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  1. I am suffering from just what you describe , & have done the uninstall /re-install but alas not saved the files you mention. It does appear to be operating but no voice confirmation,game profiles except what i added & i cannot get the 'starting up ,please wait" message to go away.😓
  2. My OTT has been a bit glitchy recently 7 i've been thinking of making the same sort of small adjustments through steam, mostly to eliminate gunsight/propeller stutters and resolution problems with Rift, Esp. Super Samplings. the problem is that i have no real idea how to do this after I've opened the Steam VR utility on my tool bar.can someone give me a helping hand? Thanks!
  3. Blitzen

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map

    Where are my cross country skis?
  4. Blitzen

    szelljr skindeposit

    My PC skies are more colorful already thanks to your works of art!
  5. Blitzen

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    Anti-tank mines to make road travel a little more...uh imtereting...
  6. Blitzen

    Skins, in case you missed it

    No "Adjustments' option-I can go to "editor' but there doesn't seem to be an option there either.I'm stumped.
  7. Blitzen

    Skins, in case you missed it

    Many thanks- this was a quick easy download & install, but I have a problem you can probably help me with.I’m used to working exclusively with PhotoShop where I have a simple options of lightening ,contrast etc., but I am not seeing an easy way of doing it with the RoF skins.I can choose the skin I want to edit,but once I’ve got it , I cannot see a way to lighten it .If you can walk me through it ,I think I can figure out the way to save it as a dds. In the BoX skins folder. Thanks in advance.
  8. Blitzen

    Skins, in case you missed it

    I transferred all my Dr-1 & SPAD skins & found they did all work but like others found that in use they are very dark,so may I ask what app might I buy/get for free that will allow me to lighten these dds.skins? My Photoshop5 refuses to work on dds images & the one I downloaded from Microsoft does allow me too edit the skins but will only save them as jpegs that of course are useless in game.This isn’t a big deal and I don’t want to pay a fortune to solve ....after all new Custom skins from developers or third party skinners working on new or these edited skins aren’t far off...
  9. Blitzen

    Steam Glitch yesterday?

    Today, all appears a-OK....
  10. Mid afternoon yesterday i could not get Box to load through Steam.If i tried I got a 'Running" message on the Steam/ library/load screen but no joy in the game start.My desk top icon still loaded the game however.I haven't tried today, but just wondered if something was wrong there or with my install.Yes I verified game files.🧐
  11. Blitzen

    Skins, in case you missed it

  12. Blitzen

    Skins, in case you missed it

    I assume folders are titled the same?
  13. Blitzen

    Tank Sight

    I have real problems using the sight on the Tiger when targets are sheltered in a dark background.If I read this correctly this might be introduced at some future point but nothing helps now...correct? I do like the headlights tho....😎
  14. Blitzen

    szelljr skindeposit

    Here's one that might be fun for you:
  15. Blitzen

    Tank Crew Vids

    Post them here or start a Video post in the TC Forum(?)