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  1. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    [MOD] Hakenkreuz (Swastika) on Awards and Flags

  2. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    No credit for a Taran kill

    I vote yes as well.
  3. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Det's Hangar

    I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 and now, when I tried minimize the game to adjust the volume of other devices, the sim crashes and gets a no response mode. It did not happen to me with Win 7. It is very annoying because I cannot adjust the TeamSpeak volume and the sim volume.
  4. A pity it is not in epub or pdf. But I'll check it up too. Thanks a lot
  5. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Ayuda para volar con Oculus Rif

    Sin duda que lo haré. Te escribo por el PM
  6. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Ayuda para volar con Oculus Rif

    Joder que yo soy de Mérida .... me estás tentando. Sería una oportunidad muy buena de probarlas. Aunque estoy en Canarias. Iría en vacaciones. Yo tengo una GeForce GTX 970, creo que es la mínima requerida.
  7. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Just maybe Barbarossa ...
  8. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    PC Temperature

    I am having problems with the temperature of my PC and I had a couple of automatic switch-offs with a burning smell I have cleaned my pc inside the box and added a 3rd fan. Now I´d like to monitor the temperatures and fans. What free software do you recommend me? Thanks in advance
  9. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    PC Temperature

    I opened the PC and cleaned it as best as I could. Then, I installed a third fan, on the top this time. It seems to have solved the problem. Let's cross our fingers.
  10. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    IMHO the priority should be in developing the torpedoes. They are essential in the Pacific and can be used in the Kuban map as well. I really miss the aeronaval warfare like in the old IL2 1946.
  11. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    "Fire and Ice" - Bf 110 E-2 Scripted Campaign

    In mission 5 ... This is an immersive well-written story. Thumbs up!
  12. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    "Italian" career with MC-202 Folgore

    The list is here, but I don´t know how to do the technical part ....
  13. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    What about the Battle of the Coral Sea? It is smaller than Midway and maybe a first step in testing ... There were not so many vessels and the basic planes to start a Pacific path ...
  14. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    "Italian" career with MC-202 Folgore

    In the BOM you can make a career with the Spanish Pilots of the Blue Squadron. The story of the 15(Span.)/JG27and the ficticious biography is what I sent BlackSix. But we are talking about Career not campaign. If you want to create the Spanish Campaign, send me a PM and we can work together!
  15. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Wow. You really rock. You have made so many of us happy .... We all wish you the very best Tzigy. I will teach my youngest son to fly in this training plane.
  16. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Are there plans to expand this to US/German Campaigns?

    The sequel should be ... The Battle of the Ardennes or Bulge. It would match BOBp What tanks should include? Köningstiger and ....?
  17. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    A U2VS or the Havoc Campaign, if possible to change sth in your gift list, Happy New Year Thanks a trillion!!!!
  18. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Cause & effect of various types of tank ammo.

    Thanks guys. What about the usage? Ranges, armor, etc? Is there a table or grid about it?
  19. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Would Korean only attack American and Korean buyers? Would Europeans be interested? My advise ... make a poll before risking a business decision ...
  20. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Por cierto

    Feliz Año Nuevo y que sigamos viéndonos todos en los cielos y terremos virtuales. El 2019 va a ser una pasada para el sim ....
  21. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Yes, it has been a wonderful sim year You deserve a great New Year party!!! All the vodka on me! Thanks devs.
  22. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    DD today?

    I doubt it!
  23. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Can a MOD ever become official?

    I was wondering if the Devs consider that a MOD is a good addition for the game, is it possible that it can be part of the official sim? Has something like this ever be done in other sims? In the IL2 1946 for instance?
  24. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    U-2VS or Not?

    I am also thinking about it .... I know I am going to get nailed saying this .... but I gotta be honest with this wonderful community. It is a bit pricey for me for just a plane without the special missions yet. Look at the price of BOS without collector Planes ($16.99)... and you get 8 planes , a map, etc. I think I will wait a bit to see what happens. Sorry. Now, I am ready to take the bullets Note: I have bought all except this one and the Havoc Campaign. I bought the Ju52 and barely use it so far. IMHO a collector plane should come with something extra in the game: a mini map with a set of missions, or a campaign, or whatever make it even more special. No harm intended but it is my opinion as a faithful buyer of the series.
  25. 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    IMHO Korea would be very risky .... I am not sure myself that I would buy that expansion. A different scenario on the Pacific would do as a beachhead for the future aeronaval engagements. My 2cents as well. Even Malta could serve that purpose ...