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  1. I foresee a lot of train busting missions and railways level bombing!
  2. Sorry but allow me to disagree. They were used up to the Battle of Moscow at least.
  3. Two of the most missing crates!
  4. Neither of them. I am afraid you will have to start from the very basics.
  5. Please tell us! Can you make a tutorial video maybe? Thanks
  6. We are so short of maps. For me it's the weakest point right now. I don't know how it can be solved technically or logistically but getting one or two maps a year is not helping. IMHO the devs have to find the way to speed up the number of maps a year, I would say in a dozen a year! How many maps do we have in the old IL2 1946? We have such nice plane set right now and so few maps, especially in the Eastern Front: Leningrad, Kurks, Crimea, Minks, Kiev, Smolensk, etc. We urgently need more maps.
  7. Wow, this thread started in 2018! Time really flies ...
  8. Emblems of different historical squads and nose art would be stunning if feasible. Let's cross our fingers!
  9. Dear Comrades, If you could choose a collector tank per army or maybe two, one early/mid and other late war, which ones would you choose? My picks are: Germany: Stug III/IV y Königstiger Soviet Union: KV2 or T34/85 and IS2 USA: Lee and Pershing Great Britain: Cronwell and Churchill.
  10. Probably this thread should be closed. Right?
  11. Missing news about the drop tanks ...
  12. I really like it. Do we have the planes? Which are missing for that time? Yak 3, La-7, etc 1947 seems a bit late for the plane set we have. I would go straight to the second half of 1945, IMHO. And maps??? It would possible after a hypothetical Battle of Berlin ....
  13. Speechless! Wow! Please, more!!! WW2 German perspective
  14. I strongly believe that this will be Tank Crew 2. I hope it gets announced soon. The tank set is very good. I am missing the tank killers or Panzerjägers right now in TC. It would be a game changer as ambushing would become an important part of the gameplay. We also need some British armor too.
  15. I cannot agree more!!!! This is URGENT!
  16. The surprise we are going to get when they announce the torpedoes ... Jason doesn't now that he will make the announcement this year yet, but I have seen it in my crystal ball. Hahahah
  17. Now, here we start again The Hurricane is great, I love it!
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