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  1. Alone the artificial horizon introduced in the G-series of the 109 was worth the loss of a bit performance in real life. If you die trying to land during bad weather a bit better turning capability seems not that important for me... Next thing which is good in the G-4 and onwards is the better radio equipment. People tend to forget that those things ARE important if your life depends on good communication and stuff like this. The better landing gear was already mentioned and it suits your chance to survive harsh landings quite good. And a last thing would be the radio direction finding (AFAIK the G-6 had this) which would also suit you in real life but not in sim. So all in all people should note the Germans were not just stupid morons who made the 109 after the Friedrich just worse without of any reason In my eyes the G-6 has a bit of an exagreggated bad reputation. The whole 109 thing starts to show its age in 1944, thats for sure.
  2. You nailed it: It is THE most produced and so far iconic 109. And the "Beule" has the best look. THAT are the reasons to buy it. And maybe the MK108. For the reasons of performance and flight experience its just another (albeit a tad havier) 109. BUT it is THE 109....
  3. I think it will make no difference if there ist an option for the MW-50 system ingame because nearly EVERY server will disable it. And I guess this would be the right choice. But it would be nice to have the mod. for the GM-1, because this was in use in mid. 43 AFAIK. I will fly the G-6 because it is the essence of the 109 series. It is not the best but it is the most important and for me (at least) the most iconic 109. I hope they will make the MG131 somewhat usefull so you can feel the difference to the normal MG17. What I really want to have is the option for the glass headrest and some different bomb racks which are absolutly important to me because THIS will make the G-6 versatile which it was and this is the most important improvement to all other 109s ingame. Better radio equimpent or radio direction finding were absolutly important IRL but they are not in this sim so many of the advantages (which WERE present in the G-6) will not be of importance because it is a sim. But so it goes. I will fly it anyways
  4. Are you sure the G-6 ingame will have the MW-50 injection? I thought it will be an early variant so most of them did not have the MW-50 system. But as far as I know even the early ones COULD have the MW-50 or the GM-1 injections equipped but most of them did not. But I am not an expert and could be wrong with this. So it seems to me more plausible we will get a G-6 without the MW-50 or GM-1 injections. Even so I would like to have it
  5. Yes, the looks of the G-6 is what I like the most about her. Those additional bulges on the engine compartment and the wings give her the "special character" I like. Not as clean as the Friedrichs and the early Gustavs but more distinct.
  6. Actually I look more forward to the two 13mm as for the MK108. So you will finally have two additional guns worth the name next to the 20mm
  7. Cheerio, because most of the people who fly 109s preffering the F-4 over the other and later types the G-2 and G-4 I asked myself who the hell wants to fly the G-6? The reason for the question is obvious, the G-6 performs in most terms worse as its predecessors! So I would like to know of you guys who is buying and flying this most important variant of the 109? By the way, I am an absolute lover of the G-6, it is MY personal favorite variant of the 109 and of the WW2 warbirds. It is for sure NOT the best one but a solid workhorse and the interesting part is the insane amount of variants inside the G-6 series itself. It is kind of an underdog and I like it very much. And it was in production for almost 2 years, which is astonishing enough. So, I hope for a whole lot of oppinions, go on!
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