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  1. I`d love to see a Ju188 at some point in the future, what theatre were they used in?
  2. Same again, Oculus Home won`t fire up and Steam VR says reboot device. Anyone else put the latest Nvidia driver on and had this happen. Rift was working fine 2 days again now it won`t fire up????
  3. For me the Rift puts you in the pit , there`s no doubt that the immersion factor goes off the scale. However to see the game in all it`s glory you cannot beat maxing it out and playing on a monitor. The day the Rift can emulate or closely match the vibrancy and definition achievable on a good monitor is the day I stop using a monitor. I didn`t realise how badly the Rift kills the depth of colour and the level of detail achievable on a monitor till I switched back to TrackIr and a monitor for an afternoon, set everything as high as I could and sat back looking at the true beauty of this sim. Going to alternate between the 2 for the foreseeable future.
  4. Altering the clock back a week to March 1st worked for me.
  5. https://jgonfer.com/blog/how-to-fix-the-cant-reach-oculus-runtime-service-error-in-oculus-home/ Search and ye shall find.
  6. Rift won`t fire up, orange light goes out but white doesn`t appear and Oculus Home does not start. I was playing Il2 last night with the Rift on, start the PC this afternoon and it won`t run the Rift. I have tried repair, I have tried reinstalling the software both fail to fix the problem,. Does anyone have a fix for this please?
  7. I almost bought a Ryzen set-up then I read the threads. If you`re on a budget you could do what I did ( be a crash test dummy for the 8350k) buy the 8350k and clock it to 4.9+ at around 1.3v. In game wearing the Rift with 8 v 8 fighter on fighter situations it sits at 90fps even low and dense combat doesn`t diminish that below 70. Decent Asus board, RAM and cpu were around £400 but maybe you don`t need the RAM?. As I was told and has been proven by playing IL2 BoX needs no more than 8gb of RAM.
  8. Don there`s a audio setting in Steam VR or Oculus home that does that automatically , I think it`s Steam VR.
  9. You can create the last 3 by staying up late, turning the heating off , eating nothing and drinking lots before starting and for the wind and smells I find mushrooms do that for me!!
  10. Absolutely, him, dburne and a couple of others have stopped me selling the bloody thing and starting to really enjoy it.
  11. Anyone else get neck ache from the constant head movement required because you`re literally in the pit. I do, just the right hand side at the minute. I found flying the Yak-1b to be a pleasure due to the excellent vision. Also I`m finding it hard to close the launcher, only started after installing the Rift but has continued after re-install s of both sets of software.??
  12. Just ran the test again and with the new bios and looking like it`s functioning as it should: Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 4557, 60000, 44, 91 76 Passmark was 2824 and it was running at 4.8ghz on 1.25v CPU temp was around 56 to 60C So Chiliwili was right looks like the 8350k set up properly is a good buy. I`m happy at that. Just done another test at 4.9ghz on 1.3v. CPU temp was 67C Passmark was 2873 Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 4771, 60000, 45, 91 79.5 ​So a 100mhz and 0.05v increase achieved an extra 3.5fps on average, however it also increased cpu temp by 8C, max v demanded by the cpu during that test period was 1.206v so 1.3 maybe overkill.I`ll reduce it back to 1.25 to see if it will accept that. ​If I`m derailing this thread mate please tell me to stop, no offence will be taken.
  13. Looks like I`m getting somewhere, holds a really steady 90 fps, in low action and free flight on the Moscow ship mission. Heavy combat over and near the ships is between 55 and 70+. Set the gpu to default which should get 1759mhz on 3d/boost, but the monitoring software is recording 1885mhz not sure why that is. CPU is not getting hot at 1.25v and 4.8 sitting at max of around 60 degrees. I did have it 5.0 at one point, might try for that and see what happens, or just leave it as it`s running fine atm and I`ve spent 2 days chasing my tail.
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