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  1. These positions can be temporarily AI and in the future IF possible, be modified using the proper information to match the other planes standards. In short, better a glass have full than no glass at all!
  2. If one of the big issues about the PTO is to know if the community is willing to accept educated or best guesses when the actual information is not available, then it is clear to me that we need to be asked. As simple as that. Jason, make an official poll about this. For me it is crystal clear, I want the PTO even if you have to sacrifice some fidelity. The PTO in the old IL2 1946 was a blast and the dogfights of Wildcats against Zeros was epic, the torpedo runs, the take offs and landings on carriers, the navigation with low fuel looking for your flatttops in the middle of the vast ocean, etc My mouth gets watering just recalling all those unforgettable moments. I have not a single doubt that the PTO would be a total business success.
  3. Dear Jason, I was listening to you interview with full attention until 2am. It was very interesting and some answers gave hope about incoming content we all want. First of all, I would like to thank you for a move that I have personally been asking in various occasions. That is the selling of Collector Planes with one kind of content/context to make them morr attractive to us buyers. The free scripted campaign featuring the P38 together with the unforgiveable sale price of less than 5$ is what I was asking for. One should be completely crazy not to get the P38 Lightning right now. For me ... well I already have it but the free Scripted Campaign is more than welcome. I beg you to consider something similar with the new collector planes, Ya9, Yak9T and Hurricane. The price is too high for me even now. It' s 45$ for the three of them and soon 60$ after the sales. If you compare that to the special price of BOBP right now .... I really would like to get them but the price has to go down. What about a bundle of the 3 aircraft for 30$? Or throwing in some free scripted campaign or mini map (Lapino style). These are just some ideas, take your time and think it over. Regarding the Pacific ... I was one of the disappointed when Normandy was announced. I publicly said that I wouldn't buy BON. But after some of the latest cool updates 4.005 and the incoming 4.006, now released, I got so excited that I finally bought Normandy to support the sim. I was glad to hear that you are determined to do the Pacific in the future. I didn't like the idea of as a separate game outside the present engine game. I would like all the aircraft we have now to be able to interact with each other. How I would do it? I would create the Wildcat (Marlet), the Dauntless and any other plane that was present in the ETO. This way it would be a step forwards to the future Pacific expansion. You have all the info about those Amerucan planes and therefore is feasible. How to integrate them .... well, collector planes or a mini expansion in a European area where these warbirds were active. I need some research here ... maybe, just an all water map protecting convoys would also be a way to start implementing future PTO content, aircraft carrier, torpedoes, mines, etc. Well, I will finish this long post by saying that I have been an active supporter of IL2GBS for a long time. My former tag was Spartan and I have not only purchased almost all the available content, but also I worked with Black Six in helping him create the Spanish 15.Span and other minor texts for BOBP. I know it is not much but it was my two cents contribution to this wonderful community. As many other here, I love this sim and I want the best of it. Please, do not rush in an answer and think about my humble suggestions. Thanks for your time reading this post and take care.
  4. This is the way to go Devs, a free scripted campaign for a collector plane and the a sale for the plane. Thumbs up! I am waiting for the Yak9 and Hurricane!
  5. Thanks a lot! It has been a great surprise! This takes the Collector Planes to a new level
  6. Personally I would like them much more intense. Sometimes I have the feeling there is no glass covering the instruments. Can we have more options of intensity like a sliding bar to increase or decrease it? This way, everyone would be satisfied!
  7. Hopefully torpedoes and mines! I don't lose my faith that they will be implemented.
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