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  1. Thanks to answered me. Have you ever tested it with some software (like DXTweak2 or similar) to find out if it has any dead zones? Your know her bit resolution? Is this: Fighterstick?
  2. Hello everyone. I kindly ask you for a suggestion to buy a new Joystick. What is important to me in a joystick: - totally devoid of dead zone (fundamental requirement). - which has at least a 12 or 14 bit resolution. - which costs less than 300 euro (but if you know more expensive joysticks without dead zone, tell me). My joystick T16000M FCS hotas that left me permanently yesterday, was excellent in precision for its price (14 effective bits), almost perfect after some modifications (I had removed that stupid internal central spring and replaced with a less hard spring on the outside ). But it had a small flaw when I centered both the X and Y axes, I noticed a slight central dead zone. But if I tilted the X axis slightly to the side, the dead zone in the Y axis vanished as if by magic, this infuriated me: why ruin a Joystick with this ridiculous firmware-induced dead zone? if I wanted a dead zone I would put it quietly by an software, no? In flight sims the dead zone is a killer to the precision, it should be abolished by law in a Joystick! So going back to the Joystick that I would like to buy, I looked at several Joysticks that seem excellent for quality price, but no shop and no official review clarifies whether or not they have the hated dead zone. I excluded the Logitech and Saitek series because I read that they have predefined dead zones, correct me if I'm wrong. I had in mind to buy a Gladiator K, but I have not read anywhere if it has no dead zone or how many bits of resolution it has. I have seen Warthog, (too expensive, but still I take it into consideration) which seems an excellent stick for precision (it seems to me 16 effective bits), but also here I have read discordant opinions on the dead zone, some say which it has, others not... but if it has, however beautiful or precise it may be, I don't buy it. Please enlighten me, or else I'll buy another t16000M to be on the safe side. Sorry my bad english.
  3. Thank you man, this version works great! no problem without antialiasing checked!
  4. Don't worry, i just was want clear my situation. I will try to install the v3.0.8. Thanks for help me.
  5. I'm not saying falsehood, it's what happens to me if I don't enable anti-aliasing, I've not external programs that interfere with it and i've win 7, moreover it's not a problem that only I have. Read this post: In the section dedicated to Reshade, it says clearly that if you don't enable antialiasing, the game will crash if you try to play a mission. Infact, that's what happened to me. Textual words of this user: "Next, either change "multisampling = 2" in the graphics configuration file or change anti-aliasing to 4 in the game graphics menu then restart the game. If you have reshade installed without 4x anti-aliasing enabled the game will crash soon as you start a mission. So it is critical to have this setting applied." However, can you tell me where to download the version you suggested? I will be grateful.
  6. I was banned because my reshade was an old version(1.1). Now i've installed the new version and it run without problem in the servers, but I would to know if is possible to play without antialiasing checked in the game options, in order to get better performance. I tried to uncheck it, but the game crash when i try to play in a session or a quicky mission. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. I have installed an old version of reshade, the 1.1, because the new version don't run, my game crash when just i try to play a quick mission or other mission, instead with 1.1 version this not happen but i can't to play in multi because the servers banned me... Solutions? Ps A: I've read that we need to check antialiasing x4 in the game for run reshade, maybe is that my problem, i'll try to check it. But i think this is a bad solution for better performance, there is not another method to run it? You know? Ps B: Ok, i've try to install the new reshade version and i've check antialiasing to 2, now it run... But i think this is ridiculus! Whi i need to check antialiasing to run it? this damage the performances, instead this not happen with old version of reshade, but i can't to play in multi if i install it.. I would to uncheck antialiasing but i can't, there is a solution for that? Thanks for support.
  8. Hi, I can't to play in multiplayer with reshade, i tryed to join in servers but I've been banned all the times. It's normal? The game not accept to play with reshade in multi? Someone can explain to me? Thanks.
  9. sorry, if I re-open this topic but I have still this stuttering problem, I've tried all for fix it without a really solution... I have 60 fps but stuttering is still here, especially happens in multi when 5 or more plane near to me. This is a limit for me, I love this game, but i've abandoned it because of this problem... I'm still waiting for some patches that can definitely fix this problem, but so far it's still there, despite the continuous updates. I hope they haven't forgotten this.
  10. thanks all for your tips... No more blur or automatic download thanks to you! I must admit that I am beginning to change my opinion about BOS ) .. I'm enjoying, for many things I find quite cured. I see a lot of Rise of Flight in it . I am trying now the campaign and am finding much enjoyment. I found strange things just for some physical flight, of course I don't know how to behave in a real flight with a bf 109 or a lagg 3 in stall, but it gave me the impression that they can be easily controlled. I tried for example to try to bring in a stall bf 109, but I was able to control it easily, this is it seems a bit 'strange, because even in War Thunder I had more difficulty setting to manage it.
  11. nooo Too bad, I was hoping that I was doing something wrong ... what a disappointment! I really hope that in the future it is considering a complete engine management. I also tried DCS but only the demo version, because it costs very much ... I think that Il 2 Clod with Team Fusion mod remains one of the best (if not the best) simulators of WWII in circulation, both in content and in the price. I found, however, some aspects of the two BoS that fascinate me, as the system of the damage (aesthetic) really real, don't seem me scripted, or sounds in all its nuances also the flight model seems ok, but I have to try it better again ... Another flaw is the configuration of the graphics settings, few settings! I would like for example eliminate the blur that weighs the system too but I do not know how to do. Also I do not understand why when I enter the game so much bandwidth consumption from the internet, it seems to be constantly updating .. I wonder why and how to stop this!
  12. Hi I'm a new user of BoS, yesterday I bought the game because I wanted a new simulation of aircraft of World War II ... I was hoping to be able to control all the real controls of the plane, but when I started to configure the buttons I noticed immediately that lacked some commands .. . where are the magnets? or the start of fuel? Hand pump? fire extinguisher? I was disappointed when I started a Bf109 F4 and the whole starting procedure started automatically by activating controls that I even have, like magnets, for example ... So I'm doing something wrong or is it really so? I'm playing with the expert mode, but if I do not have total control of the plane is really a simulation? Sorry my english.
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