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  1. @Tapi, which visibility setting do you use offline?
  2. That's exactly when it all started. I strongly believe the problem is view distance related. More information going in and out, especially with reflections, distant clouds, planes' attitude compared to sun and lots more now taken into account. I cannot verify this though, obviously.
  3. I ran some further tests today. Launched the game, then manually disabled all background apps/processes except system ones, disabled security software. This is just the game (no head tracking), Steam and Afterburner, on Win10 v.1909. In all examples below frames are capped in-game at 80, V-Sync forced though NVPanel along with G-Sync. HUD is off. --------------- Wings of Liberty, ping ~90, 60 players online. on the ground, narrow FoV facing the sky, engine off spectator on the edge of map --------------- IRSS Sandbox empty server, ping ~60 spectator same thing, after restart --------------- Frametime spikes are visible in all situations, even on empty server with good ping. Number of players only worsens the symptoms. Turning V-Sync ON in-game (with or without G-Sync) and allowing Application Controlled with NVPanel exacerbates the stutters highly. Specs: i5 6600k, RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4; rendered in 2560x1440 G-Sync.
  4. @Jason_Williams, can we please get at least some information on the progress of pinpointing the reason behind and/or fixing the stuttering in multiplayer? When questions require difficult answers, You often try to remind us how hard a task it is to run a project like this one. I do understand this, I think so at least. I do want to support, because I hugely enjoy your creation. And I do appreciate the work, with all you guys do to constantly develop and upgrade the platform, overall experience. But at the same time, I cannot help but feel neglected. While the stuttering issue might not be easy to replicate/fix, it is just a matter of common decency to communicate the state of things to those involved. Because they want to stay involved, and this is becoming more difficult by the day. It has been two fairly large updates since things got so much worse, and although I do believe you're still working on this, I'm slowly loosing that hope. And with that said, all it takes to restore it, is a few words every now and then. It is certainly difficult to run a niche project like BoX and stay on the surface. Big thanks for this. But, it is also difficult to stay involved and supportive, when even the topics created for the matter specifically, by the Team themselves, look hopelessly abandoned updates later. Really looking forward to hearing from You, Sone
  5. Still no change after today's update 😞 I'm already very tired of this, sadly. If there was at least some response... I suppose if we don't ask for it hard enough, we won't get one. ----------------------- v 4.002, Wings Of Liberty server (close to full), recorded after take-off close to friendly AF, fairly far from front line, not much action around Specs: i5 6600k, RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4; rendered in 2560x1440 G-Sync.
  6. No way. Game's being updated all the time, yet we never had a patch teased like that.
  7. @ME-BFMasserME262, that is very much 'something' indeed, have fun!
  8. Tested - unfortunately this is not the culprit, does not eliminate the problem.
  9. I ran a little test on Combat Box server to see if UI HUD impacts game's performance on my rig, in multiplayer environment. I chose this exact server because it shows quite good performance, but is based far away from my place, so the connection delay is still an important factor. Less populated KoTA, with a lot better ping, showed almost no stuttering today. First, to be clear: HUD is not the deciding factor. Stuttering occurs with and without it, but HUD enabled hinders the frame-time even more, with constant frequency (seen as spikes on the lower graph). This does amplify the freezes and therefore contribute greatly to overall stuttering. ------- HUD DISABLED: HUD ENABLED: All of these were taken in one online session, same mission. Videos directly one after another, screenshots in few minute intervals. Specs: i5 6600k, RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4; rendered in 2560x1440, G-Sync enabled.
  10. @YuriAzrel, I took a little liberty and forwarded your post to bug report section of forums, hope you don't mind.
  11. Brief description: Bodenplatte career doesn't rotate wounded/killed pilots out of planned sorties Detailed description, conditions: No.127 RAF squadron, game crashes; reference screenshot in post quoted below Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):
  12. True. It is also very frustrating to be left in the dark, since we are getting no (or very little) information back from the studio. Can't say if there's any progress or what we could do further. We can't compare to the old version neither (which I bet they did, but sharing some results would be good). At first I was convinced this would be resolved quickly, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Especially with the next big patch out and no information on potential fix whatsoever. Starting to look like the issue might get disregarded with a "lower graphics, limit fps" advice. At this point some communication on the matter would be very appreciated. You shouldn't leave us here blind. Most users here invested quite a lot, still do, and plan to further invest in the series. Not only money, but time and passion. Talk to us please. Is there any progress on a potential resolution? Have any concessions had to be made to maintain desired level of graphics or rendering distance? What can we expect? Thank you!
  13. The problem still occurs on fast SSD's, so I don't think it's relevant (especially to multi-player environment).
  14. As things like these can often be left out of changelogs, I have to ask - are there any changes to optimisation or spotting, regarding the previous update's reported issues? Thanks!
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