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  1. I agree too. I think that the collector planes should be for aircraft produced in lower quantities but significant in the conflict. At the same time they would fill in the holes in the different escenarios or battles. The IAR80, He112B, and others would be great additions to the game. Planes massly produced such as the I15 or I153 should be plane set of a full Barbarossa Battle of, IMHO. Eventually in not a very long time, the Germans will run out of planes to be added to the sim. It will be necessary to get Italian and rare planes if they want to keep the 5+5 balance.
  2. Happy Birthday Jason!!! Questions: 1. Are we going to have torpedoes in the sim soon? 2. Are we going to have a Karelian/Leningrad map? if so, with additional aircraft? 3. Is there any feasible way of increasing the number of maps at a much faster rate? Maybe a 3rd party or new tool? Thanks Speaking of Las Vegas, I am one of the few who left the place with profits I went to a slot machine, I inserted a quarter and won a dollar. Then, I said, that's it! I am happy with my gains
  3. Hello everybody, I am a bit confused about the engines and brakes in the Ju52 with the HOTAS Warthog How can you have it assigned in your HOTAS? I mean, if I have a Bf110 or any other two-engined planes, the left is n1 and right n2, so the brakes in the pedals is easy, left and right and another key for both at the same time. The throttle is easy too in the HOTAS Warthog. But how can you do it in the Ju52??? Where do you assign engine 3, together with n1 or with n2? What about the brakes? I don´t understand why in the Ju52 engine 3 is not the central one.
  4. I think we are ready for the next big announcement of a expansion ...
  5. Excellent!! Really exciting news on many different fronts! I know WHO is going to be very happy about the Bf109 Tail Fix!!!! We really need more Italian planes in the sim, the Axis is basically one side right now! Germany needs some help from Italy and Japan! An expansion in the Med would be awesome and we all know that MALTA is the right one because you can kill many birds with one stone ... torpedoes, carrier operations, Italian planes, ships of all kinds, convoy scenarios, aeronaval warfare etc in short, it is the perfect step before the Pacific if .... needed!
  6. Ok. Thanks a lot. I wonder if a kind of template is possible so we only need to drop the videos in the editing process. Have you thought about adding the countdown they used at the very beginning in some of the historical videos? Do you like that idea? Looking forward to your tutorial
  7. I really like it. I see the next steps: choosing ammo belts and ... TC2. If they are going to implement this in the long run ... there must be a reason to be around that long, right?
  8. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  9. We have some skins already made in K2. The author is Costa, 15[Span.]/JG51Costa Ask him!
  10. I foresee a lot of train busting missions and railways level bombing!
  11. Sorry but allow me to disagree. They were used up to the Battle of Moscow at least.
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