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  1. it was me, I called you lucky since you got me twice, really fast - with what I consider to be luck. don't know how exactly that "starts" anything and why I should fear any repercussions for that. regarding your ban: I assume there is a story prior to that? I mean, I don't know you since I haven't played in quite a while (am only getting back a little since they fixed this overdue sound bug thing) but from what I red here, you don't exactly seem to be the most beloved member of the community. personally, I have had no business with you except for that "lucky incident" so that's that. btw, wrong thread, since it didnt happen on the DED server. here's the correct thread:
  2. I somewhat share that "feeling". Where it is very apparent that they wanted to show the lack of resources for late war german aircraft is the ammo count for the D9. honestly, I think its even kind of silly - as if they were running out of ammo indicators by the time the D9 got into production
  3. scenery and lighting is looking really, really fantastic. looking forward to this one!
  4. that is a really nice idea, I like it a lot. now whether this is technically possible (with the implication that both screens have to be rendered at the same time) is another question. but as a concept, I really like this.
  5. with due respect, but with just under 5 t of empty mass I don't know if one should expect that plane to be an outstanding dog fighter
  6. afaik, that is not up to the devs, but the respective server owners (or, those who set the servers up). the ability to just have a small part of the map displayed (minimap) is definitely there.
  7. this is correct. as long as you have stalingrad on steam, you can buy stuff from their website to your hearts desire - given you have linked your steam-account to the il-2-account. it all will be available for you trough your steam battle of stalingrad game
  8. whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses there. while I understand your frustration, I do not believe that calling names is something useful here. you just said it: it's a video game, nothing to be too mad about. fundamentally, a kick or ban vote is a useful tool for when admins are not in reach. now, considering the history of this server, not admins being around is unfortunately the status quo, thus making this ability even more vital. but: being kicked or even banned just for using a certain plane is ridiculous and should not be happening. now this is a little much to ask but could anyone of you guys who speak russian or got some relation to the DED guys (johnny red maybe?) tell them about this on the russian forums? I think while until now the issues of the servers were an annoyance, now they've become a real problem. if angry people start kick- and ban voting other equally angry people, something definitely needs to change
  9. it is for me exactly like this aswell. but I'd say it's been longer than just 2 or 3 patches back. this has been an issue for quite some time now which is maybe why some of us may react a little harsh about it (but hey, at least it has been officially acknowledged now)
  10. thank you for the update. is there any news on when a fix for the sound bug issue, which was adressed in DD 225 on june 28, will be ready and deployed? could you even make it as a hotfix as this issue is preventing me (and quite possibly others aswell) from playing the game? thanks for any info
  11. Johnny, I have a substantial amount of respect for you, I believe you know that. but what you are writing there is pretty much ignorant to the max. and even when somebody not even as closely as fed-up with that plane as me (papa said he has no agenda and I do believe that, actually, since he's not only citicising the mk ixe but the FM in game globally aswell) comes up with real hard evidence, processed and conditioned as neatly and conveniently as in this video, you call it propaganda? give me a break. of course other planes are broken in places aswell. no one said something about being perfect or anything like that. all I ever was saying is that for VVS it is certainly no fun to fly against a myriad of 262s, and on that regard, that it is (since months!) no fun for LW players to fly against a myriad of mk ixes. and at least a few of us seem to be willing to see that in the case of the spitfire, this is an issue of a broken FM. whereas the 262 is simply a twin-engined fighter jet with four lethal autocannons - which, again, is no fun to fly against, even in a broken FM plane. edit: I find it kind of funny and sad at the same time that, regardless of how much we debate over issues like this, probably nothing is going to change since the server admins seem to have little interest in the going ons on this server. and with no admins around to carry the burden of balancing and making the game as enjoyable as possible, and with devs who - as johnny says - do not seem to care much for those things we are pretty much quite literally mid-air, at the mercy of none other than ourselfes. cause as I see it, if we do not resign on using those planes, this server with its settings simply will not be an enjoyable experience for many of us.
  12. if we are going strictly by "against the best" pilots, then, maybe, your argument is valid. then, and only then, we have an instance where a "broken" plane is needed for the average VVS player to be successful. thankfully, there are not so many "best" pilots online all the time, as far as I can tell. thing is: half the VVS team flies that thing though, all the time. and that gets very tiresome at times. I don't fancy myself one of those "best" pilots, I am average. and I really dislike the thought of knowing that 99 % of mk ixe pilots on the server are average at best aswell - but with an unheard of advantage, simply because of a broken FM. and I feel like that when piloting that thing. It just feels like cheating for me. as does using a 262, in a way. this is all somewhat off-topic and I apologize
  13. by reading what you guys are posting, I feel like I am playing an entirely different game. I am not a luftwaffe-only guy, I just prefer them. lately though, even if it was already a few weeks ago now since I am somewhat fed up with this game due to this freaking annoying sound-bug, I was flying for the VVS guys because it was often like 14 LW vs 5 VVS or something like that. and since playing on a server that is heavily imbalanced player-wise is even less fun for the team with the edge in players, I switched to VVS. and I can totally see how the 262 is no fun to fly against. no doubt about that, not a split second. what I can also see (what most of you guys apparently are blind to or just ignorant) is how the spitfire mk ixe is just ridiculous when it comes to turning, which is like 99 % of what you do on a icons-on and quick-action server. and spare me this "it is outclimbed by any other plane" bollocks. it's engine performance is just fine. if it was as fast as say a D-9 or K-4, it would not only be just easy mode as it is now, it would also be that even a baboon could get a decent score in that thing. so cut it on how "inferior" the poor spitfire is. or why is it, that like at least 50 % of VVS players fly this thing on this server? I don't fly this plane when I fly VVS because it feels like cheating to me. you VVS-mainers are probably not seeing this as apparently you "finally" have a (broken) plane that has an edge over LW-OP planes. which, by the way, I don't see at all. there is no OP-LW plane with the exception of the 262, maybe. needless to mention that I do not fly that thing online aswell. I am yearning the day they adress the flight model issues the mk ixe has. let's just hope it won't be too long after the BoBP release.
  14. who compared them? I just said its an "unfun" plane to fly against. do you disagree on that?
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