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  1. As always will look forward to your review and sage advice....
  2. Compltely my misunderstanding, but many thanks for your help clearing up my misunderstanding...
  3. Very simple question: does it matter whether I start game thru Steam alone , Through Pimax Pitool ( if it does indeed start game...after one try I didn't get a game start...) 0r just the exe found in bin/game folder? I am looking for best quality/clarity /sharp shadows rather than max FPS. Its difficult for me to see much difference no matter which one I choose, but I remember reading somewhere that I should turn off Steam completely after entering all the settings for Steam/Pitool /Startup ini/ In Game above.I'm not sure that still holds true.
  4. Blitzen

    [MOD] Icons

    I really like this newest iteration of this mod.It temeinds me of the settings for icons I played with on the old version of Il-2, that had no distance or type of plane shown.My only problem now is getting used to it. Not knowing what kind of plane is turning towards you or estimating its distance ( or direction..) really adds to the tension level of the game esp using VR which reduces the clarity of the plane even as it approaches you or as you attempt a stern attack & get a little too close. One question do I have to disable it for TC where distances through the telescopic sight is absolutely necessary?
  5. Good advice...I'll start saving my pennies...but it will take some time & a lot of pennies for that 8K!
  6. Thanks ...that explains why it worked sometimes & then not others..😫
  7. I am still trying to get my sights to light up...what key stroke command are they tied to? thanks!
  8. I think I actually did hit a mine on the second mission that brewed up my Tiger pretty quickly.I was rumbling around just exploring the empty countryside after all the Russians had been done away with & then BOOM no more tiger and not by an AT gun either...they were all gone....I think ... May I say this about the missions in progress state.I have my fingers crossed for a lot more.I like the tools we have possible ( tanks , vehicles ,aircraft) but I had somewhat unrealistically thought TC would be so much more.I say this as a sort life long historical fan of the Battle of Kursk.In my mind i pictured the lines of Russian defensive works , the panorama of the battleground , the packs of opposing tanks on the horizon with the ever present drama of do the Russians hold or do the Germans break thru this time? At the very least I thought that we'd see real ( perhaps small portions...)portions of the battlefield as they were on the 4th SS Panzer Army's death ride north perhaps day by day, and by our presence perhaps change the results..maybe? I should have known better, I guess.After all with the exception of the maps & the equipment in BoS BoM, & BoB we don't have anything that indicates what was really happening to the actually air forces involved even on a small scale. there is no day to day that reflects successes, losses, attrition, infantry,weather effects etc.. I know from reading the above that its probably too much to ask either of the game's engine or the hard working developers. The same might be said initially of Clod until the man at Desastersoft did 3rd party campaigns that really came closer to the battle of Britain day by day, at least the illusion of missions on a calendar basis. Sadly those no longer work.. Back to TC- Playing it in VR makes up for alot of the disappointment.I would have never guessed I could be commanding my own Tiger following a Schwerpunkt of other tigers across the Russian steppe, but there I am, and that's pretty cool...or is it hot?
  9. Coincidentally speaking; this morning I checked on the long awaited 5.0 addition to Cliffs of Dover/Blitz from Team Fusion A.T.A.G. and guess what I found that will be included when/if 5.0 is released:
  10. I noticed that there is a new version of the 5K that I currently own : Pimax 5K XR OLED that has new OLED panels and claims to eliminate SDE entirely.I was looking into getting the new 8K headsets at some future date but perhaps these new 5KXR would be a better choice esp. if there is a trade in possible. So ant techie out there to give me some advice?
  11. Loved that campaign& i guess its sort of what I expected..I figured maybe a P-47 choice close to the front line might get a bit quicker ...interesting thought on the 262 tho...
  12. I've been flying four new Career campaigns on the new map:one american in a P-38, one in a P-51( over snow...really sleep inducing, )one in a Tempest & finally one in a 109G. All of them cover quite a distance even in accelerated time mode. It takes so long to get there & back that I upon occasion after the fight is over simply put my guy on autopilot & walk away coming back only when its time to land. I mean I like the new map but there must be a career with an aircraft on either side or airfield that doesn't require such a long two way journey? Any ideas?
  13. Just started using it and I’d have to say yes at least until or better when the “Official Campaigns with FC begins. Like RoF respect those 2 seaters...they are murder!
  14. No matter which model they finally decide on this gunner's position is going to be interesting for developers to model and probably require a learning curve for those who actully 'man" that position & not just have AI deal with it...
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