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  1. i love this campaign & had a very small part beta testing it, but I am have a problem esp with longer missions : i'm getting a CTD at some point usually during the middle of a long flight.Its usually but not always triggered by a change of view or change of crew position keystroke.sometimes it just happens.Of course this could be the limits of my Pc but it has rarelyhappened in other flights of fancy in BoX.Any ideas?๐Ÿ˜• Nope I got through that long one through the mountains in beta with no problem.This time ,same mission{ just yesterday) the CTD happened just as I was approaching the area of the target...go figure...๐Ÿ˜”
  2. Is it possible to verify the integrity of files in a non-Steam Battle of Moscow ( et al) version? Blue Landing approach icon is not working properly as is bomb aiming yellow circle icon.I'd like to avoid having to do an uninstall & reinstall to solve these minor glitches....๐Ÿคฅ
  3. I have no 3D shader folders...are they part of the 3D Migoto mod? Should I add the newest version before re-doing the startup file?
  4. I'm standing in a Virtual Reality line for this!!!
  5. Am I doomed to fight this slow moving yet impressive aerial armada all by myself?๐Ÿ˜•
  6. FPS up all around....something clicked in the past 48 hours and now up to where they were ...maybe even a little better.So all good now FPS-wise.Absolute clarity in VR-still working on it.
  7. I waited forever for the command to take off , but it never seemed to come...I bet I was frying those BMW engines.Should have just led to FW's off? Then what? BTW:My Fps fell off to about 24-28 when viewing the mass of a-20's and went right back up again when I went back to sitting in the cockpit on the runway...
  8. I get about 1/2 the FPS if I use Steam start .If I use the il2 exe found in Bin/Game I am just about back to what i had before the update.No matter what i do I'm having a minor setback in clarity with VR. Steam problems are disappointing.The sim was running at its best before the newest updates in game, Steam & oh yes Nvidia Graphics card update.....
  9. The newest updates have played merry hell with my FPS cutting it nearly in half while using a SteamVR start.I wonder if a Steam uninstall & reinstall is called for? I've done this before using Steam , but once lost nearly everything extra ( skins, missions campaigns ,Mods etc.)when I last did it ( luckily I had saved a copy of the entire Box game elsewhere..) so I'm a little gun shy to do it again.Is there a proper order and/or saving copies of folders I should do before clicking "Uninstall & Reinstall ' in Steam? thansk!
  10. Since the last update the Steam VR install/start has been literally clunking along at about half what it averaged before ( in the low 20's!!!) while if I start the sim without the Steam start ( say with just the il2 exe ) I still get decent FPS.I wonder in an uninstall & clean reinstall through Steam is in order? I'm concerned if I do a complete uninstall I'll lose Mods, missions,campaigns,settings etc..This has happened before.Should I just save /copy these folders to reinstall after the the new version has downloaded.Is there a clean efficient way of doing this? Thanks!
  11. Blitzen

    Hype about ME262

    I did like to "fly" it back in the original Il-2..I mean aside from the frequent engine fires etc...However in that sim we did have formations of B-17's & B-24's etc that stayed in formation ( and didn't behave like large fighters...)and made decent targets.Of course they fired back too & even in a pretend battle all those 50 cals can take a stunning toll. As others have so cogently noted ,its not much good at all in fighter vs. fighter..( neither in the same sim were F-9-F Panthers much use against North Korean yaks for that matter.) As to killing pilots in parachutes .I read somewhere some time ago that there were orders from 8th AF on high to do so....for just the reasons stated elsewhere in this thread.
  12. Blitzen

    Hype about ME262

    Love this comment!
  13. I wondered if I can "up" the shadow effects "in startup exe. by replacing the "3" with a "4"?
  14. Blitzen

    Model Pilot

    i've just purchased & received the brand new 1/24th Trumpter Ju-87D-5. On first glance , quite a kit,but there will have to be a few new accessories available before I start to build it,starting with a more complete decal sheet.The one included is pretty pathetic. I'd also like to see dive brakes & perhaps a siren option. Seat belts would be nice too. the landing gear looks as if it is limited to "on the ground' position or is it just a little short/ anyone else out there have any comments?