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  1. I’m afraid to ask my wife so I’ll ask a perfect stranger: what around the house qualifies as micro fiber cloth?
  2. I installed the pupil distance utility some time ago and indeed the red/green pattern does appear when I reboot my PC.While wearing my Pimax headset I try adjusting the pattern using the Pimax dial.My problem ? The pattern shows up more or less clear and turning the dial one way or another doesn’t seem to make much if any difference. This is coupled with trying to adjust headstraps and keeping foam cushion in place from one use to another ( my replacement headstrap should arrive early this week and this may solve the problems I’ve had...)So what am I doing incorrectly?
  3. I have a Pimax 5K and because of its cumbersome headstrap the lenses tend to rub against my eye lids or more often get dragged across my forehead and hair smearing or fogging the lenses. I am replacing the headstraps this week, but need to know the best possible way to wipe the lenses without scratching them...Suggestions??
  4. Nice job. Big help! You must have pieced together strips of the sandwiched velcro to a pattern to get it to fit perfectly with the Pimax cushion?
  5. I haven’t gotten either yet so I’m curious about you conversion.Can you post photos?
  6. Good point...I’ll wait for the new head strap unit & try it with default cushion. I’m having problems with the cushion shifting as I pull the goggles over my face also if not perfectly adjusted my nose takes a beating from pressure points not covered by the cushion.
  7. Is there a reasonably good replacement for the foam cushion? i have a third party replacement one I used on the Rift, but it will take a lot of velcro to make it usable on this slightly different shaped Pimax headset.... ( BTW= thanks again for all your help AND I've just ordered the above with my fingers crossed!)
  8. I'm sold on the Pimax %K but the head strap that comes with it is its weakest part.I;ve seen on the Pimax forum suggestions for replacing it with another VR company's headstrapt ( with and without head phones) but I wonder if anyone here has actually done it & is satisfied with the results? If so can you furnish more info on what you got & how you did it? Thanks!
  9. Blitzen

    ME 262

    Is there a complete how-to for this aircraft somewhere or a how-to vid? Esp for VR users? Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys - it took some time but this worked on all single missions & on the scripted campaigns even on the long sleeping disabled Sirens of Death Stuka Campaign.Great stuff!
  11. I get the message to update my game...
  12. Wasn't there one in the game before the last update? Has it been added to the options for the D-vII & I just didn't notice?
  13. Blitzen

    ME 262

    Yes Pimax5K...what gives?
  14. The settings all work wonderfully well, but if I try to do “Steam Start” for some reason ( I’m still trying to nail clarity inside & outside the plane..) it seems to high jack Pitool settings sending them back into default.No biggee-I just have to check them from time to time. As mentioned above I still have not worked out a setting that gives me a better definition particularly on instrument panel ( instrument faces & numbers are blurry until I lean very close to them,)and exterior aircraft whose pixel pattern breaks up.Also one of the more obvious giveaways is the break up if line work like aerials or bracing wires on WW-1 aircraft. Part of this is getting the headset to sit properly on my face which helps a bit, part of it may be trying to get proper pupil distance dialed in ( I’m not sure about how much this factors into clarity however, I'll try this today as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/wiki/faq#wiki_how_do_i_set_the_ipd_correctly_in_the_pimax_hmd.3F) & part of it may be some issue of settings and FPS. Then again it might be the “sweet spot “ change as the headset slips down my nose? I played with settings yesterday and saw my FPS fall to about 17 and soar to 50 but no matter what I did I didn’t see much difference in clarity.That’s why I tried a Steam Start with reduced SS settings ( down from 160 settings with Oculus to recommended settings all the way down to between 20 and 50. This did seem to improve FPS but again no improvement in clarity. I did not play with both Steam & Pitool on at the same time& usually but not always started with both of them off using the Il-2 desktop icon only & getting into VR game play with that alone.I do wonder if I should use default data/startup setting or do any changes there to help.I don’t think those have been mentioned in regards to Pimax5K or maybe I just missed them??? I feel like I’m one step away from having everything line up with this headset...but clarity is something I’m working on and still not getting the hang of it.Rift S did deliver on clarity easily, but I do love Pimax’s FoV! Yesterday I glanced backyards durian A-20 takeoff & could see the main gear retract- I could never do that with Oculus ( or probably not with the delayed Reverb either...) This just in: Disregard all of the above unless it does someone some good.. Somehow with pushing all the right buttons , doing a files verification, worrying & prayer, everything seems to have slid into place!.Very ,if not perfect ,good clarity.reasonable FPS,smooth play.I'm not sure if it was the added eye pupil distance or correct combination of other things,but I am a happy camper!!! Now if I could just weld this into place & NEVER have to do this again! Thanks again SCG_Ferris_ Wolf ! You are the MAN!
  15. Blitzen

    ME 262

    I had an interesting experience with my first ( aborted ) take-off in QM with the 262.Engine start appeared go smoothly, but thereafter nothing on my joystick or key board seemed to work. Could not use throttle on joy stick or any assigned buttons on keyboard.Exited and then started at 1500 meters and everything then worked. Have I missed something or was this perhaps a one time glitch?
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