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  1. Ditto...and the carrier Hornet while you're at it?
  2. Great! Eventually we'll have a flyable one to use this with...til then AI will have to do!
  3. I'm using Pimax 5K & it works wonderfully well..with the small exception of tanks disappearing & re-appearing lie ghosts just on the edge of my field of view...
  4. This is a solid endorsement for Lefuneste’s tool...he even helped me get the hang of set up & use.Thanks to its use I finally have a Zoom key that deliveries an un- cross-eyed image! Yes I i’ll Send him a few bucks- he deserves it!
  5. I currently am using and am pretty happy with a Pimax 5K and can’t afford to upgrade it at present,BUT I am looking forward to a new VR headset that finally eliminates SDE and buying a new 2080 graphics card:$$$$. Initially I had the original Oculus Rift and liked the quality and price of the Oculus, but didn’t feel the next version did much to eliminate FPS and returned it after trial. WShat I hoping is that Oculus has something down the road that will bring me back esp. if the price is right...At the moment my only other choice seems to be the Pimax 8K ($$$$) to be released soon or do what I have to do anyway :wait and see what the next generation of VR will bring. Your input greatly appreciated.
  6. What great information- thanks guys! I think I’ll have to wait on any of these options as I am saving my pennies for tan upgrade to a 2080 graphics card & following that a new iteration of my Pimax VR hopefully later this year.Serious$$$$!
  7. I’m all in with TC and am able to play with Pimax5K VR headset, but I feel I’m not using its full potential.I have a few questions. First & foremost is there a readme or Manuel buried in the instal somewhere ? I remember in one of the past update some specific information about deploying groups of tanks and key stroke commands that you allow you to do so, but I thought there might be a more complete readme somewhere? Second : Does anyone know how & when my AI gunner in my own tank actually do their job? In one mission in a PzIV as I played as a tank commander , my gunner was right on the job- he rotated the turret and accurately fired at enemy tanks ( I can’t remember if we had to halt in order for him to do his job,BUT yesterday in a mission with the new Panther ,again as commander, my gunner did rotate the turret , but didn’t fire ,and my brand new Panther was quickly destroyed. I’m left not knowing the proper method to get this issue operating ...ditto the coaxial machine gun will I operate by itself as well? ( BTW - The Panther MG seems a bit difficult to aim using the periscope...is ther e a “nestle” feature to allow more accurate aiming? Third- An old subject but really relevant using VR :disappearing tanks...I’m not sure what to ask other than what is going on here ? In some scenarios most of the AI tanks sort of stick around but in other “drives” even the ones close by disappear when I have has a “now you see them noe you don’t”effect.look away from them.This is especially weird in VR because just the smallest head movement Is this the “engine” of the game and its limits of what it can process? That’s it for now ( except I hope skinner are working on the Panther...there should be some great new skins for this beauty!)
  8. Looking forward to getting the word on this Mod!
  9. There are now more models than when I bought mine years ago,;any idea which works best with GB?
  10. I’m delighted to see work on skins for the B-25...keep up the good work!
  11. These SM are quite a contribution to Tank Crew. They really fill out my Tank Missions folder and offer more experience with the tanks now offered .Many Thanks!
  12. So not a stand alone product? It improves ButtKicker ,bought separately?
  13. The co-axial machine gun use with periscope takes some getting used to...
  14. I like this Il-2 BAT version too.I only wish the pilot & gunner cockpits had been better done.Can't wait to see this GB version with what promises to have beautiful interiors....& yes die in it 😉 a lot!
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