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  1. PA_Spartan-

    Alternative Gun camera MOD

    thank you very much. I gotta try it
  2. PA_Spartan-

    Mod Request: GunCam

    That would be a good option. maybe combined that with Nvidia GeForce ...?
  3. PA_Spartan-

    Mod Request: GunCam

    II./JG77_Taog did a great job indeed.
  4. PA_Spartan-

    Mod Request: GunCam

    I have no idea either, probably the modders will say I am nuts, but it would be so awesome .... So, that is why I ask if it possible or is it insane to ask for it. I would pay for such a feature. It would make great videos
  5. PA_Spartan-

    Mod Request: GunCam

    Is it feasible to make a Mod that can imitate a Guncam like in this video ... and just by pressing the triggers it records a video? Video made by II./JG77_Taog
  6. PA_Spartan-

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    You have to use the Spoiler option with the Eye Icon.
  7. PA_Spartan-

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    I don't think this crate can fly ... it looks so heavy!
  8. PA_Spartan-

    Another P-38 found in Greenland

    There is a full documentary about it: the Lost Squadron
  9. From now on, I will never buy in advanced until it is fully released and even then I will wait for sales. No more supporting and then, I cannot benefit from a nice gesture promo code because I was a day-number-one buyer and there is currently nothing for me to purchase as I have everything. I am extremely disappointed.
  10. I clearly made a mistake when I bought the Flying Circus right away to support it when I am even on holiday and unable to use it before September. I will take this into account for the next time ...
  11. But ... I bought the Flying Circus the day it was announced ... How can I use the discount now?
  12. PA_Spartan-

    AI Mod

    But .... To sum up a bit, have the Devs ever said that they will improve the AI or they won't? I am a bit lost about reading about the AI in so many different threats but nothing gets specific.
  13. PA_Spartan-

    Another P-38 found in Greenland

    I was of the lucky ones to see the Glacier Girl in San Antonio, Texas.:)
  14. PA_Spartan-

    DD today?

    Thanks for letting us know .
  15. PA_Spartan-

    [MOD] Pilot in cockpit

    Really excited about this mod. Thanks!