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  1. Blitzen

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Santa has mine packed on his sleigh. Like a kid again waiting for santa to deliver!I can hardly wait thanks to your review!😋 On a more serious note:Is there much to do to install & work with box/ I'm guessing uninstall Oculus & Oculus tray Tool to start, but anything to do with SteamVR settings or elsewhere,like startup.config? How about earphones? any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.😎
  2. Do you still recommend OTT? Recently for some reason the clarity of aircraft has gotten worse using my Rift setup, and I'm not sure why.I've tried various recommended settings found in various posts in this catagory ( it may be I've made some mistakes & mixed & matched somewhere along the line too..) in both Steam settings 7 OTT.I've tried with only OTT ,only Steam & both working at the same time, but the image quality remains somewhat "saw edged." I'm thinking of starting again at ground zero & doing a game re-install. then what ? Use OTT or just the VR settings that show up in Steam VR settings? I think I'm getting a Samsung headset for Christmas so I'm sure i'll be doing this again. Thanks!
  3. Blitzen

    Are you awarded a Kuban shield at end of campain?

    That would be a nice touch in a sim full of nice touches!
  4. Blitzen

    Pimax 5k & headphones?

    Perhaps Pimax will come up with something...but I sure like the ones on Rift- no muss...no fuss...😎
  5. Blitzen

    Pimax 5k & headphones?

    Can you tell me more? Do these fit on Pimax headsets as well as Rift ( which I currently have.) Are they availed through Oculus or perhaps Amazon ? Cost? Thanks!
  6. I have Rift with nice built in headphones making it easy to use and sort of gotten spoiled about how well they work .Today while watching a YouTube vid on the Pimax 5K I noticed there is a jack for what i assume third party headphones.Does anyone have information as to whether Pimax will offer fitted headphones at some time later ,or if we who have pre-bought the Pimax should start looking around for an inexpensive compact set when the 5K finally arrives months from now? any ideas as to what headphones might be worth looking at? Thanks!
  7. The upcoming Pimax VR will increase POV to 200 ( up from current Rift & Samsung 110,) which should greatly improve things.Of course we have to wait to see what that really means in game ( yes I’ve pre-ordered but it may take 90 days to get Ir...) and it will be at substantially higher cost as well.
  8. Using VR to step out on the wing( if you haven't tried this yet ,you should!) to get a good look & pix of new up-to-date pilots, but no matter where I moved they refused to let me see their faces.It was kinda funny,,
  9. Blitzen

    IL2 1946 best mods (hard drive conscious)

    BAT- definitely!
  10. Ok I give if not fiery death balls , what are these found hovering over my airfield?
  11. All is well in Config now. As to how it is working :it works fine but even at the highest settings it is mild compared with say how it works in original Il-2,RoF, or CloD.This is somewhat disappointing, but only if you play one of the other sims to compare & then come back to BoX. I haven’t noticed its effects in BoB except in hits on my own tank, but that may be because I get killed so quickly!😉
  12. Blitzen

    Dam Buster remake

    No, no I want one of the F-8-F Bearcats buried across the airfield !