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  1. Yup-Good to go & OTT working too! Thanks guys would that all problems be so easily solved!😅
  2. Using the Game exe. seems to work! I do have a question; while using this method of startup does the Oculus Tray Tool & its settings still work ?
  3. Blitzen

    Splashscreens mod

    No I'm looking for a utility that can make dds.files out of the jpg screenshots into dds files for this splashscreen mod.
  4. Blitzen

    Splashscreens mod

    I get a big warning when I go to this site.Is there another site to download a fool proof converter?🙄
  5. Let me add: In my VR Home Library I have two Steam icons that may or may not have some influence on startup.If I hit either one it appears to continue to load ...forever.Since the Rift upgrade I no longer have BoX in the Library.I’m not sure if this matters as I could never start from this site. I do have a BoX startup icon on my desktop which is tied to Oculus and up to this time appears to have no better success rate than going through Steam. Most of the time it starts the game in a standard no Oculus mode. I will try to load game by the game exe., but SvAF/F16 can you tell me which “vr” box you are referring to? How do I do this???
  6. Blitzen

    1943 Berlin Blitz

    I wondered about this...it showed up on my Oculus Home screen yesterday...
  7. I've had ongoing problems since the new upgrade at getting the game to work .If I try to start the game through Steam several things might happen..in no particular order :1.) it might start properly, but my Steam menu will say its running after I exit game.2.) It might start & my monitor screen will show its in VR mode, but I see, with goggles on, my home screen with music from BoX.3.) It might not start at all & I get an "error in Loading" box screen.In every case I get a "running" indication on my Steam library menu list ( the only way to stop this message is to reboot Steam. )I can reboot Steam & Oculus & occasionally the game will start properly, but no guarantee. Starting Steam or Oculus first or second seems to make little difference, but I may be wrong about this. I keep thinking there might be a start setting in Steam or Oculus I have overlooked..always possible I guess, but everything worked fine most of the time before this new fancier Oculus upgrade.As you might imagine this is driving me crazy , because it often takes 15-20 minutes to get what ever combination it takes to get the game going..So any ideas ..please?
  8. Blitzen

    OP rear gunners

    I totally agree...but its even worse in RoF ( & I imagine it will be in Flying Circus ) when closing speed from the o blast you as you try to close on any two seater. The only way you stand a chance s drop below the target ,building speed up & then when directly below the target ,pop up & blast the belly of the wo seater before the gunner can drop his machine gun over the side and never ever be directly astern the two seater offering a no deflection shot.
  9. This is the first time I’ve viewed this thread & an Oculus user ( a pretty happy one I must say..) but it got me wondering : in the year since this topic was started -what’s the status of the Pima headset?
  10. Blitzen

    Would You Purchase?

    Nope. Fletcher class destroyer? Well a lot of other Pacific theater bits & pieces would probably come first...ditto an AI Zepplin after more aircraft & maps,perhaps?
  11. Blitzen

    Illuminating the tank optics at night.

    So forget about tank combat at night ? Its equally difficult for me with VR to pick out targets against dark backgrounds even with the help of red target triangles.I’ve wasted a great deal of ammo hitting all around a target I can’t pinpoint withe the sight.
  12. Perhaps there’s already a thread about this or a readme that I haven’t seen, but we have quite a few ammo choices & machine gun & gun options in the new tanks and I’m not sure what is effective against what.I imagine the MG against soft targets like vehicles or perhaps artillery crews but what about high explosive rounds? Are there targets that these rounds more effective over a certain area (say a battery of guns,) or targets farther away? Targets for amour piercing rounds are obvious -tanks, but at least with the Tiger we have several choices of these as well & I have no idea which would be best against which tanks or at which ranges...or is there really any difference in game play at all? I’m just sayin’
  13. Blitzen

    Splashscreens mod

    I’d like to use this Mod,but apparently I have no way to convert my screenshots to the dds format.Does anyone have a suggestion?😎