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  1. 26- Special marks were added to Premium customers HUD icons in Multiplayer game


    Comon! ?????  use something else than a later.. My name is GOZR  not gGOZR I use capital letter at start of my name.


    Get something like *GOZR  #GOZR or even (g) or |G|  but not "g"  I can imagine this would sound funny in some names..  

  2. Yes.   ;)


    Han,  ;) Now I really ask what to argue with me about some characteristic of a Yak, when I actually flew them.. not one... all of the 9's  I knew  from early 90's prototype test to the last we sold in 2004 #8 with the royal colors. I can tell you about them like no one will tell you.. Han I could tell you how they were made from witch parts and why and where. But I couldn't tell about weapons.. 

    Anyway I hope the best for the Sim I always enjoy to fly in Virtual much much cheaper and safer ;)  That was just a flash in my poor English.

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  3. Great Han, but are they as well good Virtual pilot tested with the adequate flight hardware ? many Pilots do not want to play with Combat sim as serious as others. I know this very well. Now here flew all 9 of the Yak-9U's and 3 frames as well,  and many others.  Quite while back I told about some of the Yak-1 trouble but nothing was done to it.


    BTW the aircraft in my avatar on the left with me on is a "Turbine Legend " Turbo prop that was inspired with the P51 design Just much lighter and very fast.  ;)

  4. I see many posts about FM and data.. max speed in dive, max speed in climbing ,  roll etc etc.. but are they any of the Dev or one of you flew in a actual real heavy/powerful WW2 or alike aircraft?

    Not talking of Cessna's or light weigh Yak52's etc. Do you guys know how the aircraft react  ?  I did.


    (Han: between realistic cockpit geometry and visibility.) Well that is an old long discussed subject.. that there are some more work to do alas as like years ago the 3D's are not made for realistic views something about the ratio to pilot is wrong... like in RoF  but it doesn't need much tweak to be good ) I know from the past experience that it is very hard to make a model FM feels like the real but there are some major aircraft reactions that need some work.


    I surely do not want to argue,  Great potential and I hope for the best

  5. I tried and it's really really hard  to contain myself..  campaign is brainless and I'm fixating to the end of the mission red circle i do not care even of I killed a "Bot"  I don't want to kill "Bots"  Grrrr!  trim system is ridiculous, FM is a hard to not think about a fix..  I flew many Yaks and I never glided like they do here..~!  The aircraft (s) have no wind resistance some how, Flaps physics are not fixed..  Landing those plane feels like landing some hard stiff wood craft There are so much to correct and somehow  we only think about those bots and red end missions.. I keep faith for a last good decision ..


    (Ai's are have no common senses )

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  6. I read the negatives post on the reviews big games websites etc , Knowing that actually people make a game work or not, people make the sales, people decide what will work always been people power ..  negative reviews will kill the Sim ( like ClOD ).. I'm afraid than this is going far and the late decisions really damaged the Sim name .. We need a big serious turn over if BoS doesn't want to finish like ClOD..... and hacked open. In a way people will manege to get what they want ..  but the company sales will be gone. and the name.  I'm afraid of it.


    I'm seeing now campaigns and Team getting more involved into ClOD more and more..

  7. You guys want to be better Pilots?  I suggest to fly RoF.  I really like RoF and I hope for more details and aircraft and Maps etc  I love this Flight Combat Sim WW1 it's dirty and personal nothing better for a good Dogfight..  Like I always say "it's just one click away on your Desktop" 

    Ofcourse there are more details to work on but I can imagine some BOS updates into RoF and it will be great !  

    If we separate the MP and SP for the Unlocking it will be great! and problem fixed and adding more content to SP it will also cool.

    I talked many times to WW2 virtual pilots and they think that in RoF WW1 the fights are slow and not exciting.. well  LOL  I guess they never tried it.. This is where the greatest dogfight you will have .. Not happy for the moment well guys go get ROF and just have a blast.

  8. The Developers heard you, Give them the chance, they tested .. It is yet a Beta before all.. They saw and listen.. now give them the chance to better it.. It's just the weekend atm :)


    BoS still has the best potential for this era and genre. It just need to be adjusted for two world.. ONLINE and OFFLINE. SO it is quite simple.


    For my part I still hope to be able to have the SDK and built something for it. There is always frustration at first and afraid to have something you do not like but teh communication with the Devs is still open.

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  9. All this can be fix so easily.. Just have to make the right decisions.


    This is not even about aircraft or any other problems that there are.. Give the members, buyers, people have the choice not forcing them. Than everything should be built on it. It is almost like its been reversed. 

  10. LOL.. 

    Voidhunger no I will not fly the campaign and refuse to be force to do so!.. but having a campaign for Offline people is great!.. this is what I meant. pretty much making everyone Happy on having the choice but yes I do agree that the campaign should be made very carefully to whom it may be aimed.

  11. Ok I think everyone are nervous due to the unknown ..  I think the Campaign is actually very well and cool to have, for anyone that want to fly offline. So lets it be clear.. Campaign is great !!  no doubt but the problem that is occurring is actually just the fact to unlocking for Multiplaying..  here easy fix..


    what need to be done:

    -Online and OFFline should be separate ( will make campaign and Online able to grow )

    -Textures of snows need to be dirtier at battle scenes and Airfields.

    -FM tweak CG while landing ( a minimum ) ( Russian aircraft  to my knowledge)

    -other tweak there and there ( Joystick range and maybe like RoF aircraft have their own controls set to be adjusted )


    So briefly it's not alarming when you see it that way. ..There are some great things into BoS imo .. now need to convince the Devs to really separate the OFFline and ONline.. and the Sim will be a success of-course adding a better easier mission editor and SDK (tools ) would be fantastic for the grows of the sim and community.  Comon Jason I faith on you   ;)

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  12. Yes ofcourse ! FFB2 what else? .. hehehe   ;) I'm curious.. yes after trimming no more play to pitch down.. I'm sure this is a matter of fix tweak etc.. Just need to be told. is there a file to tweak on how much range do we need ..  RangeJoystick= something

  13. Well tested the first super annoying campaign .. I stop due to two things that I cannot get passed.. Loosing time and got into the Lagg and going to the next point , I have to trim horizontally my aircraft ofcourse but here to fly level I need to trim the plane at or almost at 100% this mean that if I want to pitch down I cannot, the travel of the stick is too short so I do not have enough travel to pitch down  LOL.. 

  14. Boycotting? well good for them to have the money at list to pay for the Dev team's hard work.. but if the quantity players simmers plunge to a very low numbers .. MP will be boring and it is a little the case already.. many IL2 1946 pilots are waiting to see the result ( a lot ) and get the BoS but if they see this nonsens of SP to unlock weapon / skins I doubt they will come. MP and challenge between teams, pilots etc is what drive IL2 not SP. So important to not mess with what drive a Sim. having a choice is always always great but forcing something is not.

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  15. Money talk.. less people less $.. change need to be made if they want to sale.  SP will it bring more people ? or less? that about it . I did have explain my thought in RoF and got banned. but here the truth .. $ or not. If really the SP kills IL2 things will change.. if not it will be not changed.. simple.

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