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  1. Nothing to be sorry about. I really appreciate your time in doing this campaign
  2. I love this new function. But sometimes it is very difficult to locate the place to do the RRR. I was wondering about two possible solutions: 1. The RRR could fire a flare before or after landing by request from the pilot (a new command: Resquesting RRR flare!). 2. After landing, taxiing away the runway and stopping the engine, request a RRR and the truck could come to you and provide the service. (a new command Requesting RRR Truck!)
  3. Vander, could it be possible to have some flares fired before landing or after landing to locate that site? Some airports are huge, like the ones in the western front and it is not easy to find it. I hope it feasible Thanks Are they located on all the bases or only in the starting base in the mission?
  4. I LOVE the new physiology. It would nice to have an optional G Meter Bar in-game to learn about the limits and to try out maneuvers.
  5. Mission 8: I did everything by the book including the RRR at the nearby base. I let everybody land before me and then I landed at Anapa. I got a message saying: " Now taxi to the guy firing the white flare". Of course, I did not see that guy and I taxied every possible where in the base but I couldn't get the completed mission. Where is the GUY?
  6. I love it too. I think I can fly better now because I am able to see the limitations of pulling the stick too much. I lose less energy now when I ease on the stick as I start noticing the consequences.
  7. Thanks, Samson. I really like the campaign. I just do not understand why after landing I don't get the green completed mission. I will try today and make a video if I encounter this problem again. The RRR was a great idea and addition. I will use it today too. By the way, did you make any change in mission 6? Because this time it worked in my first attempt.
  8. Now, I could I finally finished Mission 6 and move on I am enjoying now Now stuck with the same problem in Mission 8 .... (I wonder what I am doing wrong ....)
  9. So .... what is the new one? What was the change about?
  10. You really rock! I wonder how you would make it to locate and find the Maintenace Areas (visual cues). I think some taxiing is necessary for game playability.
  11. Hi Vander, I have a question, Is the RRR function already implemented in your generator if not, could you please implement it? Thanks a lot!!!!
  12. Is there any short mission to test it? I don't know how to test it on a fast way without having to spend half an hour co bat flying ....
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