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  1. I like the idea but I would change the plane set. I don't like the He111 nor the Spitfire, Mosquito. I would rather have a Soviet bomber or two ... IL4 and ? Even the German Storch
  2. Oh boy. This has been a VERY risky business decision. I would have played safe with two collector tanks such as a Köningstiger and a Firefly or IS2. Let's see what happens in the next months. Maybe, the announcement of a TC2 could change everything. I am wishing for the best.
  3. To sum up: - A new plane... - A new DLC - A second part of FC or TC ... - A new map ... Well, I'd go for all of the above combined! I said sometime ago that after 3 projects at the same time, having only one now BON was too little. No body said anything about the incoming? Finland/Leningrad? Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  4. It would be a nice addition from 1942 to 1945. It fits perfectly in the time frame. Is it feasible? That is another matter? But the British deserve to have a bomber of their own too.
  5. Now, we need to add the Ferdinad to the practice range.
  6. Very good! The new fuel system is going to be a new challenge.
  7. IMHO I would like a balance between realism and playability because looking at a screen isn't, and never will be, as a real human eye looking at a real sky or ground. In many occassions, we take off from the same aerodrome and we try to get all together in formation to proceed to the target but we waste too much time trying to find each other even though we are telling each other where we are over the RT. This is ridiculous. Spotting in this sims is way to much harder than in real life, at least in short distances. Sometimes it is difficult to fly in loose formation because I just don't see my wingman. It is very frustrating.
  8. It could be a nice addition to realism you guys find the way. Thanks to all.
  9. Don't worry. I have the feeling that the project is moving on because otherwise you would have told us so. And I recall that you said sth about a silent agreement. That is very good because sth very big is being cooked! Don't worry about us, we'll wait the extra 2 week with patience.
  10. After the new Velikiye Luki summer map .... my heart is pounding stronger than ever .... Leningrad, I wait for you.
  11. After some maintenance is a new patch coming or not necessarily? I mean is the patch 4.009 coming VERY soon or I can relax and go to the pool?
  12. Finally a new map! IMHP thi is the issue where most effort should be placed. We desperately need many more maps. I remember that many DD ago, there was a talk about a new technic to speed up the production of maps but I don't know what happened with that. In the Eastern Front with the current set of planes, the missing part is definitely more maps. Some interesting needed maps: Leningrad, Khursk, Mursmank, Kiev, Crimea, etc From the Business point of view, what about selling packs of two collectors planes plus a new map? For instance, I15/I153 + Do17/217 and a Barbarossa map? It would be a way of filling in gaps and making some profit?
  13. Sad that because of Tobruk? We aren't getting any news? I hope this is not the reason and that it is because we are getting something big soon.
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