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  1. This is one of the reasons why i dont play Career. There should be option for all random or all Ace too. Its too easy like 7 kills in one mission. Or you vs all enemies ( Friendly pilots all dead | Useless ) There is no escort planes in Bf 110 bombing missions and many other issues. This is why i only use PWCG.
  2. I'm happy about Me 410, Ju-88C6 and Mosquito It has most value to me of all expansions πŸ₯° I feel so privileged 😊 If i have to think something i would like to have is Pe-3 so i would fly on Soviet Side too.
  3. Bf 110 and Me 410 are my dream aircrafts. When Moscow was released i was so happy and the "missing" need fullfilled. When Kuban was going to happen and i saw info of 110 G2 i pre ordered straight away full of enjoyment. Then Me 410 i always felt like its the last form of 110 the final and best of the best technological marvel. Everything that 110 still lacks 410 has it all. I was pretty sure Me 410 was too mutch to ask and more than happy with 110 E2 & G2. But now Me 410 is really coming im 100% certain that i will buy it from Steam when its released. I can say my Hype level is over 9000. Normandy plane set is just perfect for heavy fighter nut like me. Cant wait to see pictures/videos about Me 410 or Ju 88 C-6a.
  4. Me 410 YESH 😍 i'm so excited and i just cant hide it 😁
  5. I have told AI & Single Play Issues in forum since 2014. Most issues are still around.
  6. I fly Bf 110 alot and i have seen many times that my landing gears wont come down if i have taken damage. But im not sure if it has anything to do with hydraulic leaks. Bf 109 atleast E models had this emergency, canister based feature to force landing gears down. This is not working in this sim or the E7 does not have it.
  7. Usually AI interceptors will get annihilated when attacking bombers. Its good to hear that they can now shoot down some bombers whats flying straight line. Its hard to believe but ok. I would stick with PWCG.
  8. I bought DVD Copy from 2014 and im still using its license to this day. I dont think they have been manufactured for years. ( Someone might sell it unopened if you are lucky ) Licence from physical copy is for Steam. Its still on my shelf is quite rare me thinks
  9. Please stop complaining about this matter you knew what you get and "they" delivered it fully as photo shows. https://il2sturmovik.com/news/474/dev-blog-223/
  10. Great downloading it now! When does it come to Steam so i can ask my Bodenplatte Steam keys from Sturmovik Support? Edit: Tested Career Briefly and i like that Ju87 & FW 190 has night missions now. I hope Kuban Bf 110G2 career got them too. But most importantly i will start P-38 Career what i have long waited for 😍 Tomorrow i install my CH Flight Sim Yoke πŸ€— Not bad for first flight got distinguished flying cross as well
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