our Discord channel for a number of posts that may alleviate your issues. 7-8 of TWC VR users are using those tips in BOS and ED
  3. Read.... "I dont have one!." "Hah! That'll teach you with your fancy thingamajiggy" "Back in my day, I'd wade 10 miles through 7 feet of snow with nothing more than my underpants wrapped around my heels, just to get a pixel on the screen" Should read..... I dont have VR however, VR is a game feature, its not science fiction or relegated to a small niche of players. Its reality and its here. Lets make the game accommodate it to provide better service to our clients. Lets improve the game for all of our players (insert smiley face, smiley face and another exclaimation mark for effect here)
  4. Dont expect excellence straight out of the box. Like any peripheral it requires correct setup . There is lot of information to do that right here on the forum and researching the right VR set for you is critical with any VR game. Some will provide different experiences. There is no rear 6 view (Direct) unless you sacrifice a hand controller to the task (more mucking around) Not a problem if that was the case for everyone but non VR flyers don't suffer the same limitation. As above, an easy fix if addressed. I find VR provides 100 times more immersion in the game for me personally. I think it benefits your spatial awareness and assists in targeting and judging distances. I don't believe aircraft identification at distance is as clear with VR as it is with other viewing platforms, tho someone assured me viewing distances are the same for everyone in BOS so non techo that I am, I am putting this down to resolution and variances in VR models. I cannot foresee any future where I willing fly a combat sim without VR, so research wisely and never look back.....literally....never look back!
  5. Australia - Straya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMdbVHPmCW0
  6. I could not think of anything more sad than what you have suggested. Why not just call it Bird Sim and be done with it?
  7. I imagine I would have asked for the same thing back in the day. I think the feature is more than reasonable. All came down to the implementation I presume.
  8. You can see CloD in a VR environment with only the gauges not working?
  9. Type of improvement. Graphics, Gameplay, immersion Rear Snap view for VR sets Explanation of proposal Puts VR players on a level playing field with TrackIR users. Forgetting the irrelevant side tracking arguements of reality, it levels the playing field and puts life into the Fighter game encouraging more VR pilots into that game assets. Provides a fighting chance in the air. Benefits Joy , levels the playing field, stops baby Jesus from weeping.
  10. I am assuming the usual pleas and platitudes have been made to the Devs for an ingame mappable snap 6 for VR users? I further assume our energies are better spent in that direction yes?
  11. Thanks anyway Count. I have been back and forth between Russian and English translations for the last 2 1/2 hours. I have managed to log in but cannot for the life of me find the Squadron part that allows me to re-create the Squadron. I see everything else in the profile but cant find that bit
  12. Need help please. Our Squadron has vanished from the WoL: stat site. How do I add it again? I can t make sense of the page and the Stats page in English doesn’t seeen to have anywhere to add a Squadron (or I have missed it) Any assistance appreciated. Thanks
  13. Have you tried to see if its in other games using VR, Steam VR, etc. Tried it in Elite Dangerous to see it if raises its head?>
  14. The Wrecking Crew has a number of Aussies (myself included as the XO) + many others from the US, UK, Canada, Germany and South Africa. The TWC BOS contingent are operating from Discord so search for us there and say hello. We are not a casual squadron as it were and as such despite having a great team, not everyone’s cup of tea.. Our flights are organised with Escort, JABO and Bomber element and directed by flight leaders. If your a solo type or like to wander off and do your own thing, we are not the Squadron for you. We do teach from the ground up so you dont have to be the next TopGun. We operate across a number of sims. Your welcome to seek us out and fly on our wing to see if we are your thing. We fly both sides, predominantly red but also as numbers or mood fancies, blue. Or, as suggested above, there seems to be a lot of you. Get a Discord channel (free), band together and make the dream happen. Great to see more Aussies in game. S!
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