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  1. I will order as soon as available. ESP the Hurricane and like others be in line for the B-25 when and if!?
  2. I was actually wishing I could do a “walk around” of any & all vehicles moving or stationary in any particular mission scenario as on CloD but I suspect it to be not possible in Great Battles...
  3. One of the Blenheim later models had a similar arrangement but near the nose.Same vertigo problems for the bust bombardier & I believe was usually removed..
  4. So far I have only been able to view trucks , tanks & various pieces of artillery only if they are in action controlled I assume by AI.The stationary vehicles like those now around the airfields primarily don’t seem to be viewable by ant sort of keystroke or combination thereof.Is there something I have missed ? I have one other question regarding vehicles objects etc.: The number & types of viewable objects seems to increase and/or change as he mission unfolds.Is this a factor of timing?Distance? What? I haven’t really tested this in Tank Crew yet and in Flying Circus the number of vehicles , guns etc., still seems very limited, so I’m not sure if any of my observations apply to them as well?
  5. Oh Boy! Mustang skins!!! Bring 'em on!!
  6. Blitzen

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Thank you so much...the cough/groan was not among my favorite features.....
  7. These will be great-so is there a quick install redme? Thanks1
  8. I am happy to announce the new hotfix that just 5 minutes ago downloaded & installed thru Steam. has all my clarity problems stamped: ( nice quick work devs!)
  9. What in "Graphics'? Just noticed another hotfix installing just now too... Ah in Key strokes..I would have never found it without you mentioning it...Thanks !! AND I am happy to announce at least for me the new hotfix has all my problems stamped:
  10. Yup- A bit of improvement with new upgrade tho.Still not much of a spiral in Jerry planes...
  11. It has with the new hotfix I think wreaked havoc with my PimaxVR...sigh...
  12. Having company is somewhat comforting & yet the issue is still disturbing isn't it?
  13. Can I do this using photoshop? I’d love to had 1940’s actresses to my cockpit...?!
  14. I use Pimax 5K and after the recent hotfix the clarity which had been very good indeed dropped significantly.I had been using startup settings & Pitool settings as suggested in the VR section of this forum but even re-setting them & Pitool as well hasn’t made much difference.Has anyone else had this experience? Have you solved the problem...if so how? Desperate to get back to Thursday!
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