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  1. it's nice I guess. a bit of a shame that we are not getting an announcement for any new lw collector planes, but I guess it makes sense if allied planes sell better
  2. I believe so, yes. but honestly, it does not need to be physically accurate as nothing in this game really is, so I still dont get it why it needs to be like that in this game
  3. regarding the thicc A-bar of the canopy, simply put, the way it is in this game is heavily flawed. the view to the front on a fw190 might not have been the best for the pilot, but it was certainly no way near as bad as it is in this game. there are quite a few videos of actual planes or reproductions of the thicc armoured front glass panel that prove how flawed the fw190 cockpit is handled in this game. the reason for this is, as far as I can remember (as has been explained by the developers in the past a couple of times), that they cannot implement it into the game for some reason. here are a few videos to show you how it should probably look like
  4. much about said server can be found here (even though it's not very well structured, frankly) other servers with similar (if not identical settings) are: aswell as personally, I'd advise you to at least take a look into the other servers aswell, especially the Oh My Dog one. not to bash anyone here, but the "official" 1CGS DED server does not really have the most active or even caring admins (and that's quite the understatement, actually) which is why the server pretty much is like wild west and getting shot on the runway therefor seems to be allowed. regarding the server being "official": I think it has never been completely explained in public, but the server actually seems to be somewhat semi-official. the admins that set it up and run it are for some reason credited in the games actual credits accessible trough the main menu. but if you ask the devs or the support of IL-2 about it, they'll just say that there are no official servers from them. so that's that. as I said, kind of wild west
  5. jokes and memes aside, I agree that Pe-2 gunners have been and probably still are too good at what they do. they still manage to land critical hits in ridiculous conditions and extremely short time frames. but, to the devs credit, it has been worse in the past. so at least they seem to be aware of the issue and try to bend it a little towards making it more believable. why of any planes it has to be the Pe-2 that has this OP-gunners issue is what is really interesting about it, if you ask me. I think it's just the AI that is absolutely overdone here, since the ammo should not be that big of a factor. regarding the effectiveness of the 30 mm rounds: yeah, those things are just beasts. but they should be. what I think is maybe a liiiiiitle underpowered is the german "normal" 20 mm rounds, you know, the minengeschosse. compared to hispanos in game, they kind of are outperformed by them. don't know if that should be the case though. the russian 20 mm rounds seem to be alright
  6. it was me, I called you lucky since you got me twice, really fast - with what I consider to be luck. don't know how exactly that "starts" anything and why I should fear any repercussions for that. regarding your ban: I assume there is a story prior to that? I mean, I don't know you since I haven't played in quite a while (am only getting back a little since they fixed this overdue sound bug thing) but from what I red here, you don't exactly seem to be the most beloved member of the community. personally, I have had no business with you except for that "lucky incident" so that's that. btw, wrong thread, since it didnt happen on the DED server. here's the correct thread:
  7. I somewhat share that "feeling". Where it is very apparent that they wanted to show the lack of resources for late war german aircraft is the ammo count for the D9. honestly, I think its even kind of silly - as if they were running out of ammo indicators by the time the D9 got into production
  8. scenery and lighting is looking really, really fantastic. looking forward to this one!
  9. that is a really nice idea, I like it a lot. now whether this is technically possible (with the implication that both screens have to be rendered at the same time) is another question. but as a concept, I really like this.
  10. with due respect, but with just under 5 t of empty mass I don't know if one should expect that plane to be an outstanding dog fighter
  11. afaik, that is not up to the devs, but the respective server owners (or, those who set the servers up). the ability to just have a small part of the map displayed (minimap) is definitely there.
  12. this is correct. as long as you have stalingrad on steam, you can buy stuff from their website to your hearts desire - given you have linked your steam-account to the il-2-account. it all will be available for you trough your steam battle of stalingrad game
  13. whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses there. while I understand your frustration, I do not believe that calling names is something useful here. you just said it: it's a video game, nothing to be too mad about. fundamentally, a kick or ban vote is a useful tool for when admins are not in reach. now, considering the history of this server, not admins being around is unfortunately the status quo, thus making this ability even more vital. but: being kicked or even banned just for using a certain plane is ridiculous and should not be happening. now this is a little much to ask but could anyone of you guys who speak russian or got some relation to the DED guys (johnny red maybe?) tell them about this on the russian forums? I think while until now the issues of the servers were an annoyance, now they've become a real problem. if angry people start kick- and ban voting other equally angry people, something definitely needs to change
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