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  1. Godspeed

    Photo Recon Lightnings

    Bf-110's did photo recon in every theather would be nice to have such missions in career.
  2. Godspeed

    Bombers in MP

    If can hold it you have nothing to fear In all seriousness Bf-110 is best ground attacker for hit & run i think. It cant take alot of hits but when you go target fast and drop bombs and get out asap i usually survive at least so i can crash land to own side. I always use protection plates for pilot and engines. When trained with bombs it can take two tanks out relatively easy.
  3. Godspeed

    Quick Question About Linking Accounts

    And you are using downloaded content & launcher from ? https://il2sturmovik.com/
  4. Godspeed

    Career Levels

    I want Historical Option nothing else.
  5. Hello One thing what was not answered or i did not understand is.. If i someday choose to download Sturmovik game files and use pages own launcher do all my content work from that too if i have Keys from main page and from Steam? I already made link so i hope i did not mess up
  6. Godspeed

    Update... disable mods first!

    Cant log in so its happening i think
  7. Thanks! There was no instructions how to install it. I will definitely test this campaign when i know how 🤗
  8. X-File Case: Klaus Dannenberg Dies twice in two different flights.
  9. Godspeed

    Installing Il-2 in a different computer

    Just install it and play no limits.
  10. Godspeed

    Post something positive for a change?

    I really love this simulator. Able to enjoy flying as Bf 110 heavy fighter pilot in long waited career is fantastic. Im also very satisfied that there are two models E2 and G2. I have been studying Bf 110 for long time and my vacation just started and im able to read one more book about this plane soon. 🤗 Sturmovik has teached me alot of the planes handling and other characteristics specially with Bf 110.
  11. Godspeed

    Mission types

    I would like to fly Ju-52 with at least the original missions. Right now its not very Interesting. Later in Campaing: There should be option for 13mm MG. And two more gunner positions.
  12. Godspeed

    Career Mode 15(Span)/JG27

    I started Career with Spanish unit yesterday. I like to fly E7 as fighter and less jabo. Got two I-16 at first flight. Really enjoying😊
  13. Hey guy Hi I own all expansions and many collector planes. Half are from Steam and other half from sturmovik page. I have not tested but does all Steam stuff also work if you dont use Steam at all. I mean downloading the game from main page. Most likely i know the answer and its yes but can you confirm that?