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  1. I am betting take off, landing, and ground handling is going to present some challenges with this new bird...
  2. It was fun to see thee screenies from now long ago & to remember the excitement they generated during the long but stunted development by Oleg of CloD or whatever the working title was then. There were cutaways as well of the He-59 , some of which i post here, showing just how far along the exterior modeling ha gone. Of course it as well as the otherswere neverin the original sim which as everyone in this community knows was released sooner than it should have been & not fully finished,buggy as hell. It is great news that we might see a flyable He-59 at some future date & it will be interesting to what air-sea rescues will look like and whatever animations go along with them too! I might mention that the Bf-108 was pretty far along as well and we will see it in the initial Tobruk release.Its taken more years than I want to count but again good news!
  3. Well it is nice to see even a short dev this Friday, even tho I was reallllly looking forward to the next upgrade,,,,,sigh....
  4. Just a quick word> I have played Great Battles for quite a while using first an early Oculus Headset & now for more than a year the Pimax5K+ which in spite of a bit of SDE & lowered FPS I do really like.Also I am a very long time player( and believer in,) of CloD & Blitz using Track IR forever. I do have to say that I play GB more since VR has been available. Having said that I have a great deal of respect for the people who brought us all the improvements way back when in CloD and more recently Blitz AND have been looking forward to the premier of Tobruk ( I'll be first to buy & fly. I know it won't be perfect but I can live with fixes along the way. After all Il-2 Sturmovik, Rise of Flight,Cliffs of Dover, nor the BOX series were perfect when they fist appeared ( BoX was particularly ...uh....spare of features & its FM 's were pretty shaky back on initial release too...) So I'll download it & play it with Track IR- that will be ok, and its been posted that early next year it could be VR user friendly as well that's good news.I can wait I 'll have plenty to play with its release and GB with all its variations ,won't I? In the meantime I'll save my pennies to replace my aging 2080 graphics card ( I've been told that a new & improved 30__ series of cards is in the works & they won't be cheap,will they?) Who knows during the wait new & improved VR headsets will be entering the market as well & I can replce myy aging Pimax as well...maybe with the much more user friendly & economical(?) Oculus SDE free model...If so the wait will be more than welcome...
  5. Its been a real adjustment realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around my wishes, however my wife has been an excellent help in reminding me of this hard to fathom fact...🤨 Now back to the regularly scheduled programming....
  6. Any Ballpark ETA? I'll buy it the moment I'm aware its going into pre-order!
  7. I have been patiently waiting & want to buy immeiately, but am I wrong -I can’t do that yet but only get on the “Wish List” from Steam? So far as I can see I can’t actually pre-order yet?
  8. I've had it work in the Mustang scripted missions using the re-arm key stroke, but I've also had problems finding the "sweet spot" at the defined re-fueling, re-arming,repair area.I couldn't guess how close to the refueling trucks I needed to be.You also need to be careful pulling into the area, so you have enough room to exit once you're all fixed up..😏
  9. just what I was looking for-thanks!
  10. ...or for the existing Bodenplatte Map for that matter?
  11. Ditto- I had to do a re-center while huddling down next to my key board to get anywhere near a good view when I sat back in my normal position while flying the Focke Wolf 190.I also noticed that hand movement animation interfered while flying WW- 1 planes.I like this mod a lot & hope these small glitches will be addressed.
  12. I read this announcement yesterday and this morning father giving this some thought I just wanted to thank the devs for this well written description and development of the Porsche Elephant. Its never been one of my favorite amour subjects and I only knew about its qualities on a superficial level. Dev’s development gave me quite a bit of information that I had never bothered to study.I’ll be very interested in taking it out on a test drive, but it won’t replace the Tiger or Panther . I can better understand why it was chosen ,because of its use in the Kursk battles and perhaps it could play a role in a revised in depth set of missions in scripted campaigns that more accurately depicted the battle in terms of numbers of tanks and their movements... Having said that I do wish the developers would go for at least one more tank : the King Tiger which might be well used on the upcoming Normandy map...Oh yes perhaps a variation on the Sherman like the “Firefly?”
  13. Just a thought.It WILL be interesting to get the Porsche Elephant...but who will really want to use it? It was I think we can agree a failure as weapons system & used ( so far as I know ) in penny packets on the Eastern Front and also seen during the Italian campaign here & there. I'm not sure it was ever used in France or on the Western Front. Even with its flaws the Tiger1 was/is a much better choice. On the other hand the King Tiger was used in Normandy and all the way until the war ended ( or production did...) and the rest of the Western Front. I don't know how campaigns will be designed in TC for Normandy, but in reality most were in and around Caen on the northeast British sector, exactly where the Tiger1's and King Tigers were most deployed....So somewhere down the road ( so to speak) The "King" would be the logical choice,don'cha think?
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