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  1. Yes but i only use it on planes that really have it like Bf 110. Maybe Ju52 could be considered in my mind exception since i can think that the co-pilot is flying.
  2. Question does our Ju 52 model have autopilot? Internet says: Among the primary manufacturing models, the Ju 52/3mg7e, offered larger cabin doors along with other detail improve­ments, and it was provided with an autopilot.
  3. Godspeed

    DD today?

  4. Godspeed

    Help Steam keys "Revoked"

    First time saying anything about this revoke issue because i had all bought on steam or il2sturmovik.com and had no issues. But... They should have not go overzealous because this purge also hurt themselfs. Dont get me wrong im not saying that they did not do right thing. What i mean is that maybe they should have acted bit more careful. Im sure support will solve this Point is... You should not have to do this if they had done better job to solve this issue.
  5. Godspeed

    Bf110 E2 MG/FF cannon question

    But you can get guns loaded even if the tail gunner is dead....
  6. Godspeed

    Steam Glitch yesterday?

    Sometimes Steam does that when the software had some issue to startup. Usually easiest way is to just reboot computer. Or kill the .exe's from task manager.
  7. This must be fixed i always put time speed to max and go eat or watch tv for while so they dont get captured after flight. Worst is when you have to bail out since the flight ends when you get to ground Flight should not end when you bail out and hit the ground. This kind of stuff should have been noticed on testing phase.
  8. I would like to have Difficulty setting so both sides AI is ACE level. On moderate your faction can do something and enemy is just free to shoot targets without any ability to even shoot down bombers. On Hard your team is just useless like the the enemy on moderate. On moderate put auto pilot to Bf110 and fly straight. Your tail gunner kills almost everytime and enemy cant hit you while flying straight. ( Just few lucky shots that usually does nothing too serious ) AI is bad and ACE is only difficulty that gives some challenge and realism. Or Give some "Historical" settings that all pilots are random skill.
  9. Godspeed

    JU-87 for Battle of Moscow?

    I bet that it wont happen. One thing i do not like in Moscow is the very low pool of different planes. Maybe some day they make new premiums or something.
  10. Godspeed

    Question Regarding AAA over airfields

    I have got badly damaged by friendly flak. Its real danger !
  11. Godspeed


    Nice! I only have Stalingrad Retail Copy And many older sims like Secret Weapons of Luftwaffe with all expansion floppies.
  12. Godspeed

    Question Regarding AAA over airfields

    Yesterday my career got saved by airfield AA. Heavy AA got direct hit on Yak-1 what was on my six i had no ammo left. Yak-1 turned into atoms nice fireworks too. I have also seen some problems with the airfield AA also. Some airfields have planes parked on them but there is no AA protecting them. If this kind of airfields are not in use there should be no parked planes like Bf110's as decoration.
  13. Is Bf 110 G2 usable on Bodenplatte career in any unit? Im pretty sure no but still asking because i love that plane. Cant wait to fly P-38 and its still heavy fighter and can use my CH Flight Sim Yoke for it 😊
  14. Godspeed

    What planes will be released in the next 2 months?

    I hope they bring back the old Ju-52 ones too i think they are still missing? Paratroop & Supply Drop.