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  1. Erich Brunotte, with 33 victories, flies the 109 again after 74 years. The video is in german. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/3N2YFOsEurk
  2. Ok wow, that surprises me even more then. I tried it couple more times, and I swear their snipeshots are humanly impossible lol, the distance and angles the kill the pilot 9/10 is crass. Good advice thanks, I should prolly just move past it and not look back too much. Else as I said, my favorite campaign. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Juri, thanks for this campaign, one of my all time favorites. I wonder if the bomber gunners got even tougher, because I cant get past mission 4 without Pssarski dying, or both of us dying, while it is usually snipeshot that kills my pilot. It's horrible, doesnt matter how fast you boom and zoom on them, they have jedi aiming, often sniping the pilot while pulling away quite far out. I wonder if lowering the bomber ai skill to average would not be better for a more flowing experience, after doing it 7 times in a row now, kinda bummed out to continue, if you know what I mean. Thanks for taking a look.
  4. I am really happy to see they added the events of Y-29! That is awesome. Didnt check out mission params yet though, prolly wont have time before christmas.
  5. Unfortunately as it seems no, or not yet. My little gripe with the career: it seems all mission types and parameters are ported from the east front careers, this is especially visible in the flight alititudes and squadron/group compositions. I flew the respective units, for example 478th (blue noses at Asch), or JG11 or JG3 etc respectively on Jan 1st 1945, and instead of getting at least similar missions, I got completely random "attack enemy colon" or "enemy concentration at crossroads" etc, not even a fighter sweep. Asch was not even attacked that day, neither did any of the german missions reflect on the events of Jan 1st. I hope they will adjust the Rheinland career to reflect its historic parameters more, like this it is simply a random mission generator with all wrong paramters (except for map and aircraft) progressing along a somewhat historical frontline. The missions imo do not need to be 100% recreations when such historic events occured, but at least should reflect the events and mission types of such outstanding days (especially if you name the title after them). My 2 cents.
  6. What I am missing as well is the addition of historical "landmarks" or moments of interest if you like. For example, Battle of the Bulge, Allied Counteroffensive, etc... not one mission really relates to that. I joined a p51 in the 478th, so that I was stationed at Asch on Jan 1st 1945, the day Y-29 got attacked (Legend of Y-29), and the mission I got was: "attack enemy colon" somewhere randomly behind enemy lines. This was extremely disappointing, I flew Ironman up until that point. I was so disappointed that I started the mission and crashed my plane to end the misery lol. Also during the battle of the bulge the fronline lags behind actual events, and completely omits the couple days of encirclement. The Frontline will jump to the frontline after the breakthrough, I forgot the date, iirc on dec 26th or 27th. To have the encirclement and some missions related to that would be nice. I think the campaign could use some historic interjection missions that marked a special moment in each theatre. Don't have to be many, maybe 1 or 2 per phase. Another thing I noticed was that some days would progress with 2 missions, none of which you take part. This is not a biggy, couple clicks, but when I play on realistic I don't play to really miss days. If it is a day every now or then, alright, but 5 days in a row, and that quite often, is not why I am playing haha. Lastly, I find the missions in general too random. Too little connected with what is happening. I know this one is probably quite hard to achieve, but it is just a pool of random repetitions at some point, and while connected in general to the front line, it does not seem connected to its progress. The squadrons had objectives though, and missions which are known, and while in general the MO of the squadron is being followed, it would be nice if the "why" and "what for" of the missions would be reflected. For example: the 101st is trapped at Bastogne, let's see if we can provide support. (Yes, I know, flights were suspended, it is just an example).
  7. I do. But then what do you do, when you alt tab out, because say you want to watch a tutorial on youtube? That's not the point. It is annoying and obnoxious imo that you are forced to listen to the noise, even if the game is not in focus, etc. Since an option to turn it off would be nice.
  8. Agreed. I mean, I do not understand it, but that does not mean no one would have fun waiting for repairs for so long, you never know. However it is most likely a very small minority that is that "hardcore". In regards what I suppose most of us want to get out of the gameplay (tanking by any means), a simpler solution could also entail just 5 different stacks, minor repairs 1 minute, and so on, with the largest possible one 5 minutes. If you break it down, staring 5 minutes at a static screen is already questionable in Singleplayer, but otoh also an acceptable "punishment" for what is general feedback to your actions. Additionally this could be solved via a commander menu repair item. For example, you could select full repairs stacking like above (or similar, I am sure there could be more realistically scaled solutions) or just select the most important item (forget about the visors, tracks and lets move away from here), etc. This would then make repairs and when you repair and what you repair part of your tactical decision making. Another thing I would like to add for damage model: it would be nice to see penetration holes from shells on the tanks. Not sure how much that is possible, but looking at some of the great damage animations as they are right now, it does not seem impossible. The reason for this is that sometimes when you hit a tank several times, you have not really an indication whether it went through or bounced off etc... at closer ranges with the gun sight imo this would be visible, and could be accompanied by some sparks or other inter-damage effects. Partial flames, partial smoke, etc... or none, depending on damage of course.
  9. I can see that, abosultely, especially if units are limited per side, this does add value and gameplay, as it forces you to take care of your assetts, agreed 100%. In Singleplayer however this added value is absent. And even in Multiplayer I would argue to balance repairs so that the possible longest chain of repairs takes around 10 minutes maximum. Time is the most valuable commodity in life and we fail to realize it so often, you know, or like Seneca said: we ask for someone's time with the biggest ease of all that we ask for, yet it is the only thing that we cannot ever return. Time lost can never be recovered, unfortunately. Say in above example (and I did sit through it), with twice the time acceleration would be still 10 minutes, which again, in SP in my opinion does not add much. Already I would say, for example the annimation of an engineer hopping about (much like arma has them), would add something, if time does not get reduced. But even then: if it takes that long, in my opinion the times is still better spent replaying the mission, as at least you have fun while doing it, experience something, etc etc for all the reasons we actually play this sim/game. I will try and record videos of the above mentioned issues. I am a bit baffled that no one else seems to report that (issue #1), it happens to me quite regularly, I would say at least 1 tank every 3 missions I play.
