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  1. Godspeed

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    AI would be nice and then Italy airwar.
  2. Godspeed

    DD today?

    Does Massive AI improvements come with Bodenplatte release or sooner?
  3. Godspeed

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    So this week we get bf 109K4 and P47?
  4. Godspeed

    No update to the single player campaign?

    Would be nice to order wingman or flight engage to enemy escort fighters or bombers.
  5. Godspeed

    Thanks for a great game!

    I too played SWOTL very mutch with my fathers computer. That sim started it all for me. I still own all the orginal floppies and expansion plane floppies. Also that password "wheel" 😀
  6. Godspeed

    More difficulty options (SP and MP)

    Expert Mode or least make some "hardcore" mode to remove all helping effects.
  7. Some small fixes to career came with 3.006 :) Player wingmen won't be captured by the enemy if the player finishes a Career mode mission above the enemy territory; But sadly there was no mention about difficulty option to put all AI controlled aircraft to ACE on both sides.
  8. Im really want to fly P-38 i have CH Flight Yoke waiting for it.
  9. What monitor are you using? What FPS you are expecting? Who killed kennedy? At 1080p you will have what you want but 2580 x 1440 may cause small hiccups sometimes. At 4K you need better GPU.
  10. Why are you here then? If you get thrill about arguing with some dude go for it but not here. There are places like chatroulette where you can do that and show them things you like.
  11. This thread is not about multiplayer so please stop talking about it. Its about career and ai issues in single play. You use your wise words in multiplayer thread or send messages in private.
  12. Godspeed

    Planning for worst-case scenario - DRM etc.

    This is one reason why i asked Steam keys for my preorder products. But usually developers release somekind of patch that no longer need online features to use main elements of the game. There are some examples that has not done so like war of the roses. ( Game can not be played even you own it on Steam )
  13. I preordered bodenplatte and G6 they are my newest products. I do own almost everything in my account and i feel i have more than plenty products to enjoy already. But.. it does not make mutch difference because using all this planes and maps the experience what i get is almost the same. I was very happy when career mode was released and did not really care that it had issues because i believed that they will be fixed in near future. Now my paid content is sitting and waiting to be used but certainly will not buy more before i see noticeable improvements. Its still fun to fly and i can enjoy at times but its not the experience what i hoped to be.
  14. With single engined fighters you can enjoy flying career mutch more i agree on this. ( Jabo is not included ) Last time i played it was pretty boring nevertheless i got 120 kills less than 40 flights. ( Iron man always on my careers ) This has to do with AI and moderate difficulty because choosing Hard ruins your sides AI.. Choosing bad ai to your team or the enemy. ( Pick your poison ) And i also agree with blitze that you need to be squad leader to make it work somehow. ( Spamming commands is mandatory ) But being flight leader on bf 110 career it does not matter mutch.
  15. Hi I would like to share some thought about the career and why i think its not working well. I have played it alot with different time frames and planes so i decided to make thread about it now. Developer silence about AI & Career flaws makes me bit concerned about coming Bodenplatte and future of the career. Worst career experience what i have got is sadly with my favourite plane Bf 110. Been testing it since release of Kuban here are my findings. ( Least hundred careers ) Your flight get no escort on ground attack missions. You are almost always out numbered. Example your mission is to destroy railway junction with 4 planes with no escort. ( Death Sentence ) You meet 4-8 enemy fighter aircraft while your flight carries bombs to the target. If you flight survives to target site they start bombing the target but game still thinks your teams has not completed the mission after drops. (This mission in progress is horrible) Now your AI slowly starts new attack run but they are being eaten by enemy fighters and anti air. Sometimes they manage to survive this long for second attack but it will be the last. This is the worst example but even missions like artillery position strike will have similiar results. If you are not flying the mission the "random generated" results are almost always 0 or few targets destroyed and usually amusing 1 "Heavy Plane" destroyed on ground attack mission. ( Mission Success! Yeah Good Job ) Only way to keep some AI pilots alive is to go full yolo and kill AA for them and fight all soviet planes without caring your safety. ( Almost Certainly this "survivor" who you saved will be gone in next mission) If you manage to do this some AI 110 pilots will survive if you are lucky but doing this on every missions your luck runs out. ( Not very entertaining ) Only way to survive is to play your own "war" and stop caring about your flight because they will die on every mission. On moderate difficulty AI fighters cant hit you very well when flying straight line so your tail gunner will shoot them down. ( Record 3 Fighters so far ) When playing Hard difficulty your flight turns into brainless zombies that have almost 0% life expectancy. ( Only Positive side is that now enemy fighters can hit your plane properly ) Some minor improvement could be option for difficulty level: All AI Hard what i have made on "complain" section. This will not fix mutch but its improvement nevertheless. I have not played Sturmovik mutch for month because got bored of the broken AI and Career mission flaws. There are mutch more issues and i think you guys can share your findings here if you like.. Otherwise i would type whole night so i tried to make it somehow readable... Sorry its a mess.