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  1. Cure .. Adrenaline.. If you are not tired in front of your PC after fighting for a while in Virtual you are doing something wrong. With Oculus that require you to actually move. it will be double fatigue  etc etc ect better G suit.. eating granola on the morning? coffee ? protein bars than you must maybe design sickness so must chew ginger  cookies or chewing um etc.. with out forgetting vomiting inside your jacket .. so real and must be simulate.. and on .. and on.. So yeas fatigue is great for your MMO or BF4  So yea it's weak to add fatigue in the sim ..  now spend time flying and fighting dogfights in servers and use your Oculus .. you'll get that effect with out any cpu recourse taken .. and all real.. just get a plastic bag next to you.. 

  2. "wings and structure create sounds of moving and cracking metall ect"


    This is why I found ClOD or BoB  really bad about that.. This is not boats . ;) Buffers wind sounds effects yes but not the cracks sounds..

  3. fatigue is rubbish in the sim.. I'm already tired by squinting to look for dots and spend time in front the PC late.. no need for another Call of Duty stuff  sorry. . Wait until you get the Virtual Glasses and you will get tired for real.

  4. I remember the days of my servers on IL2  Server-Wars competitions with "PROWAR"... "HISTORIA"  "Normandie-Niemen" and the whole IL2 "IOCL" International Competition" That the Developers team like Viks know well. It was fun and time to time I do open up an HISTORIA on RoF and DCS with the most realistic setting historic scenarios and more realistic weather. Our Team is constituted of "Team-USA" "GreaterGreen" and "TX-Squadron".


    So yeas We know how to handle a server  ;)

  5. I can tell you .. the FM is wacked and not just a little it's not even a question of max performance, climbing or turning rate. something happens in the new update that is wrong.  But again how do you want the Devs to know how to make a good FM for a Yak if they just don't know..and it is hard to do .. they should work much more into physics than performances ,there are real engineer phd in flight, aerobatic pilots and actual real Yaks pilot and this is rare to find here..I wont say more. They just don't know pure and simply. For the Devs to actually have some infos that we can give them would cost to much in the outside.Imo Giving free advice diminish the value to their eyes.

  6. I tested some of the planes tonight and I'm coming to a conclusion or a question..  How do the Developers really fly their aircraft? and dogfight or do some Virtual aerobatic maneuvers ?


    I flew the FW-190 , Yak 1 and La-5 .. lagg3 fly better than the la-5, The lagg seems to be the best of the lot regarding virtual physics. Some thing are just too much to write here and argued.  I'm asking to the Devs to tell us what kind of hardware are you test flying those aircraft? It must be an explanation why something is not right.


    Track-IR ? Joystics type and pedals combo? trim wheel? other quadrants? and PC's GPU/Ram/CPU?

    Experience of real life flying ? note which aircraft?


    This may help some of us understand better the limitations .


    Thank you greatly.

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