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  1. Thanks guys. Maybe contact with the developers could get something done..who knows!! If you don't ask. Rick
  2. Guys, I was wondering if there is a mod in the case of the pilot leaving the cockpit on landing whether at an airfield or anyplace else? It would have the effect of adding to the immersion of this great simulation! Thanks Rick
  3. Geez. Thanks for all those tips guys. 👍 They should help me a lot. Guess I'll try to get in a bit closer next time. Rick
  4. I'm having trouble shooting down the Sturmovik aircraft in IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad. I can wing it, but am unable to finish it off. I'm flying a ME-110. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Rick
  5. I am having a few problems taking down the Sturmovik in the Battle of Stalingrad. I'm flying a ME-110. I can wing it but not do the job! Any ideas guys will be appreciated. Rick
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