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  1. Blitzen

    Oculus Rift and Vive communities

    The Oculus VR Rift was the best purchase for BoX I could have made & their support has been just fine.Having said that I look forward to the next version which will improve the platform in several important ways ..hopefully clarity first among them.I’ll be first in line to buy it. My guess is there will be many copies of Rift1 up for sale on the secondary market. I’ve saved the beautifully designed box for joy such a purpose....
  2. 190A-8 +....? Usually they come in pairs don’t they? Kidding aside I think I’ll have to give my Gustav a rest to give the Thunderbolt a flip!
  3. There is a longish video, Convoy Attack currently available here in Videos(.At about 49 minutes in there is a nice sequence showing a torpedo attack by German s-boats on a Russian convoy: . It got me thinking..you designers surprised us a year or two ago with drive-able tanks( &of course the future Tank sim is in the works..) so I wondered if there might be a chance some day we could see ourselves behind the wheel of one or two surface attack boats?
  4. Blitzen

    Der Geleitzug (The Convoy)

    How can I arrange a "ride along" on a Schnellboote such as you show happening in the nifty video?
  5. Blitzen

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Yeah yeah,sur-sure- I remember the original posting....stillit would have been fun...
  6. Blitzen

    What happened to 'Grass' Mod?

    Thanks FF -the post clears up my install problem.
  7. Blitzen

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

  8. Blitzen

    What happened to 'Grass' Mod?

    A week or two ago I downloaded a' Grass Mod' that when used with JSGME installed a 'Texture' folder in my main game folder. Visually i am not sure it made any difference, for soon thereafter came the 'Flowers' Mod with choices of flowers to be added to the 'Texture' folder ( I'm not sure whether I should have done this before or after activating Grass in the JSGME(?) )In any case I'm not sure about improvement in grass , but I am definitely NOT seeing any flowers ,yet...maybe I should be waiting for Spring? I can't seem to find the original posting for this Mod so I can re-read to see if I missed something in the install or whether it was withdrawn because it didn't work properly.Can someone fill me is ,please?
  9. Blitzen

    CPT. Blueballs Music in Flight mod 1,0

    I’m curious-I’d love to have 1930-1940s soundtracks from Captain Blood, the Seahawk etc by classical composer Korngold.Is this possible ?
  10. Blitzen

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    I have the Oculus , bt I am curious about the Samsung device - I didn't know it even worked with BoX.An earlier post said it had better clarity than rift...true?...any details?
  11. Blitzen

    szelljr skindeposit

  12. Blitzen

    szelljr skindeposit

    ALSO- remember there were only 48 States in the United States in 1944 and therefore only 48 stars in the blue rectilinear field on the flag - 6 rows of 8 I believe... Not as shown in your screenie which I believe has( tho not counted..) about 30.or in this arrangement which more closely follows today's flag. Having said that I'm not sure the Romanian ground crew that painted these markings in such a hasty fashion, bothered to count the exact number of stars either..
  13. Blitzen

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    The girl? Well yes of course , but my wife would surely be upset by that “purchase” & upkeep would be way above my pay grade..but the T-shirt ....that...that I could afford!
  14. Blitzen

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    Valuable collector items!
  15. Blitzen

    szelljr skindeposit

    Sometime ago I did a painting for the son of U.S.A.A.F. Colonel Gunn who was the man flown out of Romania in the radio compartment of this 109 to get the POW's out of the camp he and other prisoners were being held ; he organized a rescue flight of B-17's 7 c-47's to get them out before the Russians moved in & the Germans moved out. a fascinating but little known story...I'll definitely download this skin!!! ( BTW: The markings were very quickly & somewhat sloppily painted on just before take off in Romania.They were done in the hopes they might dis-wade Allied planes from shooting down this 109 on its mercy/rescue flight- they must have succeeded for after along dangerous flight it did land in on an Army air Force base in Northern Italy. The plane didn't last long ...on the day it arrived or the day after an Army pilot decided to take it for a short "flip". He , of course , was not familiar with the 109's eccentric ground handling habits ( probably more used to the P-51's docile ones?) and promptly ground looped it on take off, writing the 'kite" off & probably drawing a severe reprimand in the process....- something I can definitely identify with after doing so many times on take-offs AND landings with the 109(s) here in BoX and CloD! )