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  1. Nobody wants it gone! Of course there's evidence of blackouts, that was the reality. Of course most people here like these effects and hardly anyone will disable them (especially not server admins!). The discussion here is not about distrusting the devs or negating the physiology, nor it is aimed at purely debating decisions to no end. It's just about the balance of combat fatigue and pilots' capabilities, on which evidence differs and so do opinions. Since we don't know the details for a fact, not everybody has to agree on current values. Healthy discussion never hurts and it might help improve something, so let's not deprive ourselves of that privilege Ultimately, that's the point of the forums! 😉
  2. Ad. 1. Stuttering occurs in MP and does not depend on the map (observed on Stalingrad, Kuban and Rheinland). Animations are fluid, changing graphic settings does not eliminate the problem, frames per second (though lower with latest patch) are not likely to be the culprit. Stuttering can be observed whenever the view angle / FoV changes (which is basically a constant process in flight). These negative effects vary between servers and seem to be consistent for most populated ones (thus might be related to connection delay or server hardware). Ad. 2. Number of units/objects in singleplayer does not introduce (significant) stuttering. The only problem there (in SP) is lower framerate, which gets worse in more populated areas, and more acceptable in empty ones. This carries over also to multiplayer of course. Ad. 3. In my case average fps dropped by about 30 after the latest main update, and this persists after hotfixes. Platform: RTX2060, i5 6600, GSync 2560x1440
  3. No stone from me, that's what I was thinking as well. Seems a little bit too harsh.
  4. First of all, don't pull up the nose that hight during cruise. Whenever you point higher than needed, you're just bleeding speed faster than climb Also, try to control the shaky moves. The smoother you are with the joystick, the better. The main question itself was answered already: always expect somebody to use your lack of attention to their advantage. Whenever there is a possibility (and there always is), sooner or later a bandit will attack you. You just have to do all you can to minimize the risks.
  5. Yes, it does help a little. But while it is a workaround, it unfortunately doesn't fix the problem. Stuttering came with the update somehow and it's a big issue in multiplayer.
  6. We need to wait for the Air Marshall functionality that is coming pretty soon probably, it might change a lot. We don't know much, but organising players into planned operations will probably be the focus. From there, it might be just a little step to work on some VoIP, who knows. But even if not, then still AM would be hugely beneficial and I can easily see TS and Discord servers getting more attention.
  7. Percentages of full fuel capacities don't really help our comparison 🤔
  8. I have no doubts It only needs some tweaking to be be more consistent on different FoV levels. Other than that, it's a huge step forward!
  9. To diversify the offer I think it is not meant as an update to V2 or V3. It serves to fill a lower price segment and aims at wider customer targer. It's smaller, better for desk use without mount, and cheaper! After all, who would want to update their gear every half-year? It's not next step, just a sidestep.
  10. +1 Needed some tuning, but overall it was better than ever before.
  11. Specific part of engine sound is only audible when facing front or back of the plane and fades out when turning to the sides of cockpit. Didn't yet test on other 109 G models, but since they share the sound I suppose it still happens with them. High volume may be needed.
  12. Seems like reflections are much less noticeable when in narrow FoV.
  13. I wasn't surprised at all, that was the plan all the way! Didn't find a better place for this at first glance, mods feel free to move if needed.
  14. People stated above these work for bombers currently in game Any plans as to when the GUI changes might come? Before or after Bodenplatte release?
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