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  1. While using the “Fly over Moscow “Mod ,nearly all the building block buildings float about 20 feet over the ground, also some of the roads do too. The effect is completed by shadow effect. It seems tlike o me that Jason mentioned this glitch some months ago wit h a solution, if I recall, required a correction to Moscow SM’s & Campaigns in the utility for creating missions, but now I’m not sure.I just let it go hoping it would cure itself.Now that I am in a Hurricane campaign on the Moscow map I have a little more reason to see if I can fix it.🤭
  2. Is there a bare metal ( plain metal wrapper, pre-war ,or wartime,)Spitfire already skinned?
  3. I really have come to love flying the new Hurricane & appreciate the work all the skinners are doing to “dress” this bird!🥰
  4. Jason, this was a good tip,but may I ask you or someone else who might know; i could not find an answer on how to designate or for that matter disable the main gun and/or coaxial gunner AI.I find in some scenarios /missions the AI gunner is up & operating as I man either the driver or commander seat. The AI gunner seems to be deadly accurate. In other missions the AI gunner is not operational which I may find out just a little too late for my own safety. So what gives? ( I’m still trying to figure out if the other tanks under my command really obey my “movement”and/or “ fire “directions and/or commands?) BTW I agree with some of the other people here in looking forward to a Campaign option....
  5. Thanks Jason - will give Esc a try & hope for a manual readme in the near ( i hope) future...
  6. As always good news from Studio 777 developers when it comes in on Fridays...BUT can anyone tell me if there is a full manual on Tank Crew....? In particular functions of crew , Ai gunners when they do your work for you 7 when they won't? Use of binocular function and how to turn them off and also issue unique firing commands with them in use? Commands...does anyone in tank or in tanks in company actually follow them? Ammo mix ...why bother? You get the idea I enjoy playing the sim but am frustrated in getting it to work efficiently under my in-expert command... Maybe I missed the heads up from the Studio 777 Developers on either a print out manual or failing that perhaps Instructional Vid? Thanks!
  7. Probably part of this Gruppen that survived (?) the Winter....
  8. A couple of quick skinners have already had a go at a polished version: ( not the one shown above but very pretty anyhow!)🧐
  9. Just a FYI:Here are a couple ust posted over at GB for their Hurricane II:
  10. I know this" illusion" has been around from several updates ago but I did think that one of the newer updates would cure the problem.So my question is this: is their an easy solution that will fix Moscow for all SM's and campaigns? That would be great!😘
  11. Any chance of tackling this silver bird?😉
  12. Not the news I had hoped for... "Das ist nicht richtig!"
  13. I’m playing several campaign in BoB , 2 or 3 Allied ones with different planes and started a Bf-109 G campaign as well, but it is stalled for/by me.The reason? Well the airfield I fly from is about 100km and I am forced ( perhaps unrealistically,) a long way to fly to the front. It takes forever to get there and then if I survive to fly back. I can leave the room and do something else for ten minutes and come back to see where I am ( even when compressing time 8X.) So I wonder if I need to just cancel this abortive campaign and maybe find another airfield to fly from. Has anyone else had better luck with German campaigns on this BoB map ? I’d appreciate some advice...thanks!
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