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  1. Simmer love to tweaks .. lets them tweak.. work on something that add a lobby like a chat where everyone could meet and tall about anything in game.. That was great with hyperlobby .. SDK ? dedicated server that we can load at will? I can toe brake a Yak ? etc.. ??/ will see what the new install gives.
  2. ???all modifications on your accounts have been locked and you’ll make them available by playing the Campaign??? I don't plain Offline or Campaign and wont.. so ? Great job but I hope that it is not like Warthunder horrible campaign system to get new planes..
  3. Here this was made even earlier.. bad resolution http://youtu.be/P8yMldUmX38?list=UUIr-1uuiFn8KVjI5GOK4xZw
  4. You want to be better in BoS ? well fly RoF it will improve your BoS skills
  5. Gauges "are" supposed to be on the middle i do tun them off but It is more agreeable that way , for more details is good to get used to observe the real gauges in cockpit for full immersion.
  6. New gauges hud are much better now .. do not change it back plz
  7. I did test it a lot and I will use it for sure not even a doubt!!.. such a great product and fun.. Monitor will be for work and Oculus for Simming. .. no doubt such a revolution it will bring to us.
  8. IL2-BoS ......... Much much much better. I am actually enjoying it .
  9. Which Soviet plane do you want ?.... LOL P40 ? Hawker Hurricane? Spit ?
  10. The P51 is always in trouble!........( Mouhahahaha says the yak-9U with an evil laugh)
  11. Ho my geezz!!!!! Totally superb!! can read gauges now it's so clear! Be ready for some serious P-51 vs Dora;s the bar is set so high
  12. Haaaaaa This discussion about FOV / pilot eyes positions/ The correct 3D in the cockpit at the right place.. It remind me a very good subject demonstrate by me to each aircraft made. This is a discussion that started years ago.. Haa If only they would listen to me at the time the 3D cockpit is an easy fix every 3D problems in the 3D model are an easy fix and placing the correct pilot position according to each aircraft an easy task for th emoment there are not too many aircraft less trouble some that 200 like in 1946 IL2 In RoF you can can tweak this which is good.. but many 3D of gun
  13. So the trailer is how it will look like at 100% ?
  14. DCS Combat sim is a very very very worth Sim .. The standard is very high and will set the standard even higher with the new "EDGE" . Choose a plane you like like learn it and you should see how fun it can be .. Now many third parties are starting to make lots of aircraft . BoS need to mature and it is normal for any ported or new sim , RoF is a plenty of face to face combat fun fights all of those are fun and just a click away from your own desktop. Now lets BoS get into maturation, The dev need to listen and observe the real pilots that actually flew those aircraft or similar ( NOT takin
  15. GOZR


    I wish the Dev for the FM could see this post .. I tried to explain how the flaps feels but even today after many updates the flaps physics lift that we have at list on the Russian planes are inverted.
  16. If i have enough infos/samples I may be able to do the 3D model(s)
  17. LOL.. I'm looking at the Yak-1 and the shades and textures are a little bit disappointing ! I know very well the real yaks and it's missing lots of little things that make it more ... somehow better. Flying a lots of DCS recently must be that reason. With the up coming "pay" per aircraft I hope to have more on textures and shade abilities. Maybe I expect too much.
  18. I sad in the fact that again the Cockpit looks a bit out dated already.. maybe it's just me...
  19. LOL bad luck, I rather fly the others
  20. It's pretty simple after so many years .. if I cannot use this tool .. this very very important axis.. specifically I will be very disappointed on this sim..
  21. "Currently no axis can be programmed to trim." ??????????????????? It cannot be.. I got a trim wheel just for it
  22. Well take it that way .. if on this remote corner of a forum we can find lets say 10 people .. that mean in the outside many more would. simple. I guess it's also hardly read from the dev I could imagine.. well time will provide. but I'm just perplex on things..From my point of view there are things that are just wrong on flight characteristics not even related to pure physics that are not corrected even with warnings.. Lagg3 here is a perfect example I cannot say for the 109 but for Russian wings aircraft.. yes. Anyway this was and it is for an other thread. I'm glad we will have at
  23. Hugh! No Yak 7 for Stalingrad ? Nhaaa impossible.. inconceivable! and yes great for at list a good start with the IL2 etc.
  24. ClOD is a very bad example but I see that the trainer online had a "lot" of success in internal can, Squadron and so on.. There is no substitute dual seat is a great addition like in RL ..Period. The fun is to bomb or shoot stuff but also land taking off and learning aircraft.. now flying offline to me is completely useless so flying offline and doing navigation, taking off cruising and landing is important. fighting AI's has to me absolutely no interest, like career mode etc.. but flying with a friend in the same craft and experiencing the same fun is great .. yes! Now this thread is not to
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