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  1. Recently as part a beta testing a scripted campaign I had the opportunity to fly an unarmed U2 biplane which I don’t “fly” very often in VR.Two odd things occurred in cockpit .First I got all the hand movement that I thought was attended to with the “fix” I used when I first started using this great mod last year. Second : when I turned to view the Commissar in the rear seat I was horrified that he had no head!!! He may have been a brainless political appointee but I think he should att least have a head. Did I miss a newer “fix” when I installed the last update ? BTW May I ask if new “pilots in the cockpit” are going to be added in the future? I think this is was one of the niftiest Mods that have come along.
  2. I look forward to the newer version of the mod and the new aircraft come along but I think I’ll wait for British & American voices before flying Campaigns /Careers with them....RAF & American slang would be a real bonus!🤭
  3. Wow! Works like a charm & so easy to install! May I ask one question: does this also install the newer planes in opposing forces? The reason I ask is that I have been playing a 109 campaign in Kuban theater of operations- after the install and in the first mission played after it I saw Spitfire V’s ,and P-47’s for the first time,making my life in the Luftwaffe much more dangerous... Maybe they would have showed up late in the campaign anyway,I don’t know, but here they are...I’m just saying....
  4. Uh .....do I put all three of these into the JSGME of slap v.1 & v.2 over V.4? yrs just a bit confused...
  5. How do I download & install this? I’ve tried thru the Pitool but get no joy.Am I simply looking in all the wrong places?
  6. The Big Show was a great book if I remember properly. The persona histories ,about Typhoon Ops down low ,brief as they are in the Wing Leader magazine , are sobering losses were quite high and apparently no one made many friends as they were pretty sure not to be coming back in the near future.German flak must have been pretty damn good.One wonders how the developers will design it in BoB?
  7. Two things: There are a couple of great articles with many pix on the Typhoon ( slightly OT I know) in the most recent issues of Wing Leader Magazine ( Wing Leader.co.uk ) its a beautifully produced magazine available digitally and you’ll enjoy the narratives of the men that flew Tiffies. I read The Big Show by Pierre Clostermann years ago & thought it to be one of the best combat aviation books ever written. I remember several photos of him flying a Tempest ( with wing tanks!)towards the end of the war, but don’t remember much of what he did with them late in the war.Recently I have read here & other places that most of the Tempests were used in TAC units or chasing down V-1’s and not so much in fighter vs.fighter role. If memory serves Clostermann flew Spitfires for most of the war before transitioning to Tempests- I wonder if that meant his job changed when postings?
  8. Pimax 5K with its wide Field of View is almost a must have for these Great War planes,So far it is one of the few VR Headsets with which you can actually look over your shoulder without having to turn your chair. Improvents are said to be on the way with an 8K version, better headstraps and base stations so while the 5K is very good,it might be worth it to wait a bit.
  9. Looking forward to htis bird...it even has a drop tank-not currently available for any 109 at GB BoS!
  10. Love this utility in CloD Blitz-it allows endless variations in any Single missions.Also allows you to change to another plane group at the start of a mission,again allowing for many variations to the same mission. BTW : Big changes coming soon to CloD according to the Cliffs of Dover section found in the menu bar above.
  11. For years the V-1 has been available for missions over in the original Il-2 1946 et al and back in the day I was pretty excited about their availability, but that enthusiasm cooled .Very few missions were ever designed around them and finding them in flight was quite a chore .There was a mission or two against launch sites as well with Typhoons et al, but after a few times even these became redundant. Sure I’d love to see Studio 777 come up with V-1’s & all that that would include but not at the expense of other equipment that could enrich the games environment.
  12. Thumbs up & hopefull!
  13. Moscow low fly by for the tourists:
  14. Any chance you might do this one for me...just for fun?
  15. I found the F-4 so described:
  16. I should have posted this here first. after all it is from artwork; Famous in a very fictional way and swastikas could be optional? several years ago someone did do a bos 109 in Enemy aces livery...I have it somewhere... F-4 Found here:
  17. Maybe some skin artist can start with this famous ( infamous?) non - historical completely fictional skin?(Maybe make the swastika optional?)
  18. Great stuff .I look forward for more to come!
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