  10. @point one: happens in any missions, quickstart, SP missions (for example by Thad), and the campaigns. Some enemy tanks occasionally seem resistant to damage, even if the rest of their platoon gets destroyed just fine, 1 tank might just gobble up 50 rounds to no effect. Happened to me at least once with each enemy tank type on both sides. I don't think this is mission related at all, more like a bug where damage does not get registered for a certain tank for some reason. A video would show you exatcly what I described: firing with a tiger point blank into the rear of a sherman or t34, etc with absolutely zero effect. @point two: I get that, but what I experience is that sometimes every shot, from any angle, will be a kill shot, while in the same mission another time it seems more diverse. No matter where it is hit, the tank just explodes. I'll see if I can gather some video evidence, but I figure a hit to the turret or to the tracks should not always explode it, even if it is a light tank. @point three: I simply disagree. Yes realism yadyada, but it is still a game. And no, like I said, get engine, track and gear box damage and it is 20 minutes, not just couple minutes. Agreed, in real life the tank should be done for etc etc, but then why offer it all. There is absolutely ZERO immersion in staring at your screen for 20 min or even 10 minutes (the maximum I could agree on would be 5 minutes) than self torture. If that is what constitutes realism for you, fine, for me it doesn't. Like, equally I do not want to die for real, when I get hit, you know. [Or: ever pressed "E" to start your engines in IL2? So much about realism...] The repair time is exaggerated in tank crew, a lot, in my opinion, with absolutely zero added value to gameplay or immersion. Like I said: having to deal with damage immerses, yes, and if you gave me a toolbox and track parts and I would have to sit there and fiddle in a minigame for 20 minutes with the tracks - I would not complain. But staring at a screen without anything happening for 20 minutes is not realism, it's just plain stupid. Most simmers are middle aged working ppl and have limited time, which is why in most sims any loading, repair and refueling processes are by a multitude faster than in real life. Realism has nothing to do with that, and btw can never be achieved fully anyway. Yes one should strive for it, but where it makes sense. Here, it doesn't. Even if you reduced all three above mentioned damages to 3 min each, it would mean 12 minutes waiting around. 100% and 10/10 I would always just restart the mission, and in Multiplayer, respawn. It's a waste of time in my opinion and nothing more.
  11. First of all thank you for all the hard work, I love il2. A small gripe I have is the inability to turn off the background sounds when you are in the main menu or submenus. I know this is a small item, but after all these years, it is just a constant onslought of noise that you cannot turn off, and that keeps going even if you alt tab out. I don't know if it is just me, but I do fly in between work sometimes, I have to take calls or other occasions where I'd prefer an option to have the game be mute when not flying or tanking, instead of exiting it or having to go into my equalizer and muting it via the system. I know it is not a very important item, but I would be super happy if after all these years of listening to them, I could turn the noise off and it would be optional. There is an option for interface sounds and Title music, turning these off however does not help much, if you have an airport surrounding you so to speak. Thank you for considering it.
  12. Indeed, however it is not just a numb forbidding it, it comes with a lot of education (I am looking at you school, talking about Nazis all the time) and a lot of measures in order to understand history well. Like Eisenfaustus clarified, showing them per se is not forbidden, they are forbidden to be used for glorification or mindlessly, etc... But yeah, difintely agree with you.
  13. Yes, well, it is basically still the fear that they would share the fate of the original Wolfenstein 3D. But Games do not enjoy the same freedom as art and science a priori still, though part of the Kulturrat, they need to fulfill the "soziale Adäquanz" Klausel, which is what I meant with commentary. (In art and science this premise is regarded as fulfilled, unless obviously broken, but dont quote me, I am not a lawyer.) So if its depiction is not a commentary in favor of education as such, the dev would either have to add some sort of commentary to make its depiction socially relevant, or he'd be in need to explain himself and potentially risk indexing. So the short way is not to depict them if not really necessary. Possibly in a title like IL2 historical accuracy could be argued as educational, I certainly would not mind. So yes, possibly the Russian law is more decisive in this matter. In any case, I am personally happy that we still cultivate a responsible handling of this part of our history and at least pose ourselves the question, should we, or should we not. My 2 cents.
  14. It's not only Russia, it is Germany, too. Depiction of fascist/ Nazi symbols is forbidden, and the German gaming market is important. So that's that. No one is frightened, no one said the Wehrmacht was clean, and you totally missed the points. I gave you a perspective on the SS from a german point of view, forbidden is only the depiction of symbols, not the mention of it. Whether this is the genre for me or not, is not up to you to decide. If you need swatikas and SS runes to feel historically correct, well, no one cares, because the Russian and German law trumps your petty wishes. Download the skins like the rest of us, just gotta ask yourself, if you download them for the swastika or for the "accuracy"... 😛 PS:@Yogiflight, the Totenkopf SS was part of the Waffen-SS and the atrocities committed by the Waffen-SS are well documented and do set themselves apart from the rest of the Wehrmacht. Especially in terms of treatment of POWs and civilians. There is no need to represent the Wehrmacht as clean, and there is no need to relativise the "deeds" of the Waffen SS. PPS: I also find it a bit bizarre, how much traction such a topic gets, vs you know, topics concerning real issues with the game (not necessarily mine, but in general). It's quite silly, to be honest.
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