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  1. Hey @SAS_Storebror, what font is that in the base version? Also, could you maybe add an empty template, with no information, to the pack? Thanks!
  2. Brief description: Handgun selectable (LCtrl-4) in-flight in Bf-109, using flare-gun model.
  3. Bringing into the game an equivalent of 'station notes' for planes as well would be verry beneficial too, easing the learning curve for newcomers! *dreaming about a kneeboard-like functionality 😌
  4. You're probably right, but at the same time we should not forget about performance cost of having so much in one area. That would be my bet on the reasons behind leaving it simple.
  5. https://drydockdreams.games/2020/05/31/a-new-dawn/
  6. Something is very wrong here. Sorry for asking the obvious, but are you sure you always adjust BOTH radiators?
  7. What he did was pointing out possible exploits with an existing tool, and rightly so, can't argue with that. What you guys are doing is acting childish, offended over spilled milk. The focus should be on finding a better solution, not stigmatizing. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, maybe I'm forgetting where we all are 😔 As far as I'm concerned, if I notice a difference, I will report back @E69_geramos109 👍
  8. Not sure if this is the right topic, but it has to go somewhere. Brief description: AAA gun having unreasonably high rate of fire. Detailed description, conditions: Observed in multiplayer on Wings of Liberty server. Animation looped and there was most probably no enemy plane around. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Sorry for shaking, I was laughing at what we saw
  9. Brief description: Control stick reflection is static. Detailed description, conditions: Control stick reflection in the cockpit is completely static and doesn't react to stick's movement. Observed in 109 F-4. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Answering the post below (sorry, I didn't want to spam): thats possible. It's just a little immersion-breaking to see it reflected there all the time, static. Maybe it would be better to just not reflect it at all.
  10. No, no mods. Observed on both mine and friend's machine. Sorry, I was not able to upload the correct mission file, simply because I am not sure which one it was. It happened on the 'finnish' server on patchday. I will come back to you if I notice it again.
  11. Looks like it worked for him AI will often stick to this tactic if you're not gaining any advantage. When you think about it, can't really blame them. There's a lot more variation in their behaviour now though, new things everytime.
  12. Brief description: clouds forming circular shaped wavy patterns. Conditions: v4.005, multiplayer, Kuban map, late afternoon/evening mission time, shallow moderate cloud layer. Settings: observed on low and extreme cloud settings, 2 different machines, regular display and VR. Detailed description: in some scenarios (/conditions) shallow clouds form circular 'waves' centered around different spots (see the last pic), starting with above and around players head position (and moving with him). Screenshots:
  13. Try recording it and post the video. With CPU/GPU/RAM usage if possible. Have you tried quick mission with max possible units (four flights of 4, vehicles, aa, etc)?
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