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  1. Without info from Jason I’m guessing that some intrepid mission builder might do mini scripted campaigns for the 234 much like those done for the Ju-52 ( & possibly the upcoming C-47 as well...I hope,I hope?????) To my knowledge no other aircraft in BoX are camera equipped but there are of course possible candidates. Again the small number of missions possible might not be worth the developers investment. I have a feeling most players would rather have “Brownings “ rather than a “Brownie”....😉 BTW Flying Circus does have two seaters with cameras , but I haven’t tried o use them
  2. I have wondered about mission planning for the the Arado 234.I remember it being really well modeled in the original IL-2 1946 but pretty useless ( for me) in game play. I can see with the new map some photo recon possibilities but I’m betting SM & Campaign use will be pretty limited both in number & type of missions based mostly in getting in & getting out ( and taking photos?) That beggars the question will we be able to take pictures & if so how a successful mission & its corresponding photos be judged? Jason,would you take a moment to give us your thoughts?
  3. I've had it up & runing for several months of trouble free pleasure...a great value for the bucks .Have been trying ,without luck to get one of the 3000 series gamecards to improve things even further...sigh...
  4. This happened in the second or third mission of the Luftwaffe Campaign that features at least initially Bf-110’s .The mission involves bombing and strafing RAF airfields . For some reason the Do-17’s go in first (??) and our group with bomb equipped 110’s .The Do-17’s hit the airfield dead on, but none of their bombs explode. I armed my bombs and tried to hit the hangers again with no explosions. I didn’t see what my squadron mates did but the airfield was un damaged . We were unopposed by the RAF until after the raid when a few Spitfires were involved in an uninspired defense. I hope thi
  5. No , part of CloD & DWT Campaigns and/or Single Missions.
  6. ( Before I go on :Yes I do activate bomb arming switch...) On several recent missions when I've had to bomb something in either CloD or DWT I've seen my bombs not explode.Notably in a Campaign CloD mission when hitting an English airfields I watch a formation of Do-17s which proceeded my Bf-110 bomber attack ,drop numerous bombs on said airfield & not one exploded.When my flight of 110's did the same & again not one bomb went off ,I felt I had to write. I might add that I have watched AI bombs go off in other SM's so this could have been an AI aberration, but that doesn't explain
  7. ( Please feel free to move to "Other Subjects" if necessary )
  8. Very quick question; will most older FW-190 skins work on the new A-6 or not? Thanks!
  9. Glad to add it to BoBP Campaigns but have my fingers crossed that mission lengths might be shorter... I have almost stopped my German pilots careers and taken up knitting because of the long wait times...sigh...
  10. I should have figured this out long ago but never gave it much thought. I think I know where in settings to find where to adjust settings but not how to ( I always thought these settings were for Tank Crew) So what the best way to lock in range settings for aircraft gunsigts.What should I be looking at to change from Default settings? Do I need to do it in plane for each plane I fly or can I do one setting for all? Will settings remain after I set them or do they need to be changes with each reboot of game? Maybe there is a readme on the subject I can "aim" for???
  11. Uncross those beautiful stems of your and walk right in...
  12. Quoting Nick Danger:”You’ve saved me a lot of investigative work!” Thanks Jason now I don’t have to be compulsively checking General Discussion all day...
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