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  1. Hi, Why has a manual not been released with the game? This is meant to be a complex simulation of flight and therefore should have a proper, clear and easy to read manual for people who are looking into their first combat flight simulator. It is not acceptable to say it's related to lack of resources, the development of the manual for the software could/should of grown out of the development / test / quality control. People who have paid a princely sum of £39.99 expect, at least, a PDF manual included on disk or the availability of the latest version for download. Its ok for people who say "look through the forums, ask questions etc but when buying a professional product you don't expect to have to search for scraps of information to figure out how it all works. It seems a lot of queries on this forum and on others are related to "where's the manual" type questions and I wondered if the developers had a timeline for when they planned to release one? It doesn't have to be in a prefect state, other updated versions could follow, but at least something which details the keyboard layout and control of the planes would be very helpful to a lot of people (and yes I have already seen people on this forum doing this, but its not the job of the user to have to create this). I work in software development (although a very different area to flight simulation) and I'd be shot if there wasn't some form of instruction / training / guide etc with the software I produce, I also understand the pressure developers are under to deliver but this doesn't excuse the lack of documentation.
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