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  1. It is the Vne at the marking's altitude. E.g. 9k is 9 km altitude and Vne 500km/h IAS Fox
  2. Yes the 262 has the best K/D. K/D has no timeframe. K/D has a psychological effect, especially in a computer game. It's clearly visible here. In a real war with limited amount of pilots, K/D tells something different than in a game. In WWII it showed how desperate the 3rd Reich was and how limited the amount of pilots was. In a game with unlimited pilots, K/D doesn't tell about the impact on the game. Kill per hour does. And here the 262 is good, but not on the top. The Tempest's impact is higher for example, or the Spitfire IX. Did anyone request unlimited amount
  3. Unfortunately the stats go back to only Q4/20. Is that correct, that Kill per hour is normalized to 1 aircraft? So 1 aircraft of this type does X kill/h of its type accumulated flight time? If so, the stats show what I said. The 262 pilot has a high survivablity chance but doesn't clear the skies from E/A. Imho, the kills per hour are not anywhere high enough to justify the restriction that it has right now. Rank on Kill/hour Q4/20: Rank 1 - Yak-9T - 2.23 Rank 2 - Tempest Mk V - 2.13 Rank 3 - Bf109G6Late - 2.13 ... Rank 7 -
  4. Thanks. I must have been blind when I was looking through the stats...
  5. What do you understand under conventional air-to-air combat? Yes, unfortunately there is no allied direct "counterpart" to the 262. Looking at the shop: Two Flak Trucks for 25 bucks each, I wonder why a Meteor Mk.3 of P-80A wouldn't sell well, especially as a collector's aircraft? There is a Central Fighter Establishment report that says that the Meteor turns inside of a Tempest...Well it has some other undesirable downsides, but I would still like to see it here. But nontheless the late allied planes are good enough to ruin a 262 pilot's day. Did you try to dogfight in a 262 against t
  6. Yes, it's really sad. The 262 is the only aircraft that is only on one planeset. That's 89% of the server time no 262. And in the 11% when it is theoretically available, you have to be super lucky to get one. Perhaps, when the Spitfire MkXIV enters the club, the resupply limitation could be removed and a maximum of 3-4 Me262s simultaneously could be possible? So if someone leaves the aircraft, another player has the chance to fly and doesn't have to wait for the 262 specific resupply. P-51D, Tempest V and Spitfire Mk XIV should be really potent enough to counter the Me262. @LLv
  7. I'm flying in VR(HP reverb, 100%resolution), but my monitor is set to 3840x2160.
  8. Thx fubar. Yesterday I flew rughly 2hours and nothing happened. Very strange
  9. I have a 1080ti, and just had this error happen. First time ever. Latest drivers from Nvidia. Nvsettings standard. Was flying in VR in MP on the virtual pilots server. No OC. CPU AMD 9 3900X. 64GB Ram. Fox
  10. Yes, Option 3 is what appears. I'm aware how to unblock it. That is not the question. My question is, why does it appear? Is there a conflict with a certificate or why does this come up? What triggers this warning? I downloaded the file from sas1946 forum, but a warning always makes my eyebrown rise. Is there something Storebror can do, change in the file, so that this warning doesn't come up. I don't like to unblock stuff. Fox
  11. @SAS_Storebror Thank you for this tool. It makes me wonder why this feature is still not available as a ingame option. Unfortunately I have a problem with your tool. Windows defender smartscreen prevents the execution of your tool. This is the very first software to trigger this warning since I use Windows 10(since 2015). The properties say "It is a file from a different PC, access blocked for safety reasons" Fox
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