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  1. This would be great for Barbarossa
  2. Can you please share the profiles to to try them out? Shellofaman or any other. I am trying Skippers and Geronimo, but I would like some more. Thanks
  3. My biggest problem right now is the drop of frames. I have a GeForce 970 4GB and I get down to around 30 fps what makes kind of weird when flying.
  4. I dream for a real gun cam mode ..... recording like back and while old movies shaky style and all.
  5. ok, but I am thinking more of Wildcats, Avengers, Hellcats, Corsairs, Devastators, Dauntless, etc
  6. Damn! I am trying to find info about what PTO planes made it to the ETO but I cannot find a good source ...
  7. This would do for me until the real expansion comes. But we need sth. It would be a great teaser.
  8. What about a couple of planes to start preparing the Pacific? What planes mainly in the PTO also made it to Europe? Wildcats for instance.
  9. Does the AI have blind spots? Can you bounce them and surprise them? I've always wonder that. Can they see through clouds?
  10. I've also thought about that. It would be so interesting. But we need TORPEDOS! Can the Devs with the present technology make them? We need more bombers, even if AI at first: Do217 (for later Do17) and some Soviets. We also need to increase the number of maps at a faster pace. There are enough planes for many other scenarios. Maybe smaller DLSs with a new map and just two new planes missing in that map/time. It would be a faster way for customers to get new toys and the company some profit. IMHO it takes to long to a new title. We also need sth in the short time. In short, the most important right now Maps and Torpedoes.
  11. I really hope we are getting sth more than the sales ....
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