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  1. Looks like it worked for him AI will often stick to this tactic if you're not gaining any advantage. When you think about it, can't really blame them. There's a lot more variation in their behaviour now though, new things everytime.
  2. Brief description: clouds forming circular shaped wavy patterns. Conditions: v4.005, multiplayer, Kuban map, late afternoon/evening mission time, shallow moderate cloud layer. Settings: observed on low and extreme cloud settings, 2 different machines, regular display and VR. Detailed description: in some scenarios (/conditions) shallow clouds form circular 'waves' centered around different spots (see the last pic), starting with above and around players head position (and moving with him). Screenshots:
  3. Try recording it and post the video. With CPU/GPU/RAM usage if possible. Have you tried quick mission with max possible units (four flights of 4, vehicles, aa, etc)?
  4. Pity, but not a problem. You would be perfectly fine with KG12. I second Sokol, to my knowledge it's the best choice in this range.
  5. I did a little first test, on Wings of Liberty (50-70 players online) for most plausible effect. The positive change is significant, performance was a lot better. It seems a little stutter here and there still happened (it always had with WoL), but those nasty framedrops were not noticeable. I noted that, while before today's update there had been huge frametime spikes (from ~7 to 16 or sometimes even 30ms) and this was when the stutters showed, today frametime variations stayed around +/- 4 ms. This was not a reliable sample for final conclusions, but general message is that v4.004 seems to have helped.
  6. Glad I could help, enjoy!
  7. The launcher has to be in the 'bin/game" directory, same as IL2.exe. Let it proceed with the update, it will only check/download some files again, but in the end these are all the same. The game will work both with Steam and launcher (the latter will often double-check after Steam updates, but that doesn't change a thing).
  8. Given you sync your accounts (Steam and IL-2), you will be able to run everything from 777's launcher. Doesn't matter if bought on Steam. But I suppose u knew that What's really helpful sometimes, you can then show the launcher to steam's location and enjoy both worlds, whenever needed, without interference. Faster DL from Steam, launcher from 777 - one copy on HDD.
  9. Of course, it's all well documented in the tech subsection of the forum. There's a lot of user feedback but that's it.
  10. Why so condescending? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ The fact is you have no idea what I know or what my background is, so you can apply the above to yourself. I did not attack anyone, neither have I behaved impolitely. Is it much to expect the same? Game-breaking issues, big or small, are not acceptable in the long term. I'm sorry it annoys you to see people commenting on problems they encounter with a product, but that's to be expected when problems occur.
  11. This is very true. What many people forget is the actual experience is often subjective It is actually broken for me (and not only) now, no doubt about it. It has been since October. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Salut!
  12. You do if it's broken ๐Ÿ˜›
  13. You can't go wrong with this one, it's of very good value. I've been using th T.16000 before and the switch was definitely an upgrade. Significantly better feeling, smooth center (but precise, the Thrustmaster was somewhat loose at this point already), very good build quality. As per KG12, like Epee said, it doesn't have many buttons, BUT it has shift functionality under the pinky (which doubles the main buttons and adds additional 4-way on top of main 8-way hat). It's quite ergonomic too. I think it is the best desktop stick you can get, below the price point of Warthog, T-50 or Gunfighter (+bases).
  14. Use an external program, like Afterburner for example, to see if RAM usage ever reaches its full capacity. I guess it shouldn't, thus upgrading to 32 would not help.
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