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  1. Bodenplatte early access

    Veterans of the Eighth Air Force have said that the un-scorted raids by B-17's deep into Germany ,despite their high losses, did the main job of blunting the Luftwaffe before P-51's arrived mid 1944.It would be interesting to see Luftwaffe veteran fighter pilot losses in 1943 to say May of '44.Not just the aces but overall....I think it would give proof to the story that the fighting strength of the Luftwaffe in terms of morale & numbers was on the wane already when the P-51 made its debute..
  2. A-20B appreciation

    An amazing series of a-20 pics that are quite well known.still they illustrate how dangerous low level bombing could be even with daredevil 20 year old pilots..:
  3. The tray tool has been a big help in smoothing out visual jitters and game play, but I am having a niggling problem: I cannot trust when it will “kick in”.In other words sometimes it does & I hear the built in voice telling me its working & other times not so much. It does this despite the fact that it is on all the time ; I haven’t turned it on or off. I have of course turned the game on & off. I have two installs of the game :Steam & the original digital download ; both of their exe.s are in the tray tool menu, so that’s not it.If I find its not kicked in, I get out of the game ,click the Tray tool icon , bringing the utility on to desktop, then check the what’s in the menu ( which of course includes both Il-2’s ,) close it ,start game & voila the voice tells me all is well. I am delighted of course, but it is quite a process. Maybe I’ve missed something in the install ...can someone help?
  4. Thoughts on the P39...

    YupI know it had terrible high altitude performance , but it had to be better than this down on the deck,no?
  5. P-39 firepower: real and simulated

    Yep to all of the above.If memory serves the plane was propped up on the ground to allow the undercarriage to retract, suitably lit & then the engine started & guns fired.I assume the photographer shot quite a few photos at different settings to get just the right shot & some re-touching by airbrush was done - typical in the days before Photoshop..Quite a few American Fighters were given this "star" treatment:
  6. Thoughts on the P39...

    Not exactly a technical observation ( but I do wish I could get more speed out of the 'Cobra..) but I can tell you that in my last 109G campaign mission I was caught down low & slow by a hard turning P-39 pilot, & although I was able to shake him, the pom-pom-pom!!! of his cannon fire behind me ( yes I could hear it !) was a real wake up call. I knew one hit from that 37 & my short career would be done for!
  7. As many of you know it is difficult to catch the exact moment of bursts of fire & perhaps I needed a touch more moonlight, but you get the general idea...
  8. Bodenplatte early access

    You could (perhaps ) say the same thing for the long nose FW-190D?
  9. Success! - first working mod - Lens flare removal

    This just might be my install ....but....I get no “flare “while “in” the plane but I do get sun flare circles in outside views. Can you check this out ? Again I am delighted with this small improvement,
  10. BOS is up on Steam. Need your help.

    I have no bias against Steam, but I have a digital install dating from the first purchase of the sim which seems ( with no diffinitive proof I.e. FPS numbers,) play a bit more smoothly & clearly than my Steam version while I play them using Oculus VR...I’m just saying...
  11. Success! - first working mod - Lens flare removal

    Worked like a charm- the first working mod ( besides the Oculus Tray Tool,) in the sim...Thanks!
  12. Success! - first working mod - Lens flare removal

    do you have a download site for the newest version/ the ones on this post do longer are working.
  13. cpt Blueballs P40E1 skinns

  14. cpt Blueballs P40E1 skinns

    Love the Rocketeer skin- Big fan! I suppose it really should go on the i-16 as a stand in for his Gee-Bee!