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  1. Dora :it butchers P-47's & then chews 'em up and spits'em out! ( I wonder how you say that im Deutsche?)
  2. Is there a way I can see the new map more clearly..perhaps a printable version ? With VR its very tough to make out.🤔
  3. Leaving for a week away tomorrow but I get these new toys for a bit today! Many thanks Studio 777 guys!
  4. Blitzen

    Developer Diary 219 - Discussion

    The P-47 has generated a bonanza in colorful skins, but it may be that P-51 skinners will be even more prolific...😛
  5. Blitzen

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Is there a way of getting the twin machine guns in aircraft featured in Flying Circus to be a bit louder??
  6. Blitzen


    I really like the Dolphin now in FC after hating it in RoF. I fly VR and absolutely love the visibility from the open cockpit with no upper wing to get in the way of seeing things at 12o’clock . Yes I too have pulled the wings off & now just resist pulling too hard on the stick after a high speed dive after some hapless Hun. I find myself just grinning ear to ear while playing our still limited FC in QM’s .I can’t exactly say why...slower speed ,colorful markings different FM’s or simply that FC is doing a better job making playing it more fun & more immersive than RoF. I was all in with RoF and bought everything available for it.I loved the modeling but always thought the landscape & skyscape was so-so compared with say CloD or BoX and of course it didn’t have VR which to me is the biggest game changer.
  7. Making them ( or us) aces or veterans in D-VII's didn't seem to matter much except they seemed to vanish to the four winds even faster , giving proof to the old saying 'He , the AI,who runs away lives to fight another AI day! Maybe they just wanted to go home for lunch : sausages & beer? '🍻🍻
  8. I haven't been shot at in QM's and its not because i'm such a hot pilot .I wonder if the enemy is having jamming problems or what?
  9. Blitzen

    Oculus Rift (S) ?

    Yeah no 2080 yet..someday I'm sure...just not yet...a bit pricey...$$$$$$
  10. I just saw a vid on YouTube concerning the in development Rift S. Its looks like the ideal replacement for my current Rift.production looks a ways off but I'm wondering of more tech savvy people here have any thoughts...most importantly will it work for BoX?
  11. Blitzen

    Oculus Rift (S) ?

    I see they are available at under $400.00- is it worth giving them another try or just waiting? Is there a how to site available to walk me through a better install designed particularly for BoX?
  12. Blitzen

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    In several ways the B-25D is an odd choice.Its an early model for this late in the war and in any case very few B-25's ( if any,) were used operationally by the U.S.A.A.F. in Northern Europe.Down in North Africa & up the boot of Italy yes - they proved most useful. Of course the R.A.F. used quite a few and were happy to do so. In reflection I do think the B-26 which was used extensively in the northern europe ToO's would have been a somewhat better choice. Too bad it can't be transferred to CloD for their lo-ooooo-ng awaited North Africa campaign-it would be a perfect fit! ( I say all this even though if it will ever be made flyable I would never say no way! Geeze that B-26 is a pretty ship tho...))
  13. Blitzen

    Oculus Rift (S) ?

    You know I bought Odessey plus last Christmas & gave it a try...maybe a try that wasn’t long enough,because I just couldn’t see it advantages.It did eliminate a lot of the SDE but I couldn’t get that much in the way of improvement in clarity for my money.I wasn’t crazy about the interface with my PC & game.Now I freely admit that I may not have “fine-tuned “ to the degree it needed , but I plead there was no way at the time ( when it was newly released) of figuring out how to do so, and I’m not bright enough to have figured a work around...so I took it back & returned to the Rift, which I still use. I decided just to wait before moving to the newest generation of VR, or until owners of the newest VR devices came in reviews with them.These are now coming in as are advanced notices of future devices. I was very impressed with Rift & Oculus support of same. Just opening the box it came in and its easy install plus its hand controllers was seamless- a delightful experience.I wonder if there is an “S” model that it will be just as easy a transition,something I didn’t find with the Samsung Product and from what I have read about Vive and other new VR headsets is that they all need work ( new lenses with Vive or headphones or specific settings) to get them to interface with Great Battles...read I’ve got to call a friend with more knowledge of PC’s than I have to come over & figure them out. I am really looking forward to getting rid of SDE , better clarity and a wider field of view ( esp for Flying Colors,) and I hope someday soon we’ll see a post from someone saying Eureka I’ve found it and its under $1000.00!!! Hopefully before the entire versions of BoB,FC & TC are released .I guess I muddle along with Oculus Rift until then.
  14. fascinating article with plenty of pix of the RAF birds found inside of this beautiful publication:: https://www.wingleadermagazine.com/issue3
  15. I have several small glitches that can be easily solved by a Steam uninstall & reinstall. I know I have to save several folders ( startup cfg,Missions, Campaigns,Input, skins, Mods, but how to save careers in progress or my place in scripted campaigns/ I don't want to lose anything. What am I missing? Thanks!
  16. Blitzen

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    Nice choice a B-25C I believe...Now if we only had the Hornett & a Japan map, it would just enough be right....
  17. Ok ,I’m a believer : I did a one on one with a Pfalz and he did fire off a burst or two but I have to say he seemed very reluctant to do so...
  18. Blitzen

    Oculus Rift (S) ?

    Very interesting...I'll be holding on to my Rift a while longer it appears...
  19. Blitzen

    Model Pilot

    Wingnut Wings are slightly ahead of the Flying Circus curve:
  20. Blitzen

    Dolphin Aldis

    So far with VR I've found it useless even after snap view centering.Ring & bead seems the only way to go at present.
  21. OT:Actually I had that done on my own peepers! The best medical treatment I ever had done..after years with contact lenses I never have to use them again!
  22. While using VR Oculus yesterday, on a long A-20 mission through the mountains of the Kuban in the scripted campaign I got the dreaded halo effect around my own as well as other A-20’s flying through the cloud filled valleys of the mountains.I also got a lot of “break-up” of the silhouettes of the other A-20’s seen from the cockpit while they were in front of clouds. I know this is an old problem , but I have not seen it to any degree on other missions on this or other maps. I have bloom off & have tried Left Cntl +1, with no joy. Blur is on & I haven’t tried to turn it off. Its hard to replicate except in this particular mission , but I would welcome any suggestion ...
  23. Totally agree with praise of the VR Dolphinin FC its really an improvement on the RoF version I love the vision without a top wing getting in the way.I do find the the Addis sight almost useless however. I do hope we get louder gun sounds in the future .To me they seem a bit subdued compared to wind & engine noise, Good work guys!