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  1. Yes in ARMA 3 teh effect of getting in an aircraft is awesome.. having this into a sim.. well it's a matter of time that we will so why not it's fun and we can enjoy other sides of a monotone square ideas about what a Sim should only do..   well DCS already simply started it too. :)

  2. Sturmkraehe.. what Sim ? For example in FSX as dual seat trainer pilots are using them for that exact purpose, the problem with FSX is the netcode.. but what a fun thing to do.


    A recon lightly armed aircraft is fantastic one pilot and the other observe and take picrtures or radio signal hugely important for missions and in competitions.

  3. Question is .. 

    Smoke over Stalingrad Should be optional ? but this "Poll" option is not available above . I like it to have it as option..


    I can imagine with some missions for more bombing and smock on different positions etc..  So I like to have it as option.

  4. The first production aircraft known as Yak-7UTIs retained a retractable main landing gear, but beginning in the summer of 1941, a fixed landing gear variant, the Yak-7V (Vyvozoni for Familiarization) was substituted. The factory reasoned that production would be simplified and that reduced performance would not be detrimental for a trainer. Yak-7UTIs and Yak-7Vs were also equipped with skis for winter operations.



    In parallel with the I-26 (or Y-26), the Yakovlev design bureau developed a two seat version under the designation Y-27. One pre-production I-26 was completed to this configuration. It was intended to not only serve as a dual control fighter trainer but also as a liason and unit support aircraft. Compared with the I-26, the Ya-27 was simplified and reduced in weight, the tandem cockpits being enclosed by an extended glazed canopy. The resulting Yak-7 aircraft entered production in May 1941 and was soon found to have better flying qualities than that of the series Yak-1 aircraft. This performance, combined with the urgent need for for more fighters, led to production of a single seat version of which the first was flown in June 1941. In the following month the fighter was officially designated the Yak-7A and the two seater Yak-7V. By the end of 1941, a new single seater, the Yak-7B had replaced the Yak-7A. Total delivery of all versions of the Yak-7 was 6,399 aircraft with production ending in early 1943. Of this number, some 1,500 were Yakovlev Yak-7Vs.

  5. The learning curve is quite deep in a Flight Sim and Combat Flight Sim and many get pretty much discouraged and give up for War Thunder or something else per example. The fun of a combat sim in many occasions it's also the preparation for it. having a dual controls with swap maybe difficult to produce I have no idea, The devs could tell us about this, having a recon dual seat is very possible and much easier to do. aka Yak-7V, Flying in a same aircraft is fun as in real life, you share the same experience and that is the basic of all.

    There are so many things fun to do with a dual seat in missions, learning, fun with friends. Now having a flight combat sim that can be use as a learning experience and sharing those experience that is great !



  6. Actually I do not believe at all that we are short of instructors, to give them the opportunity to actually use a trainer that is a fast plane like a Yak-7UTI or with a function as the Recon version like the Yak-7V, You don't really go from a slow biplane to a fast low wing aircraft directly, The curve need a fast mover like a Yak-7 UTI or a direct V version but a dual seat is a very demanding and useful tool. Like I said in my request and link above. Every more experience friend online will become an instructor or to enjoy doing flight missions as a dual team which is very fun.

  7. Unreasonable, There is no personal insults I really do not wish anything negative to anyone, I like posts with debates but no to argue negatively, If you feel insulted I do apology, this is not my attention at all. Everyone has a very different opinion in this matter. I'm taking IL2 series as for an example of learning experience, Many members here did learn a lot about aircraft and History and this keep a live this passion for ww2 era aircraft and many other subjects. When Piloting Yak-9's or MiG-15 in the early 90's it was very rare to find someone here that knew what it was and what those fantastic aircraft were able to do even in a real situation people didn't like it much and frequently approach us with a very negative attitude. To import Russian MiG-15 that fought in Korea and we had to paint them in Chinese colors. I constated around me young and older people passionate starting to know much more about Japanese/German/French and Russian aircraft and actually I can say now  that the IL2 series from the original did made a big impact. Lots of people could now talk about fighting dogfight and share many questions and feeling with the real pilots. So I do believe that IL2 is a great media via it's simulation and virtual pilot to continue this knowledge of History from many people across the world .. Sometime youth learn better via a virtual media. We need the women side of unknown History and IL2/ RoF/ DCS are great catalysts.

    I may be rough sometimes, English is not my first language.   ;)

  8. to the extent that people not agreeing with you risks getting labeled as macho, sexualising or diminishing female pilots 

    It's simple to give a smart opinion with out been disrespectful and constructive.

    For the 777 integrating quality user made content I think this is great idea, thank you. Lets see if it is the same apply for IL2 with a word from developers.

  9. You must be a sad person at the moment. Please lets not argue and lets this thread be for what it is, You can tell if you are for or against it , In the other hand you can start your own thread about been negative about it or what ever idea you may have or not but do not pollute mine and you will never see me being negative to your.


    Thank you greatly for understanding.

  10. Women pilots found their greatest acceptance in the Red Air Force, partly out of egalitarian ideology and partly because the one thousand women who volunteered were excellent pilots. An impressive thirty Citations of Hero of the Soviet Union went to women pilots, twenty- three to members of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment— the so-called Night Witches, who flew whatever planes they could find (even if they were slow P0-2 biplanes) to bomb the enemy. Three entire regiments of the Air Force were made up entirely of women, and some became legendary combat pilots.

    The most famous of them was Lilya Litvyak, known as the “White Rose of Stalingrad,” a pilot with twenty-two kills to her credit before she was shot down. Other women whose exploits were hailed both in Russia and throughout the world were Anna Yegorova, one of the most proficient Shturmovik pilots (previously thought to be too difficult a plane for a woman to fly); Natalya Meklin, a teenage member of the Night Witches who flew 840 missions in less than three years; Valeria Khomyakova, a member of the 566th Fighter Regiment who became famous for being the first woman to down a German bomber, a JU88, in 1942; and Olga Yamschikova, the top woman ace of the war with seventeen kills, who volunteered for combat after serving as a flight instructor preparing many men to fly fighter aircraft.




    We will have the IL2 soon.. and Women played a big part of the IL2 as pilots or gunners.

  11. Yes Trupobaw ,   Same thing were said during WW1 or WW2. I think we need to start changing this mentality.

    "But making a model would be a waste of developers time on less-than-pressing matter."

    Why not break this old macho image and making a 3D pilot can be made by members. better to implement it while things are not yet set like a rock and part of the project list. But this would be a great exemplary for the future Sim to come and not as a mod. Anyway I will not argue but to me it is important.



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