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  1. He 162 Volksjager ? Yes please Gloster Meteor mk.III ? Yes please Battle of Berlin? Perhaps, but after a East-Prussia / Kurland map
  2. Clearly, I and other P-39 jockeys haven't flown our beloved bird enough to leave an impression 🤔 🤣
  3. Very nice video. Love the P-39 skins, especially the red nosed one ! 🤞
  4. Finnish Fokkers D.XXI & Fokkers C.V, and the Heinkel He 115 & Dornier 22 to try out floatplanes for later use for a possible Pacific expansion Anyway, aan excellent excuse to post some nice Suomi aircraft 😉
  5. I tend to set my guns to the closest range possible, which is, of course, not 10 ft but [probably around 150 ft/50 meters or so Mainly the cannons, I might add, the mg's are only used for spraying i.e. scratching some paint of the adversary Wrong 😉 Better 😄
  6. Roast

    A-26 invader?

    You did not step on my toes, I hope that I did not step on yours 😉 as that was not my intention Nothing wrong with the plane which your grandfather flew during the war. However, I suspect that the Invader isn't that well known nor used, especially on the maps we have now or are planned, as did several other aircraft, I thought it was worth mentioning to swing an upcoming discussion in another direction. Once again, nothing wrong with your A-26 suggestion
  7. Roast

    A-26 invader?

    Why not ask for nightfighters such as the P-61 Black Widow and He-219 Uhu? And give this series a twist in the direction of the ill-fated Target for Tonight sim which never got off the ground
  8. Finland ! Finland ! Finland ! 😄 and the Netherlands too, of course
  9. While I love several of the planes listed, I stuck with the original Il-2 BoS series as we simply do not have any Italian, France 1940 etc map/scenario. Hard to choose between the IAR080 and Yak-3 so I chose the former as the Yak will probably appear anyway.
  10. I would love to see any sort of Malayan air-campaign, but realise that it would be rather limited as the Allies main fighter was the Buffalo. So I'll stick to pre-Flying Tigers Chinese air war for now. Bring on those Peashooters and I-15bis biplanes! *Hopefully we can get our i-153 through the backdoor now 🤔
  11. KTO would, eventually, be rather interesting, but not just as stand-alone expansion and not too soon, please I'd rather see it as a start of several extensions based around early post-war jets which, in some cases, include prop planes as well. How about KTO, followed by Israeli-Arab conflicts until and including 1967 followed by Indo-Pakistan conflict until and including 1965 Such packs could get smaller expansions such as the 1956 Suez Crisis, which saw Egypt vs British/French/Israeli planes a much larger expansion could be adding a 'What If' NATO vs WarPac aerial warfare pack, set in the fifties and/or sixties As long as jet warfare doesn't expand too much too much into ir-missles and away from gun dogfights, it would surely interest a large group of simmers, I'd say. But first, the Spanish Civil War followed by Khalkhin Gol - just to annoy DD_Arthur 😀
  12. Nice to see the Mitchell on the shots, even as an AI one 😀
  13. Based on the choices given in the poll, I would start with Spain, then Talvisota and then France (and Low Lands) 1940, gradually expanding the plane set(s). After that, moving to the Med would be a logical choice, I think. Going straight to Berlin may be tempting, but kills off Il-2 BoS right away. I mean, why end the war and then come up with a scenario after that hopping back to earlier in the (European) war? First doing some other Eastern Front maps and plane sets would make more sense. Everyone has his/her own favourite, I would opt to do something with Kurland & Poland 1944, expanding the Med to Italy/Yugoslavia and add the battle for Hungary. Oh, and don't forget to add some night fighters along the way please ..
  14. Inclusion of the Blohm u Voss BV138 Seedrache would be nice, but I had hoped to see that one included in the Kuban map already. Still, interesting map suggestion, although I'd rather see more Southern ones such as North Africa or Kurland
  15. Although the chance that we get any Italian theatre map appears to be very distant, I would love it, as it is a splendid reason to fly SAAF Spits over Italy and enjoy the landscape
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