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  1. So why do we have to start the IL2 recording with it then, can't we just simply assign another key and move on? Though I wish it starts to record the acmi file by auto everytime I play. Tacview helps alot. Thank you anyway for this great tool. I tried starting and stoping the IL2 recording and it seems the tacview recording continued but can't say I am 100% sure as I tested it only once. The acmi file was continuous. But I will test it again.
  2. I started recording by pressing LCtrl+R. I saw the red recording symbol on up-right corner. But after a while it stopped with the message something like "maximum file size". Does tacview recording also stops? How can I extend the time? and can I record tacview without recording the game.
  3. Thank you for your answer. I think I figured out the problem. It was about the difficulty settings. I realised that when I tick the Auto Engine management options I was able to catch-up. Previously I tend to untick them. Simply my CEM bindings were messed and not functioning as I thought.
  4. T16000 is really good but why do you classify WARTHOG only for DCS? I don't see your point. Warthog is even better for IL2 with the extendable stick option. The only downside is the price but it is only a matter of relativity.
  5. ...and radio communication with the tower would be nice. Maybe there is but I dont know how.
  6. Am I doing something wrong or the AI teammates are too fast. I can barely catch the flight leader with full throttle. They always seem to fly at combat power and even I slam the throttle %100 I cant catch them.
  7. Thank to devs after the update it seemed to me that there is a significant improvement with the problem.
  8. I am glad to hear that and envy you with your 1080p. I can't get that fps with my 980 with that configuration and while you overkilled
  9. Nvidia Inspector and nvidia control panel works parallel. If you make changes in the NCP and save it you will see the changes in NI too and vice versa. You dont have to open NI every time. Just set the settings for IL2 and save it. That is all. NI is more detailed and more customizable compared to the NCP but they do the same thing overall.
  10. Hello Guys, and Hello Sokol I was asking dumb questions on the Kamaroffs Topic, but in order to not hijack his topic I decided to create a new one. I am planning to make a custom high precision gimbal joystick and experimenting and learning on the fly. It is a very humble project compared with the masters like Baur and others. For now I am able to make a most basic and simple joystick by using a Arduino Micro. Components that I have used; Arduino Pro Micro Clone 1x thumb joystick 1x pushbutton 1x slide potentiometer (for throttle) For firmware: I used MHeironimus's joystick Library for starters. https://github.com/MHeironimus/ArduinoJoystickLibrary It was very easy to upload the code and make the arduino act like game controller in windows. No additional tricks neeeded to bootload. Just uploaded with the arduino IDE. Now I have my joystick with one fire button and a throttle. At the moment I have this question. Alternatively MMJoy2 firmware looks very popular. What is the advantages and disadvantages of using MMJoy2 over MHeironimus's joystick Library. MMJoy's firmware loading seemed to be very trick.
  11. Hi Madcop, Right now I am using DSR at 2K which I think I have a better fps. For this you dont need nvidia inspector. You can switch it on/off from nvidia control panel. But for "Sparse Grid Supersampling" you need nvidia inspector as that parameter is removed from nvidias control panel. It is only available with nvidia inspector. IMHO sparse grid supersampling gives better results while DSR give better fps. Better test it with yourself. This is the download link for the latest nvidia inspector http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/nvidia-inspector-download.html If you find time to test do not forget to share your results please.
  12. I have just found your post about MMJoy2 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3899105/1/mmjoy-mmjoy2-build-your-own-usb-controller Wow! thats a lot of great information. as far as I understand from what you have noted that MMJoy2 can support up to 8 axis using 12 bits (4096 position) using external ADC MCP3201, 3202, 3204, 3208. if not 13bit at least you say it supports 12bit. But I dont get exactly why not 13bits? Why exactly RAMS is not compatible? I thought it would be universal.
  13. So how do we obtain them? I want them for my hobby project. ....and forgive my ignorance (I am not an electronic guy) what is the benefit of using them over magnetic hall sensors?
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