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  1. I think its the wide angle view I used & then cropped.That will make anything distorted.In photos we sort of disregard it but in drawings , paintings or in this case screenshots our eyes pick up on it immediately.
  2. Any news about development & release of the Hurricane?I don't know how I'll use it ( a Murmansk map perhaps or some Faux BoB missions with the Normandy map,) but I am really looking forward to this flying this plane in VR ! ( Apologies for using images from CloD BLITZ)
  3. I happened to run across this and other images of this unbelievable installation at the Battle of Britain Memorial Park. More photos were found at the German Hex site:https://www.misterhex.de/
  4. What about for us ancients still stuck with 1080 cards...which Ptool would you recommend & if its an older one where to find it?I'm ready for a completely fresh install of Ptool after removing the older one from my PC.. ( Again I am curious about the Firmware download.Is it any use while re-installing the recommended version of the Ptool? Thanks again.)
  5. Wow! Quite a few Tc players have been waiting for this-Tanks a lot!
  6. I've got a 203 serial & have downloaded both the new Pitool exe & the Firmware exe .My question is what is the difference & is there any particular order in which they must be installed" BTW Thanks for the latest info!
  7. Forgive me- is there a readme somewhere or could you PM me & walk me through how to do so? I’d love to see this in towns in existing missions in Flying Circus & elsewhere like Tank Crew. Many thanks!
  8. I guess I don’t fully understand this mod.Does it have to be designed into a new mission or can it somehow be used in older existing missions and/or campaigns?
  9. Slightly OT but close: what can & cannot be destroyed on the Bodenplatte map and what will it take? I’ve tried rockets with little or no effect.Of course it may be that I’m not hitting them in the critical spot,What about buildings , hangers etc? I imagine the DM is the same as other maps and like TC & FC?
  10. I’ve only tried it in FC and saw no lights in Arras and yes they may have had a black out in 1917,W years old I see lights in the smaller towns in the Araas map or no?
  11. Use JSGME to activate this Mod?
  12. Can you PM me a copy...I'd love to give it a try.It remends me of an action described in Spearhead , a book written by a friend of mine Adam Makos..
  13. Terrif’ Vid! I assume this is someone’s custom mission? If I understand this mod correctly even if we’ve installed it, we won’t see evidence of these troops in old missions but only in new missions & campaigns with new troops built in ? Another question: when these troops are in a mission which key will allow me to see them in action...F5 is the key that I now use to see the various allied & enemy vehicles , artillery ,boats etc.- would it this same key?
  14. This is very very slightly OT, but kinda sorta applies;It has bothered me since the very beginning of BoS and may go back even further to I’ll-2 Sturmovik.Why don’t pilots and/or crews abandon ship sooner ? Even with the entire plane smoking heavily or completely on fire the crews often loyally stick with their aircraft...not always of course but often.Fighter pilots stay and fight well after real pilots would have abandoned their aircraft. Years ago I read something about Spitfires and hits in their vulnerable glycol tanks.As I recall pilots had a very short time to make a decision , jump or put it down on the ground. Stick around and fight was not an option.Combat films also show pilots leaving their planes almost as soon as they are heavily hit. I’m sure crews of twin engine bombers got the bail out bell when one or both engines were on fire. -in our game play not so much ...Heinkels et al fly on & on perhaps loosing altitude, but with crews intact.I’m pretty sure in real life it did happen, but rarely> I figure an engine fire or with smoke pouring from every surface I’d be first out the door. Maybe someone can tell me why this is? I figure parachuting figures particularly a lot of them at once might eat up precious FPS.To see the sky filled with parachutes ( I’m now thinking of descriptions of B-17 raids like Schweinfurt now,) would slow frame rate.Maybe not ? Maybe it’s simply the averages for bailout built into the game engine? All I’m saying is that severely damaged planes that stick around maneuvering violently , still in the fight ,still capable of killing me, takes a bit away from the sim I love most!
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