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  1. I haven't. I'd love to see a picture.
  2. It would be great to have the visual effect of bullets that failed to penetrate but crack the glass.
  3. I really hope to see this plane in the future. It would a great addition for AI first ....
  4. No ready yet The map is in the borders of Bastonge. The quality of the map for ground warfare should be like the Prokhorovka in TC1. Tanks missing ... Tiger II, Fireflys Sherman, etc IMHO I would rather pay for a TC2 than a hack/mod style. But I'm only human after all ... But I will but the new Star Wars Squadrons as well for sure
  5. I love Tank Crew I hope for a TC2 The Battle of the Bulge
  6. One question .... does the Bendix Radio work? How I have to do sth to use it? The needle is always stuck in the middle.
  7. The beer is on me! Tell the barmen all around the world to put it on my tab. 😎 Disclamer: it is a joke. Do not do it! Or I'll have to send Dexter and Kelling Eve to take care of things 😏
  8. I just flew a Lightning Strikes Mission and no problem here. But a lot of micro-stuttering
  9. I miss the X-wing Tie fighter old games. They were a lot of fun.
  10. I hope it gets down to Gribraltar at least.
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