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  1. Ok - Best performance yet, with nearly all ingame settings on Ultra and most clip & paste settings in place.: Applications 100 Video ; 100 render setting 1.5 FPS on simple mission is in the high 40's Aircraft definition & crispness of detail very good with some break up Of single lines like radio aerials & bracing wire in outside views but not too bad. Shadow definition very good. No sparkle or blurred detail initially noted. A bit of bounce or shutter from time to time but not too bad either. From my point of view nearly all good signs. BTW No one addressed my first question : how will I know when the Pitool needs to be updated if the Pitool won't tell me? Thanks guys!
  2. Let's see if I can answer your questions. My setting is currently at the recommended "1". I have tried various settings of these sliders , but not 100% and say 1.25 on the render slider.Is it worth a try/ does it work well for you? Are you referring to both the application & Video settings beng the same ? Of course I can try experimenting, but right now I have really pretty good clarity with 160 and 100.Of course i'd like to get as close to perfect clarity as i can, but don't want to play around too much either.. I can try 1.50 , but to be truthful I've never got the hang of how to use Lefunste Mod.It seems pretty complex to my weak mind. finally I have noticed that I am getting better clarity in my right eye than left.It is probably because after a cataract operation one eye ( the right) is at 20-20 whereas the left is set for better nearsighted tasks.I wonder if there is a way to compensate for this difference?
  3. Very slightly OT: Now that i am up to the latest Pitool version how will I know when it is time to update to a new version? The "check Current Version" function has never told me to update even when a new version is available- I have to depend on news here in GB's.sort of inconvenient.What gives? Also of note :recently during a reboot or mistakenly turning off & turning on Pitool I noticed it had reverted to the older originally (and this consequently caused a lower quality of images of aircraft esp in exterior views- they got very jagged....) installed version v 2.1 something ( weird numbering system they have..) Of course I changed to the newer version after I figured out what was going on.I never did figure out what this happened? Finally I can live with lower FPS number in the 30-40 ranges as long as the quality and clarity of the aircraft in & out are high with sharp shadows & crisp objects & line work. I've played a lot with this & found that 100 in Application & 160 in Video in SteamVR settings, while going to high or ultra settings in game and following other suggested settings in game and 'startup" suggested at the beginning of this thread, seems to work best .Lowering those settings seems to degrade the clarity while boosting FPS a little. Does anyone else have a better sugestion (s)?
  4. I know there are big differences in engines & setup but CloD has been able to do big formations convincingly for years .I hope in the years to come Box will make similar progress. On a slightly different take....the more planes in a decent formation the more gunners who will take aim at you,& those AI guys are good! Try Jade Monkey's SM faux Battle of Britain missions and try flying against the He-111 formations. The only way to survive is to try to set up head on attacks! As to B-17's & B-24's perhaps working out some of the kinks required to make them possible will be tested out in the ( eventul) flyable B-25's? ( I do wonder if bigger formations would be a headache for those of us who use VR devices?)
  5. I just bought the 1/24th Typhoon car door version( always a favorite of mine..) and I must admit it looks a bit daunting....You’ll have to report on your build..
  6. Just finished the big 1/24th scale Ju-87D with a 28" wingspan(!) I did say BIG! I'm generally positive about the results although I must say for the price it doesn't quite measure up to its previous Messerschmitts ,Spitfires & Hurricanes or for that matter the 1/24th scale Airfix Ju-87B.It has the feel of being scaled up from a 1/32nd kit or maybe even a 1/48th version ( the same as the 1/24th scale Swordfish of a few years back...) It all fits together all right but there is a bit of gap filling necessary esp around the fuselage.It lacks quite a bit of interior detail & exterior modelling we have come to expect.The engine is completely sealed off with no chance of seeing the work that goes into building it. The instruction book is adequate but lacking in most painting instructions and the decal sheet offers only two variations on the Stuka theme & neither is very interesting , to me, visually...Finally the kit includes parts for three different payloads including the cannon packing G model BUT there are several missing parts most notably dive brake supports ...I don't know why they are missing from the kit & the instruction sheets(?) BUT it is the Dora & that has a real attraction I couldn't pass up! I got the kit at a pretty good discounted price which helped BUT after buying after market CAM decals to supplement the kits paltry ones ,the Montex X supermasks for the fuselage snake , paint colors i didn't have on hand, and finally safety harnesses ( because they weren't included in the kit , the total price had gone into the red zone. You go to hell in small steps,I guess... So I guess you could say this offers real possibilities for those modelers who want to super-detail & have those sorts of abilities...I don't so this is a straight from the box build, with apologies to the Berta stuka that originally had these markings.i stole the idea from a skin found here in Battle of Stalingrad ...
  7. At present and in the future I’m concerned that the FM of the bombers doesn’t have them flying in tight formation all the way to their targets but tend to break off from their course and or break formation discipline to maneuver individually, when attacked,esp in QM missions.When the B-25’s finally arrive I’d love a mission planner get them to fly in tight formation on their way to a target on the upcoming BoB map. BTW: It is fun to see the real & CG B-25’s in the new Hulu series “Catch 22”.With the exception of the heavier than realistic flak the in flight scenes of B-25s in formation are very nicely done.Hard to tell that the film makers had only three real B-25’s to play with!
  8. I might wait until the Spitty pilots use R.A.F. slang...
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