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  1. I know its a bit OT, but I'd really like to see the blown canopy for the A-8 and especially since we have the F-8 which I've never seen without. Wondering how complex it would be to put that as an option since its already modelled for the Dora.
  2. C'mon guys. Talk about how biased/bad/buhu the planeset/map/AAA/pilots are in this thread, but open (yet) another one for LaGG-Op-Stuff. Thanks.
  3. Hey folks; I'd like to report fbach556 for teamkilling while a gunner on the ground. Multiple witnesses. http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/129149/?tour=19 Cannot get into the sortie for him, because he was a gunner. Saw one other incident in chat.
  4. Where are 61k located? Tank columns, arty, airfields?
  5. Overall I mostly enjoyed the campaign. Although I had not much time to fly and saw some thrilling action and I am very proud to archieve 8 kills while not dying once and only shot down three times. You may consider it being a coward but anyway. Always enjoyed the "I need cover over xy" "When will you be there" "3 min"-Stuff, the ramming on taxi 'cause noone needs an airstrip, the asleep on the stick skyknights. But we archieved stuff with small groups and survived. 2 fighters and a bomber can do stuff very well and we kept our bomber alive. Met new people on the way of this campaign and I'm looking forward to fly Ivan again to have a sweet laugh at some of the marvelous stuff the german team is known for. But this time a sweet one not a bittersweet while being on the same side looking how the Luftwaffe dies with thunderous sirens. Cheers and big thanks to the LG guys! Keep it up!
  6. Great content in here! I'd like to show you my results of the F-4/B is was working on:
  7. Naja, das mit der Assoziation ist ja eigentlich nur ein deutsches Problem. Aber so hieß das Unternehmen halt. Im Grunde soll Flying Circus nichts anderes sein, als ein Port von RoF in die neue dx11 Umgebung von BoX. Finde ich super, weil RoF doch etwas altbacken geworden ist.
  8. Damn, how could I possibly forget about this thread? Great show guys! I'm currently working on eduards marvelous 109 F-4/B from JG 2. Now about finished with the stencils and finally the real fun begins. The weathering.
  9. Fw 190 A-5. Unlimited Power. And I'm biased.
  10. Got a headache. Facepalmed hard. This is Kindergarten-Level and the same old stupid chute-killing stuff all over again.
  11. I wouldnt say "at all" but seldomly. I couldn't imagine this being something the devs invented and found some pictures of JG 27s Bf 109 F-4/trop W.Nr. 13136 "White 7" with a shortened headrest. https://me109.info/display.php?lang=de&auth=e&name=ergebnis_suche&fotonummer=47 https://me109.info/display.php?lang=de&auth=e&name=ergebnis_suche&fotonummer=125 and White 1 from the same squad. Couldnt find more planes quickly however I found shorter ones and a rounded one I've never seen before
  12. Rumor has it that there are servers around that don't give you any aid on navigating than your compass and the Mk. I eyeball. Climbing up, having intel on the damage of the target (maybe a recon plane flying in front), navigating and setting it up when there are different winds. I'm right here with Retrofly: Bombing is more than just the bombing part itself. But ofc you can try to hit a target on a GPS-Server and while youre setting up your sights and plane someone already made two runs with a Heinkel-Stuka or something. There are bigger problems than an arguably too accurate bombsight.
  13. And would be great to have sources for every claim.
  14. For the love of whoever. 2 pages of bollocks about the same topic being "discussed" some campaigns ago! Get back to topic and discuss important stuff.
  15. In my honest opinion there is more fuss in this thread about chutekilling than actualy chutekilling going on. All that effort that is being made back and forth for and against it. If the Luftwaffles would spend half of it into actually being efficent with what they're doing, the VVS could bend over and pray. Honestly this is getting annoying. Oddly enough I know feel the urge of shooting chutes...(no I wont actually do it) Regarding GPS: Hell no! I don't like navigating much and like to rely on my wingleader but saying that the ingame "GPS" would be like a navigator/bombardier IRL is just an excuse. Its just pressing some buttons and knobs while cruising on autopilot and the good all Mk. 1 eyeball (and maybe even with some modifications lenses). Geez guys, get back and actually fly. @Admins, have I ever thanked you? Best campaign so far! Keep it up!
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