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  1. Hi. As i dont have much time left for this passion i decided to part with my 3 year old HOTAS Warthog and Saitek pro rudder pedals. HOTAS was maintained well ,even thou not used for the last 12months or so.. Was regreased recently with good grease paste, same goes for Rudder pedals.Bundle includes green spring from Sahaj (stock spring is also in) and a 12cm extention I'd like to sell them as a bundleEU onlyAsking price 350 euros + delivery 20euros Picture 1 Picture 2
  2. @Europa. Do You mind sharing Your settings for reshade? I did try to set something to help me with spotting but to avail...
  3. I run mediocre setup with i7 6700hq and 1070 on a latop with 16gb ddr4. On the ground/low flying i get min of 45fps with quite a few airplanes around. In air in a busy dogfight area i get anything around 60 up to 100fps. All on ulta preset no hdr and in game ssao. Injected SSAO from reshade and 16x anisotropic filtering from Nvidia cc
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