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  1. No to the above. Wanted to say Great patch. Visual acuity is vastly improved. Good work.
  2. NV Shadow play. Never had a issue with it and Reshade
  3. I hope we never see it in Combat Box regular and that any server with it has it mentioned in the title so I can avoid it and I dont believe in turn on/off options based on players desires in the same server so that some have it and some dont. I see the benefit for servers set up for those immediate instant action dogfights where you just want to shoot something, otherwise I hope this idea doesn’t infect exiting no icon servers. There are other places pilots can go if they want them.
  4. There are many fine squadrons to choose from, ours is The Wrecking Crew (TWC) we can be found at https:/twcpilots.com We are a combat flight squadron with history back to 1998 (1997 if you include all the talking before flying and have flown in the majority of combatsims multiplayer over the years. We are a relaxed group of mature age members, (not necessarily emotionally mature) We fly in predominantly two sims, IL2 BOS multiplayer (9 active pilots) and IL2 Cliffs of Dover (30+ active pilots) The Squadron has a structure and conducts both disciplined and relaxed flights. Certain expectations are made on every TWC pilot irrespective of length of service. I wont go on about them here. We communicate on discord. Details on the website. Your more than welcome to try our wing . We have membership all over the world, predominantly US, Canada, Australia and the UK, but also have Spanish, German, South African and Portugese members. Probably a couple of others but my accent discrimination fails me. If you keen, go to the website, introduce yourself in a post and we can fill you in from there. Our IL2 BOS contingient at present are all VR pilots, though that is not any kind of requirement. The majority of our CloD players are pancake screeners.
  5. Wonder if its related to the skin layers. Some of the additional layers, yellow dust, grime and a couple of others are sprayed across the affected layer (or rather positioned above the cockpit layer) hence seeming to cover the cockpit Perspex. Hardly noticeable flying ingame but evident when working with the layers themselves. It may be part of the problem
  6. Left Control I ? Mapped mine to HOTAS also.
  7. I dont get the idiocy of this at all. Wasnt the simplest solution to address the whiny babies and meet the VR community need to delete the x10 option and intro a x5 or x7 option? The longer term solution which should have been handled in the last update would be the developer option addressing the disparity for VR users? (if that was an option at all) No doubt, 'the mod that shall not be named' will return given the willingness of its thoughtful creator to further contribute and not get slain by the foolishness so far having taken place and I havent seen anything (bit hard with the thread moderated) that suggested the developers were opposed to the 'the mod that shall not be named' as an aid to VR users. This simply means a short period of VR users hurting until 'the mod that shall not be named' is reintroduced. Where does it say we cannot speak of 'the mod that shall not be named.'? ' Please god no. Lets not and say we did eh?
  8. The solitary voice of reason amidst the suffocating blanket of soul destroying darkness
  9. You shouldnt have to do that at all . Just position your head inVR and hit F 10. Presto its saved.
  10. I think you’ll find in MMP that most are on voice chat when in a pair or larger. There are many Discord servers, some large and open for public use, some Squadron orientated and some smaller ones for the small group of friends type. Some servers attracts the larger. Discord or TS voice Comms servers more than others. A search around theforum here should provide you want you want in much easier terms than the method you are trying to employ. Unless you want your Comms to come out in text? Also, I have a Warthog HOTAS. I never need to touch the keyboard for anything unless I cant help myself and have to type something which is rare.
  11. So glad this thread isnt dead. It really is the best read on the forum
  12. You must be an English Teacher, you pick up on the grammatical error but completely miss the spelling error in “Virtual”. :)
  13. That certainly had a different feel and it was very good. I liked the speed to the music and the 1st half reflected that really well. The P38 coming into clean view and turing left behind the trees was a nice touch. Good job.
  14. This is why we cant have nice things
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