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  1. Excuse me for the late answer. Here are the files : Mission file containing all the track. https://www.mediafire.com/file/7ip1ybuf91fmcvh/Course_de_la_rose_Kuban.Mission/file The msbin file https://www.mediafire.com/file/pjprw59z7m3sd3u/Course_de_la_rose_Kuban.msnbin/file And the skinpack. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ndly50br21na55g/Skinpack_coupe_de_la_rose.zip/file This is a guest acount so those files will be unavailable in 14 days. Feel free to rehost them or ask me again in the future Here is a little taste of the latest skins
  2. The mission is already a dogfight Each spawn point is linked to a specific race. The P-38 air race mission file is finished and working properly, I can make it available (with P-38 skins) to anyone interested to host it and / or adapt it to it's own tastes. The problem with this piece of sh... of mission editor is that I spend 30 hours a week to make work a simple text display in game ... it's not even stupidly complex, it just doesn't work properly : from one mission to another, the same group doesn't produce the same results ... it's a headache generator... and I don't talk about the 20 differents missions editors manuals, the shitty forum search function that is supposed to help us to find something in what is now a true junkyard... It's unacceptable to have this level of low quality on a product that is now a few years old and cost me more than 250€ ... Seriously to make a spawn point I have to check 20 to 30 parameters ... for each plane !!! You want to lock a payload on a plane ... ok you have to modify a server setting ... and hard code the available payload for every others planes on the map ... Even the icons don't work properly ... on a local server they work and on the dedicated server they don't present the same apparence ... it's mind blowing ... but in the wrong way ... Plus the actual objects such as bridges are invisible when you are below 30 meters ...
  3. If somebody is interested to host the event, I can share the mission file (and the skin pack) 😀 Unfortunately I cannot host a new cup at the moment, we are already hosting a campain for the french community ... and it is quite a demanding task ... especialy with this mission editor 😋
  4. You think you are a top ace pilot ? You love the P-38 ? Then join us at 10 feet high for a race at 300 MPH ! If you see the server "Action Racing Gefuv" poping up on the server list feel free to join us. The french community racing pilots will gather every Tuesday (except during christmas holidays). I will try to open the server every day at 19H GMT. Unlike the mythic I-16 Cup this is not a stunt race, we are here for speed ! The faster the better ! We run on P-38, empty, with 40 to 30% of fuel. The aircraft are in invincible setting to allow for some level of "friction" during the race. Each race last 3 turns (approx 5mn per turn). For more information, please visit us on http://gefuv.1fr1.net/ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ En Français maintenant : Si vous pensez ĂȘtre un chaud du manche Ă  balais et que vous aimez le P-38, venez nous rejoindre Ă  3 mĂštre du sol dans des courses Ă  plus de 350Km/h ! Les courses sont hĂ©bergĂ©es sur le serveur "Action Racing Gefuv" tous les mardi soir Ă  partir de 21H (heure française). Le serveur est lancĂ© tous les autres jours (dans la mesure du possible) Ă  partir de 20H (heure française) pour vous entraĂźner. A la diffĂ©rence des lĂ©gendaire courses de I-16, le but n'est pas de faire du parcours d'obstacle, mais bien de se tirer la bourre Ă  grande vitesse et de conserver au maximum l'Ă©nergie. Si vous souhaitez plus d'informations, passez faire un tour sur le forum du Gefuv : http://gefuv.1fr1.net/f63-les-courses-de-la-rose Vous nous trouverez aussi sur le forum check 6. http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=454&t=206011&p=1751303#p1751303 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And now some pictures : The event is named in memory of Antoine de St Exupery, legendary french P-38 pilot who wrote "le petit prince".
  5. Un peu de pub pour rameuter le chaland (de dĂ©barquement) : Avec l'arrivĂ©e de Battle of Boddenplate nous avons maintenant tous nos appareils de dotations pour la chasse : En termes d'activitĂ©, nous avons 2 soirs de semaines occupĂ©s Lundi : Campagne Husky de Manfred Mercredi : Training, en ce moment c'est chasse offensif et dĂ©fensif au programme 2 Ă©vĂ©nements sont en prĂ©paration : Une campagne d'une douzaine de missions Une sĂ©rie de courses de P-38 (Coupe de la rose). Et n'oubliez pas, voler avec nous c'est l'assurance d'avoir toujours la skin la plus classe : ça pourrait ĂȘtre vous dans ce superbe Mustang demain !!!
  6. 2 skins for the 99th Fighter Squadron of the 332nd Fighter Group (Aka the Red Tails Angels) Thanks for the mega helpfull template !!! Thanks to vonPilsner for his tuto on how to use Gimp Thanks to 6./ZG26_5tuka for his tuto on how to use the alpha channel https://www.file-up.org/ewz60wuysraw https://www.mediafire.com/view/4jmqq8sry3v57rq/P47_RTA_allu_v2.dds/file https://www.file-up.org/ssdp60xu06ev https://www.mediafire.com/view/o2x6n2lrm53uhnl/P47_RTA_OD_v2.dds/file
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