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  1. I play Hard & Iron man. Because enemy AI is too dumb on any other settings. There is no option to change AI levels only which i have asked for two years now.
  2. Ok so there are night missions i have not played enough to get them since im trying to progress to Kuban. I havent managed to survive that long since the ground attack missions will kill everything usually because no escort on the 110 E2 missions. For me its impossible to survive "hundreds" missions always with pure luck. Carrying 700kg of bombs to target without escort i can say that everyone's luck will run out pretty fast. Even i can get 3-7 kills on one flight sometimes i cant progress very far what ever timeframe i choose. They should fix the 110 career missions so you at least could get escort on some mission's. The attrition rate is unrealistic the zerstörer squadrons would be dead in weeks. The last AI patch was good, now my flight can shoot down something but it wont fix the issues in missions themselfs. For me it seems that the missions that were made for 110's are done in hurry and without real care. Copy & Paste them from single engined fighter careers wont fit for ground attackers at least not for zerstörer careers. I hope Sturmovik team would look up to this issue or maybe try 110 career themselves so they could fix the 110 careers.
  3. Im speaking of Bf 110 Night Fighter unit on Kuban that does not do night fighting.
  4. Been flying missions in 10. Nachtjäger Staffel. I think there are no night missions in career. Why add Bf 110 G2 than F2 if there are no real missions for this night fighter unit? Last mission was to escort ground attack planes. What we were protecting was Fw 190's. I have not come across any mission that you get escort when you are ground attacking with Bf 110 in any scenario moscow to kuban. This is why my career usually ends its the silly ground attack missions where there are 8 fighters waiting that my 4-6 plane ground attack group arrives to the slaughter.
  5. Is there even night missions for this unit i have not seen any when i have tested? I been flying mostly E2 model because i want to progress to Kuban someday.
  6. My Father likes to talk to me about Finnish airforce in 1939-1944. If i remember correcly according to him when i asked about this same thing he said that Finns removed MW 50 because it would worn the engine faster. Since Finns lost planes slowly the Bf 109 needed to last long time and it was difficult to get replacement parts from Germany. Yes MW 50 did come with some replacement planes but they were removed. Some planes did come with wing cannons but they were removed from most of the planes but some were used. ( 14x Bf-109 G6/R6 ) Also bomb racks were removed. Finns also got few Bf 109 G-2/Trop and Bf 109 G6/AS models from replacement planes Finnish Bf 109's had installed dust filters for most planes. Finns did not recieve G4 models.
  7. Yeah you guys are right but i think i made nice find nevertheless Since i did not know that this model even existed ( Maybe it did exists only on paper or on few planes ) Really few mentions i have come across with this subvariant.
  8. I have no idea. I've always wondered why there was no GM-1 in Bf 110 G models. Some of my books that contain info about Bf 110 variants does not mention this either. So now i at least know that there was GM-1 in some 110's Soon i go visit Berlin and i get to see Bf 110 F2 at museum ❤️
  9. Just found out there was GM-1 on Bf 110 The "Bf 110G-2/R2" was a Bf 110G-2 with a nitrous-oxide engine power boost scheme. It was hefty, and so some armor protection and the rear guns were deleted. The "Bf 110G-2/R5" featured the 37-millimeter cannon, the MK 108 cannon, and nitrous-oxide power boost. Source: https://www.airvectors.net/avbf110.html
  10. Hi Why there is no option for Bf 110 G2 use GM-1 The "Bf 110G-2/R2" was a Bf 110G-2 with a nitrous-oxide engine power boost scheme. The "Bf 110G-2/R5" featured the 37-millimeter cannon, the MK 108 cannon, and nitrous-oxide power boost. source: https://www.airvectors.net/avbf110.html Would be nice to have since many planes have many different setups to choose from.
  11. Now AI shoots down Bombers this patch was good improvement. I tested Bf 110 career and now my fellow pilots do something and its big leap. There are plenty work to be done still but i can say it has gone better.
  12. Yak 1b Collector Plane or La5FN Collector Plane would be nice since i have started to enjoy Soviet planes Thanks
  13. Pre Ordered Bodenplatte buyers have change to ask Steam keys after release. But you can still buy it and it will work but you cant "own" it in steam no longer. They no longer will give Steam keys on pre ordered / early access products. Bodenplatte was my last preorder/early access purchase. Its good that people still buy them at page ( so developers get money in advance ) im just fundamental in this matter.
  14. It happened again but this time plane just exploded on ground after 5mins without fire.. After explosion i got message that i have oil leak.. Silly but really stupid. Another prominent career lost for worst kind of reason. Yay
  15. Seems like bail out things have not get better at all.
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