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  1. I wasn't surprised at all, that was the plan all the way! Didn't find a better place for this at first glance, mods feel free to move if needed.
  2. People stated above these work for bombers currently in game Any plans as to when the GUI changes might come? Before or after Bodenplatte release?
  3. #1 Brief description: A-20 appears transparent when in top gunner position. Detailed description, conditions: Multiplayer dogfight server, gunner in player flown aircraft, Kuban map. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Video below. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7, GTX 970 #2 Brief description: Leaving A-20 gunner position in multiplayer doesn't "clear" the gunner slot. Detailed description, conditions: Gunner position remains occupied under player's nickname. Later, I also left the top gunner, which caused both gunner positions to lock (nobody could enter them, plane didn't appear on Become Gunner list). Multiplayer dogfight server, gunner in player flown aircraft, Kuban map. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Video below. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win7, GTX 970
  4. No. You can download the launcher from main web page DL section.
  5. It's not about 3rd screenshot. As to the latter, I disagree. Especially during a chase, when you would have to maneuver slightly only to see, if the attacker is still there. Thanks to this - you wouldn't have to. How is using the mirror stopping you from watching where you're going?
  6. That 3rd screenshot did not help and I think some missed my point. I agree that looking down 6 o'clock wouldn't probably help much in a fight. Maybe it is negligible, but is that a reason to leave it this way? From my experience, being shot by planes coming straight below your tail fin is a big part of online experience. My point is about seeing everything behind you, with no obvious obstructions (for ex. a high speed chase). Often rear visibility is called up by pilots as a negative or positive quality of a specific plane. If so, then why neglect the meaning of it in a simulator?
  7. Sure. Complex: Simple: When I first checked, boxes behind me didn't render at Medium and Simple. I cannot replicate this now and don't remember where exactly I tested it. The main issue remains though.
  8. After checking all graphical detail options available for mirrors in game, I'm very surprised by what the simple setting offers. While I understand the necessity to make mirrors less hardware hungry, I think that simple setting, allowing you to look "through" your plane and have perfect (unobstructed) rear visibility, is too much (as opposed to medium, which only doesn't render ground objects it seems). This is neither accurate, nor fair. Maybe not as much as transparent skins, but it's a similar thing. Am I right? Am I wrong? Maybe there's a server setting forcing medium or complex detail (I doubt that, since game needs a restart after each change)? I do not intend to start an argument. I only hope for a revision of the subject. If my thinking is correct, that is.
  9. Resolved. Reason: Reshade injector; at first check I missed one file. PLEASE DELETE TOPIC.
  10. Type of Improvement: Control Explanation of Proposal: additional mapping options for right+left wheel brakes (one axis, centered); edit: half range deadzone? Benefits: posibility to utilise more centered axes of game controllers (rudders and mini joysticks), more control options thus better accessibility; explanation: https://forum.il2stu...opers/?p=420088 Type of Improvement: Interface Explanation of Proposal: possibility to check specification for every aircraft in game, non-dependant on whether player owns them himself Benefits: clearer, more accessible information about in-game plane characteristics, for everybody, not only specific plane owners Type of Improvement: Interface Explanation of Proposal: option to select a custom flight record tracks location Benefits: possibility to record more tracks when drive is full, possibility to preserve space and lifespan of certain drives (eg game on SSD, tracks on HDD)
  11. Hello! Mirillis Action! does not work properly with Il-2 BoX games when in DirectX/OpenGL mode (and this mode is exactly what I want, because of TimeShift feature [shadowPlay-like record latest x amount of time]). It looks like program does not see game window, overlay is not visible. It works OK in Active Screen mode, but then TimeShift is not an option. As a note, when launched before the game, it causes the latter to crash upon loading. This can be bypassed by launching Action! after the game. Win7Pro64, GTX970, newest NV drivers (tested on different versions). Anybody experienced this? Any hints? Thanks in advance. Also posted on Mirillis forums.
  12. Releasing the rudder input will always result in a "rebound". Rudder makes a plane "look of center", against direction of movement. It doesn't change where you're heading that much. So to keep it stable you need to keep the pedal pressed. When you're done - release it slowly, until you reach center position. Ailerons and elevator are easier to control, but if you still "rebound", fiddle with sensitivity settings a bit more. If the axis is linear - you must be pulling too fast/hard. If it's non-linear - at some point you're crossing the line when it becomes more and more sensitive, most probably. And most importantly - it takes time and practice
  13. Thank You soo much Quax! Merry Christmas pilots!
  14. Developers mentioned it may stop working after the update. I guess you will have to wait for a hotfix from them. Cheers!
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