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  1. So is it game engine limitation? I wonder how hard it would be to implement it in BOS
  2. I hope they add it before full release.It doesn't make sense why they didn't implement it correctly.In ROF it's possible to bind it to axis and most of the aircraft in game have trim adjustable by wheel
  3. We definitely need something like G940 but better build quality.I own G940 and can't imagine flying without FFB
  4. Try ANZACS very good Australian TV series about WW1
  5. Good performance on Ultra over Stalingrad but there needs to be option to turn ssao off.
  6. G940 here and FFB is nowhere as good as in ROF.I use same settings as for ROF and efects are very weak and no ground shaking at all.Still early days and a lot of work to be done
  7. What we need is a option to invert axis on breaks same as pitch etc.I have G940 btw
  8. I would love to see another complete system but better quality on the market.Do you use Logitech profiler? i just set all my keys in game, works better imo.I hope FFB is going to be same as ROF so I don't have to change setting every time I fly BOS
  9. To OP. I don't know how you can't make a inform decision.You know how much the standard edition and premium cost.You know what you are getting in both editions (planes sets and unlocks etc) You just have to decide if you are willing to pay for it.It may be more or less at release but that is a chance that you have to take.Don't people take ANY risks these days?
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