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  1. I want aeronaval battles with carriers and torpedoes involved. I hope for PTO but Malta could be prelude.
  2. I can hardly wait to see it. One of my favourites ..... and reading this book which is full of battle action
  3. When did they announce the BoBp, TC and FC? I am eager to know the next titles ....
  4. Very interesting, thanks. I wonder if there is a Calculator to put the Caliber, ammo type, armour and distance and see if there is or not penetration ...
  5. Great to hear that you are going to look into it and thanks in the name of many of us. You do not need more than 30 seconds per plane as it is only the starting procedure. All the rest: cockpit layout, taxiing, take off and landings, are already covered in your familiarization videos. Thanks again. This will cure the "Staring procedures fever" once and for all
  6. Dear Requiem, the same thing for me here. I have done it thanks to you. By the way, talking about the new starting procedures. First off all I wanna say that I am extremely glad with the changes and that I would like to learn about it to do it right. You have surely seen all the fuss or anxiety about this issue.... so, I was wondering if in a couple of videos, you could go plane by plane and show us how to do it. It does not need to be lengthy, follow the KISS rule, Keep It Short and Simple. Maybe a video for the Soviet planes, another for the Allies and a third for the Axis. I remember your videos from ROF and it was like that, adjusting the mixture and radiators before pressing E, basically, right?
  7. Here we have a nice war story ... Was it a Kv1 or a KV2? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Raseiniai
  8. I like the idea but we need info about the starting procedure of every plane in the sim, if necessary.
  9. What about a KV2 monster so that the PzIII and PzIV have big challenge? http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/soviet/soviet_KV-2.php
  10. Finally I got to start and take off with the Me262. I ´ve fallen in love ....
  11. I tried Sochi in Kuban but a bit too short for a greenhorn
  12. Where are the 3 option to select? I haven't seen them in the settings ....
  13. Oh Boy, now Jason will want one of those seats for Xmas!!!
  14. I think that as an interceptor of bomber formations will suit fine as it did in ww2. We need more allied bombers, I guess. Somebody suggested the Lancaster as a simple model of a heavy bomber .... Is it feasible?
  15. Two possibilities: Me262 released before the Expo so that the community can detect some possible bugs and polish it before hand .... or Me262 will be released at the Expo and then the engines will catch fire and .... well, you know the rest of the story ... Whatever choice, I love it!!!!!
  16. The Me262 will be released on June 6, so that it can take part in the Normandy Campaign and avoid any beachhead on the Continent.
  17. Where did you get that info from?
  18. I never found the subtitles in English for it ....
  19. The Battle of Coral Sea as a prelude to Midway.
  20. https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p06tmhm7/the-surprising-benefit-of-flying-a-virtual-war-plane?ocid=gnl.display.house-banner.bbc-gnl..BBCReel
  21. I would like to control the turret with a hat from the joystick and having also a command to bring the turret straight to the forward position.
  22. Thanks a lot. I am getting hooked on tanks now. I am even rewatching the old Tank Overhaul episodes ..... the PANTHER Elephant
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