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  1. Yes Not a flight sim...but I only got that info after watching this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=87K1vY79_2c
  2. I think the other Microprose upcoming title Task Force Admiral is not a flyable game but more strategy then arcade...: I might add both of these look a long way off....🤥
  3. Microprose has apparently has one in the pipeline and perhaps a B-24 as well.It will be available to use with VR too! Screenshots only at this point so probably a ways off.Years ago I did the cover art( see below,) for an earlier version of the sim, but never played it.Others did and had a high opinion of Microprose’s efforts back in the day.Perhaps have other more up to date news? https://www.microprose.com/games/the-mighty-eighth/
  4. Have you seen this news From Microprose: https://www.microprose.com/games/task-force-admiral/ It does look like the beginning of a Pacific Air War game people yearn for. Judging from the preview videos & screenshots ,it looks as if it is in Alpha....maybe others have more current news?
  5. Zeev, Have downloaded your fascinating utility and placed in the main game folder of my GB install ,then started hitting download buttons for new missions etc.Then it came to me I really hadn’t read a “Readme”.....Now I just want to get my Scripted Missions folder( quite a few of them actually,) and didn’t really know how to proceed. I know there were a number of images at your download site, but I must have missed the how-to-use readme...was it somehow included in the exe when it installed ? Thanks for your efforts!😘
  6. I have no reason to doubt that tis could actually be the case as you state( one bullet in the right place could ,conceivably bring down an aircraft, esp if it hit the pilot...), but in my brief experience with DWT ( and long experience with CLOD) i'd have to say from observation the new planes do not have the overall damage visually that was shown and still shown in the planes in CLOD.I must add that I flew an older CloD BoB mission in a Hurricane and was killed & my aircraft blasted to ribbons ( fabric was absolutely blown away..) by a 109 on my 6 o'clock- a real difference between what I had been experiencing in visible damage in newer\ DWT aircraft ,it seemed to me..just saying...
  7. Can I simply use the option of 'Re-saving all the groups in the folder"...say the "missions " or "campaigns"folder after I have deleted all the MSNB files or do you recommend doing it one folder at a time?
  8. Loved this first time through...will the improvements make it more attractive to fly it again?😘
  9. With latest update,many of my Scripted Campaigns have stopped working including this one and its one of my favorites . What’s the best way to get it up & running again? Is there a way of re-installing it?
  10. Many of my Scripted Campaigns no longer work so what’s the easiest/best way convert them to be useable again...isn’t there a “Save As” option that does that? I just can’t remember how it works....😰 Can ou give me a quick “How to” on accessing this “Re-Save “feature? I remover having to do this some time ago and remember its done through the Mission Editor but can’t dredge up the procedure from there.I just need a little push.Thanks!🤢
  11. new install worked easily & I did as instructed & deleted MSNB files in all the Single Missions.Now I find a number of my Scripted Campaigns no longer work. I tried deleting all the MSNB files in one : Fortress Stalingrad, but only managed to really screw it up. Is there a quick easy way to go through all of the scripted campaigns so they'll work again? Seems to me I remember doing some trick in Mission Builder that corrects this problem, but not sure that works for Scripted Campaigns.Can someone show me the way ...and how the heck can I get Fortress Stalingrad up & going again?
  12. Actually I was looking at shots that hit me in the Tomahawk. I had two holes in the upper decking of the fuselage.They were small but maybe cannon hits from the offending 109.The bullets from these holes wrecked my instrument panel, wounded me AND disabled my engine. I guess you could argue possible , but perhaps improbable?
  13. Thanks... asked & answered...🧐 ( Too bad tho...maybe some day?)
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